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Screening for Prostate Cancer


What is a PSA Test?

A PSA Test is a blood test which measures the amount of Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) that are in the blood. If results from this blood test show that PSA levels are over a certain level, this could suggest that the patient has an enlarged prostate, prostatitis or even prostate cancer.

Note: A PSA test alone cannot identify whether a patient has Prostate Cancer, although results can help us to determine whether you should be referred for further checks. 


10 minutes

Results return within 3-4 days

One Follow Up appt required


Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

While prostate cancer doesn't typically cause symptoms until later stages when the cancer places pressure on the tube that carries urine, it is important to be aware of the symptoms.

Difficulty Urinating

Needing to urinate frequently

Blood in urine or semen

Pain when urinating or ejaculating

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Should I have a PSA Test?

PSA Testing is a personal decision that only you can make for yourself. The PSA test could be particularly useful for people with a predisposition to Prostate Cancer, this includes men:

  • Aged 50+
  • With a family history of Prostate Cancer
  • Who are of black ethnicity

What is involved in a PSA Test?

Your appointment will consist of a consultation with our Medical Practitioner to discuss any symptoms you may have been experiencing. A blood sample is drawn and sent off to the lab for testing. Results are returning within 3-4 days at which point your Practitioner will invite you for a follow up appointment to deliver the results of your test. 

If the results of your test suggest your PSA levels are particularly high, you will be referred to speak to your GP or a specialist for further tests.

PSA Levels

Many things can increase your PSA levels, this could include:

  • Having a Urine Infection
  • Certain Medication
  • Ejaculation
  • Sexual Activity 
  • Urinary Catheter
  • Vigorous Exercise


PSA Testing is available as part of the Vie Aesthetics Wellness Clinic. All Blood Tests are conducted by certified Medical Practitioners. If you are concerned about symptoms that you have been experiencing it is important that you consult your GP. 


Support resources:

Prostate Cancer UK 
Cancer Research UK
Macmillan Cancer Support 


Available Treatments

We offer a variety of combination treatments specifically tailored for male clients, from fighting off ageing and managing hair loss, to body sculpting and giving facial contours a masculine edge. Alternatively, we can also improve your health and wellness, too. Why not see how we can help you reach your goals, too…

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Over the past 12 months I’ve had several treatments, mainly facials and neck treatments. The results are outstanding. My complexion has changed so much after using their products as well. Each and every one of the staff are so warm and friendly. Another reason I love my visits is that the staff are honest about what you need and what you don’t need and that means a lot.

Disclaimer: results may vary between individuals
Janet B Rayleigh
Review from: Pabau

I love this clinic and all the treatments I have had have been done with great care. Dr Liakas is extremely honest about what you do or don’t need. The staff are very friendly and his lovely wife makes the atmosphere very pleasurable. I have and will continue to recommend this clinic.

Disclaimer: results may vary between individuals
Barbara B Rayleigh
Review from: Pabau

The whole team take such great care of you and everything is explained in detail. The best clinic I have ever been to.

Disclaimer: results may vary between individuals
Nicola T Rayleigh
Review from: Pabau

Every aspect of this clinic is top class from the moment you enter to the treatment and aftercare. I only wish I had found this place sooner, there are a lot of bad practices out there. Dr Liakas is a pure professional.

Disclaimer: results may vary between individuals
Lyndsey S Rayleigh
Review from: Pabau

Absolutely love this clinic. I feel happy at ease and safe during my treatment and the results are amazing. Thank you Vie.

Disclaimer: results may vary between individuals
Denise F Rayleigh
Review from: Pabau

Vie Rayleigh is a very smart clean looking clinic with very professional staff.

The staff make you feel very welcome and comfortable. They also help with questions as there are a massive variety of treatments they offer and so they advise the best ones for you.

I have been having my [Vitamin] B12 there and I feel so much better from having them – I am no longer tired!

I have also had my Frown lines done there which was the best price for one area that I have seen. They also do a 2 week check up to see if more is required which is great.

Overall experience is a thumbs up from me.

Disclaimer: results may vary between individuals
Emma M Rayleigh
Review from: WhatClinic

Friendly professional staff. I am so pleased with my PlexR treatments on my eyes and it has greatly improved the puffiness that I had, and my heavy eyelids are gone. Would thoroughly recommend this treatment and Vie Aesthetics. They gave great advice when I first enquired and every time I have visited or rung them they have been so friendly and helpful.

Disclaimer: results may vary between individuals
Sue J
Review from: Google

The best thing I ever done was go to see Dr Liakas. Due to medical reasons, I was left with dark circles under my eyes. Made me look aged by 10 years. I’d spent and wasted so much money on products on the market all suggesting helps improve under my eyes. The only thing that’s been money well spent is having tear trough filler treatment. It’s worked wonders. Like magic. It’s not a forever fix, but definitely worth paying yearly. Thanks again Dr Liakas. So happy with my results. See you again soon.

Disclaimer: results may vary between individuals
Tina B
Review from: Google