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Fox Eyes Lift

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What is the Fox Eyes Lift?

The Fox Eyes Lift is a beauty craze that has taken Hollywood by storm – and now it’s all the rage of the aesthetics industry, too. Do you crave striking fox and cat-like eyes, with an exaggerated brow tail? Or do you wish to turn back time with a dramatic yet natural eye-lift effect?  Then this treatment is for you.

This affordable and completely safe tweakment is designed to give you stunning almond-shaped eyes and a natural, appealing lift to the eyes and brow. Results can mirror the designer eyes style of celebrities such as Kendall Jenner. Or they can lift the eye area and combat droopy eyelids for a younger, refreshed appearance. The Fox Eyes trend was originally inspired by make-up techniques but has since become popular as an aesthetics tweakment for people of all ages, giving you a stunning, long-lasting outcome.

During your initial, no-obligation consultation, our doctor will help you decide whether the Fox Eyes Lift might be a suitable treatment for you.

How does the Fox Eyes Lift work?

At Vie Aesthetics, the Fox Eyes Lift is achieved using a popular medical procedure known as a “thread lift”. During single sessions, a doctor weaves dissolvable threads under the skin. When gently pulled, these threads tighten and smooth the skin, while also stimulating the production of collagen. Thread Lifts are very popular in anti-ageing, such as lifting the brow area or restoring definition to the cheeks and jawline.

The Fox Eyes Lift is a variation of the brow lift using a more specific technique for a stylised outcome. The doctor inserts the threads in such a way so as to lift the outer eye corners towards the temples, which elongates the eyes and open up the eyelids. This creates an almond-like shape with a gentle, attractive lift. Although the effect is fox and cat-like, the outcome is still natural, and can be as subtle or dramatic as required.

Can the Fox Eyes Lift be used for anti-ageing?

In some cases, the tweakment can simultaneously lift the brow area. While fox eyes are popular with a younger clientele (women in their 20s and 30s), it can also correct ageing concerns, such as droopy or hooded eyelids. It is a versatile treatment that is always tailored towards your own goals and needs.

How long does the treatment take to work?

You will see immediate results with thread lifts. Note that because the threads themselves stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, they also help to reverse the effects of ageing on your skin. Over the ensuing weeks, your skin’s quality continues to improve.

How long do results last?

Results with the Fox Eyes Lift is temporary. Over time, your body safely and slowly dissolves the threads, at which point you may consider a repeat procedure. Results typically last for around a year, although this varies between individuals and can be impacted by external factors such as lifestyle.

Note that we also offer a variety of different threads at Vie Aesthetics, which are slightly different. Our doctor will advise you of which treatment is more suitable for you.

How many treatments are needed?

Only one treatment will be required to achieve the desired result. This will gradually fade over time. You may consider a repeat procedure after the effects have diminished.

During your initial, no-obligation consultation, your doctor will discuss your goals, and advise you on an appropriate, natural outcome.

What is the downtime?

Unlike a surgical facelift, downtime is minimal. There are no cuts or incisions, and there is no scarring. You may experience some minor swelling and bruising, which will rapidly fade. The doctor will advise you on the correct aftercare and what to expect.

Does the Fox Eyes Lift hurt?

We use small amounts of local anaesthetic during the thread placement to ensure that any discomfort is minimal. Sessions themselves are relatively quick and because they are non-surgical, there are no cuts or incisions – and, therefore, no scarring.

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Please note that results vary from person to person due to lifestyle, external and internal factors, and genetic predispositions.

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