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Definisse™ Filler

Definisse™ Filler

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Disclaimer: results may vary between individuals
Face Treatments

What is Definisse™ Filler?

Innovation is at the heart of restoring beauty at Vie Aesthetics. Excellent Threedimensional Reticular (XTR™) technology, developed for a high lifting capacity and remodelability, is now available in Definisse™ Filler. Four distinct filler kinds are included in our range of high-end cosmetic medicine solutions:

Definisse™ core filler (with lidocaine):

• For shaping and building facial contours

Definisse™ touch filler (with lidocaine):

• For lines and wrinkles

Definisse™ restore filler (with lidocaine):

• For medium lines and wrinkles

Definisse™ hydrobooster:

• For refreshing and boosting skin moisture

How does it work?

Alcohol or other antiseptic solutions will be used to disinfect the skin region that has to be treated. To make sure the right amount of filler is injected into your face and the results are symmetrical, your face will be examined for symmetry. A high-end, sterile syringe with a small needle will be used to inject the skin with Definisse™ Filler. The type of filler used and the surgery being performed will determine how much is put. To ensure that the filler is distributed evenly after the injection, strong pressure and skin massage will be provided to the treated region. An ice pack can be used on the region if edoema starts to appear right away.

How safe is it?

Definisse™ Fillers are safe with no long-term negative effects.

How long does it take to work?

Results are instant. The skin in treated regions feels firmer and looks notably plumper. It can be a wonderful choice for you if you’re looking for a rapid rejuvenation treatment with little recovery time. For best outcomes, they can also be used in conjunction with additional therapies. During your initial session, when a personalised treatment plan is developed with you and the doctor, this will be shared with you.

Does it cause downtime?

There is no downtime if the person does not bruise.

We also offer interest free finance on treatments above £280 and on selected packages.

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  • Before the procedure, your doctor will take you through the process and discuss any concerns you may have. They will explain any side effects that may occur following treatment
  • Do not wear any make up for 24 hours after the procedure
  • Avoid direct sunlight, UV lamps or exposure to the cold until any swelling and redness have disappeared
  • You may experience some pain, itching, alterations in pigmentation – however these normally disappear on their own within one week
  • You may experience small oedemas (fluid swellings) but these should disappear within a few days
  • If you experience any allergic reactions then you should contact your doctor immediately and they will be able to advise you on what you should do next
Is it worth it?

A dermal filler procedure can improve form or fullness in particular regions of the face and revitalise the skin. They also offer the added benefit of moisturising deeper skin layers and minimising wrinkles, fine lines and volume loss.

Are fillers better than botox?

Dermal fillers are as effective to Botox. More significantly, the effects persist longer. The length of time that dermal fillers last, however, still largely depends on the type of filler. While certain fillers may stay longer than botox, some may last more than a year.

Please note that results vary from person to person due to lifestyle, external and internal factors, and genetic predispositions.

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Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler
Definisse™ Filler