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FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men

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What is FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men?

Restore and enhance your facial definition with FaceTite™ for Men ­­— the ULTIMATE face contouring procedure tailored for guys and loved by celebs. It tightens skin, eliminates excess fat, and boosts your features for a more youthful and chiselled appearance.

FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men is a NON-SURGICAL treatment that uses advanced Radio Frequency (RF) technology to stimulate collagen and safely trim away stubborn fat in facial areas you don’t want it. Results are long-lasting and 100% natural. FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men can help you combat mid and lower-face concerns such as:

At Vie Aesthetics, we know that appearances matter to guys. Discover how FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men can help you boost your facial contours – and confidence – by booking your no-obligation doctor consultation today.

How does FaceTite™ for Men work?

FaceTite™ for Men is one of our most popular and effective treatments in face contouring and anti-ageing. It delivers powerful yet SAFE Radio Frequency (RF) energy deep into your skin’s tissue for TWO key benefits. First, it stimulates and remodels your skin’s collagen, giving you skin that is smoother, tighter and stronger. It softens and reverses the signs of ageing, such as sagging skin and deep grooves, such as nasolabial folds.

The second function is that the RF energy liquefies and melts away stubborn fatty deposits. This procedure, also known as “lipopexy”, is particularly effective against double chins or softened jawlines. Over time, treated areas become more toned and defined as a result.

Our innovative FaceTite™ device produces energy at the perfect temperatures required to perform these crucial jobs. The device also goes deeper into your skin than any other RF and ultrasound energy treatment, giving you unrivalled results – all without surgery!

Who is suitable for FaceTite™ for Men?

If you’re an adult male worried about the effects of ageing, then FaceTite™ for Men could be a great solution for you. Your suitability for this treatment will be discussed with you during your initial, no-obligation consultation with our qualified doctor. As with all our consultations, it is our duty to help you choose the best solution that suits your own cosmetic goals and needs.

FaceTite™ for Men is typically very effective if you are experiencing moderate to more advanced cases of facial sagging or loss of definition in the mid-to-lower face, as well as the neck area.

In addition, you may also like to consider our other related RF treatments, which are based on the same technology:
AccuTite™ – a precision anti-ageing treatment for smaller areas, such as around the eyes. It is similar to FaceTite™, but uses a smaller device.
BodyTite Body Contouring – this is for skin tightening and fat reduction in areas of the body, such as upper arms, chest, back and abdomen.
Morpheus8 Skin Remodelling – another skin tightening treatment, ideal for more mild to moderate cases of sagging skin and ageing in the face and body.

How long does FaceTite™ take to work?

Some improvements will likely be visible in the following days after your FaceTite™ for Men treatment. However, the true benefits of FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men occur over the coming weeks and months as collagen production flourishes. You’ll notice your skin continuing to become smoother, softer and firmer, with peak results occurring at between three to six months. Results are long-lasting, too, and can be maintained with a good home skincare regimen.

How long are FaceTite™ for Men Face Contouring sessions?

FaceTite™ sessions vary in length, depending on your own situation. They can take over an hour, but everyone is different. Your doctor will advise you on the length of time you can expect.

What is the downtime with FaceTite™ for Men treatments?

Our FaceTite™ for Men Face Contouring procedures are non-surgical so you won’t have to worry about any scalpels, sutures or lengthy recovery times. However, you can still expect some minor downtime. You will likely experience some redness, bruising or swelling in the treated area. This should calm after a few days. Exercise and strenuous physical activities should be avoided for two weeks. Soreness or tenderness in the treated area can last between a few days to several weeks. You will also be asked to wear a head support bandage in the house for two weeks (up to four if you can). More information on downtime can be viewed by clicking on the Aftercare instructions tab further down this page.

Our doctor will discuss with you the necessary aftercare you should follow. This may differ depending on the area you have had treated. Your progress will also be monitored in a follow-up appointment and free reviews. Please note you should always contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

How many FaceTite™ for Men treatments are needed?

How many FaceTite™ for Men sessions you require will depend on your own goals. One session may well be enough to get the outcome you desire. Your doctor will discuss your situation with you ahead of any treatment.

Note that FaceTite™ for Men can also be combined with other treatments as part of your own tailored plan. After all, everyone is different. See our Age Defiance Contouring for Men or Masculine Max Face Contouring for Men pages for more information about how male combination packages work, and some of the different treatments you can combine. As always, your doctor will help you create the perfect treatment plan for you during your initial consultation. Your progress is always monitored in free reviews.

Does FaceTite™ for Men Face Contouring hurt?

There is only minor discomfort with FaceTite™ for Men. Local anaesthetic is used to enhance your comfort and wellbeing. The treated area may be sore and tender for up to several weeks after treatment.

Male before FaceTite treatment to strengthen his jawline
Man showing more defined jaw and chin after facetite radio frequency treatment

Download Clinical Studies for FaceTite™

For more information about FaceTite™ and AccuTite™, please download the clinical studies article by clicking on the link below (courtesy of inmodemd.com)

Adjustable Depth Fractional Radiofrequency Combined With Bipolar Radiofrequency: A Minimally Invasive Combination Treatment for Skin Laxity

Author: Erez Dayan, MD; Christopher Chia, MD; A. Jay Burns, MD; and Spero Theodorou, MD
Technology: BodyTite FaceTite Morpheus8
Published Date: May 2019
Publication: Aesthetic Surgery Journal

We also offer interest free finance on treatments above £280 and on selected packages.

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It is important to adhere to the aftercare advice to ensure you get the best results from your treatment. Any questions or concerns please contact the clinic.

General Care:

1. Antibiotics are not routinely required.
2. Keep the steri-strip dressings on for the first day. There are no stitches as the wounds are very small. If the dressings fall off in the shower, you can leave them off but keep the area clean. The holes will have sealed by the first day. You can shower/wash your hair straight away.
3. Wear your head support bandage for 2 weeks while in the house. Up to 4 weeks if you can! Experience has shown that the more you stick to this, the better the result. You do not need to wear it while you are sleeping but, if you can tolerate it, it will help.
4. If you need to, you can take routine painkillers (paracetamol but NOT IBUPROFEN or other Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs) but this is rarely necessary.

The First Day and the Day After:

1. Your face will be swollen, and you may notice swelling spreading down your neck beneath the face bandage.
2. It is normal to feel very numb for a period of a few hours the first day.
3. Bruising will become more obvious once the anaesthetic wears off.
4. You will notice skin contraction in your face and neck immediately and, if you have had fat removed from your neck, you will see a difference there on the first day.
5. On the ‘morning after’, you may well look worse than you imagined you would! Do not worry. You may look swollen, bruised, and may still feel numb. Areas of your face and neck will feel quite tender.

The First Week:

1. Swelling will reduce but will still be evident by the end of the first week. In some cases, the swelling can last for 6-8 weeks.
2. Bruising will appear then start to fade, but it can be present foe 2-3 weeks.
3. The ‘dense’ numbness of the first day will resolve but residual numbness will remain and may not recover for several weeks.
4. Contraction of the face and neck skin will be obvious but will not appear as drastic as the very first day. The process of skin contraction will continue for over 6 months.
5. You should notice several small (1cm or so), firm lumps on your face and neck especially. These are caused by the heating treatment and is an indication of future tissue contraction. Think of them as ‘spot welding’. The more you have, the better the result. They will all disappear in time over the ensuing 4-8 weeks.
6. You face and neck may still feel quite tender, as time goes by this will get better, but some patients reported that the area is tender to touch for at least 6 weeks.

3 to 6 Months:

1. You may stop noticing any change, but it is happening! Slowly, over the passing months more collagen and elastin are being formed in the tissues which were heated during your treatment.
2. Massage your neck during this time encouraging the contracting tissue to lift. ZO Skin Health FIRMING SERUM is great for this, please ask the Doctor or team regarding this product that can be purchased at Vie Aesthetic.
3. The lumps should all be gone by the end of 3 months.
4. By 6 months, most of the contraction will have taken place but there have been reports of continuing contraction and continuing improvement, up to 18 months.

Is FaceTite™ for Men painful?

No, FaceTite™ procedures are relatively pain-free and you should only experience some very minor discomfort. Local anaesthetic is used to ensure that procedures are as comfortable as possible. It is normal to expect minor swelling, soreness and tenderness in the treated area for several weeks after the procedure. Otherwise, it is a well-received treatment.

How long do FaceTite™ results last?

Although everyone is different, results from FaceTite™ procedures are very long-lasting. Its powerful energy penetrates deeper than other RadioFrequency and UltraSound treatments, ensuring a greater duration of outcome. Your practitioner will discuss your expectations with you during your initial, no-obligation consultation and free reviews.

Which areas of the face is FaceTite™ suitable for?

FaceTite™ treatments are designed for the middle and lowers area of the face, including the chin and neck. It can also help you treat more progressed cases of loose skin or excess fat in these areas.

Please note that results vary from person to person due to lifestyle, external and internal factors, and genetic predispositions.

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FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men
FaceTite™ Face Contouring for Men