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Do you suffer from hair loss? Do you want to do something about it?

If you’re worried about hair loss, you may find you’ve tried multiple treatments with limited or indifferent success. Hair loss is a complicated beast and has been the bane of mankind since (probably) human life began. While there are now many treatments on the market promising to slow, halt and even reverse hair loss, the truth is, what works well for one person may not work for another. Even FDA-approved medications such as finasteride and minoxidil can produce radically different results among individuals. This can be down to genetics.

There are different types of hair loss. The most common variety is genetic androgenetic alopecia – also known as hereditary baldness or male/female pattern baldness. Many modern pattern baldness treatments for men work by inhibiting the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the scalp. DHT is believed to be linked to hair loss in males. However, even with hereditary baldness, there are many possible factors that can contribute to the condition. These can include medications, pathologies, emotional state and lifestyle. But ultimately our own DNA and genetic make-up plays a leading role in what works well and what doesn’t.

Question is, if you want to combat hair loss, where do you even begin?

What is DNA testing?

DNA – or genetic – testing is changing the way medical patients are diagnosed and treated when confronting a range of health and wellness concerns. DNA testing analyses what’s in a person’s genes and allows them and their practitioner to create a personalised healthcare plan that best serves their individual needs. There is no invasive procedure or expensive lab work involved with DNA testing, and as such, it is becoming increasingly popular and effective for helping people understand how best to tackle their medical concerns.

DNA testing technology is already impacting medicine and personalised treatments for the better. It is believed that by 2025, the use of this targeted genetic testing will be in wide use and will improve outcomes in many aesthetic treatments. But the great news is that it is now available for hair loss. And we are now offering it at Vie Aesthetics with the DNA TrichoTest™!

What is the DNA TrichoTest™?

The DNA TrichoTest™ is a ground-breaking genetic test, specifically targeted for helping you identify why hair loss is happening in relation to you, and how best to beat it. If you’re troubled by hair loss and are daunted by all the treatment options on the market, then the DNA TrichoTest™ is a brilliant place to begin your fight.

Developed by the leading medical company FAGRON Laboratories, DNA TrichoTest™ analyses your gene variations and lifestyle factors with regards to your own hair loss. It can identify your predisposition to conditions such as thinning, hereditary baldness and alopecia. From the data it produces, you are able to accurately establish a personalised hair loss treatment plan that will be the most effective in helping you to slow, halt or even reverse hair loss.

Who is suitable for the DNA TrichoTest™?

Absolutely everyone, men and women, of all ages, who are worried by or are experiencing hair loss in some form or another. This includes:

  • Men and women who have tried different hair loss treatments with few or no success
  • Everyone who wants to understand how their genetics affect the efficacy of different hair loss treatments
  • Patients with a family history of hair loss

How does the DNA TrichoTest™ work?

The DNA TrichoTest™ is developed by FAGRON laboratories, who has been a leading producer of high-quality medical devices in Europe and North America since 1955.

The company’s TrichoTestworks by analysing your genetic factors, which include three “polymorphisms” within 16 SNPs (“Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms”). It analyses 48 genetic variations and examines your lifestyle factors, which include:

  • Medication
  • Pathologies
  • Emotional state
  • Physical habit
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Family history

With this information, the DNA TrichoTest can accurately establish how vulnerable you are to different hair concerns, what’s happening inside you, and what you need for healthy scalp cells. There are many conditions that can cause balding and thinning including different genetics. This testing allows users not only to identify suitable medical products but also to recognise other beneficial procedures and therapies too, such as vitamins and supplements.

What happens during the DNA TrichoTest™?

The Vie DNA TrichoTest is performed in six simple stages.

Step 1:
Doctor consultation at Vie Aesthetics to discuss your hair loss concerns and situation

Step 2:
Your DNA sample is taken by buccal swab (Saliva test)

Step 3:
You complete a specific medical and lifestyle questionnaire

Step 4:
DNA sample is analysed

Step 5:
Genetic analysis is completed

Step 6:
Your personalised treatment plan is created by our doctor, based on your DNA data and lifestyle facts. This also helps you stay on track with treatment and supports your journey towards healthier and fuller hair.

What happens after your Vie DNA TrichoTest™?

The data we receive from Fagron genomics laboratory services provides a comprehensive genomic characterisation of your condition as well as your genetic makeup.  Treatments can then be tailored specifically for helping you tackle the underlying cause of your hair loss condition (e.g. androgenic alopecia). The data will also offer accurate information about what you should expect from the different treatment options.

Essentially, with the help of this innovative technology and patient data, we are able to create a personalised formula for every individual based on their DNA variations.

What do I do now?

If you are worried about hair loss, then booking yourself in for your no-obligation, comprehensive consultation is a great place to start. The Vie DNA TrichoTest is quick, easy and affordable, and helps you identify what you are dealing with. It can be the first positive step in helping you to maintain a head of healthy hair.

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Can lifestyle factors impact my hair loss?

Yes, lifestyle factors such as medication, pathologies and emotional state can all affect our hair. Physical activity also has an impact on the quality of strands in a person’s head! These are all things considered by the DNA TrichoTest™.

Please note that results vary from person to person due to lifestyle, external and internal factors, and genetic predispositions.

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