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Tear Trough Treatment

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What is the Tear Trough Treatment?

If you are self-conscious about the area around your eyes, you may feel that you look constantly tired, or that you appear older beyond your years. This could be caused by dark circles or loss of volume. Fortunately, our Tear Trough Treatment can give you a fresher and revitalised appearance – all without the pain or downtime of surgery.

Typically, as we mature, the skin around our eyes becomes thinner. However, environmental factors and genetic disposition may also play a part. It is a simple procedure that addresses any dark and hollow under-eye areas you may have. The procedure is quick and easy, and is suitable for both men and women, of most ages.

It can also be combined with other procedures, such as PlexR, for a complete eye rejuvenation. This will depend on your own goals and needs, and will be discussed with you during your comprehensive consultation.

How does the Tear Trough Treatment work?

As we age, the area under our eyes can become darker and more hollow. This is caused by an increased loss of collagen in the upper part of our cheeks and in the upper corners of our face. Environmental and lifestyle factors can speed up this process. As these structures lose volume, the area below our eyes (called the “tear trough”) loses its support. Subsequently, dark circles begin to appear as the blood supply under our skin becomes more visible.

The treatment involves quick and easy injections of Hyaluronic Acid filler to restore lost volume. This gives your under-eye area a smoother, fuller, and fresher appearance. We use only the best and officially approved fillers from reputable companies. The brand of filler will be decided during your comprehensive, no-obligation consultation with our specialist doctor.

Note that we sometimes combine Tear Trough Treatment with other procedures, such as AccuTite or PlexR, for correcting droopy eyelids, or O.F.F. for reducing eye bags. In these instances, the doctor will draw up a tailored combination plan for you, based on your own goals and needs.

How long does the Tear Trough Treatment take to work?

You will see a marked improvement immediately after your treatment. Depending on the product used, further collagen production should be stimulated over time.

What is the downtime from the Tear Trough Treatment?

There is typically no downtime. You may experience very minor swelling, which will subside over the next day or two.

Does the Tear Trough Treatment hurt?

The filler is pre-mixed with an anaesthetic and the procedure is fairly pain free.

How many Tear Trough Treatments are needed?

One treatment should normally suffice, although your progress will be monitored by your doctor. You will be advised if further procedures are required. The effects from one session last up to 12 months and in many cases even longer. You may then decide to have a repeat session to maintain results. For some patients, the treatment is combined with O.F.F. for reducing eye bags.

This treatment may be suggested for the following concerns

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I came to the Rayleigh clinic to have tear trough treatment done with Dr Liakas. At first I was very nervous as it’s an eye area. I knew I could trust Dr Liakas. He is brilliant at what he does. The procedure went really well. Excellent result. I can highly recommend Vie Aesthetics – very professional people. Thank you

Tetiana D, review from Pabau

The best thing I ever done was go to see Dr Liakas. Due to medical reasons, I was left with dark circles under my eyes. Made me look aged by 10 years. I’d spent and wasted so much money on products on the market all suggesting helps improve under my eyes. The only thing that’s been money well spent is having tear trough filler treatment. It’s worked wonders. Like magic. It’s not a forever fix, but definitely worth paying yearly. Thanks again Dr Liakas. So happy with my results. See you again soon.

Tina B, review from Google

So I had my 4th treatment of Carboxytherapy yesterday, which has worked wonders for the dark circles under my eyes. It’s a pain free treatment with no downtime (I went straight to work after) I also no longer need to use concealer either 🙂 I had tear trough treatment immediately after to get rid of the hollowness under my eyes and am so pleased with the results no swelling and not a bruise in sight. As always Dr Liakas and Vicky I cannot thankyou enough #Vie #happywiththeresults #happyeyes

Jackie P, review from Google

Please note that results vary from person to person due to lifestyle, external and internal factors, and genetic predispositions.

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