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Vitamin D Injections

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What are Vitamin D Injections?

Vitamin D Injections help to maintain a healthy body and give yourself the best possible defence against viruses (including COVID-19). Delivering pure shots of Vitamin D straight into the bloodstream, our injections are the surest way to making sure you get the full levels of this essential vitamin.

Vitamin D helps keep our bones, teeth and muscles strong, support our immune systems, and aid the function of our brains. Having low levels of Vitamin D could be a potential cause for a number of concerns, including:

  • fatigue
  • aching bones
  • slow energy recovery
  • susceptibility to viruses.

Unfortunately, Vitamin D deficiency is very common. It is believed that as many as 60% of the UK population have lower than the recommended levels. It is particularly common among older demographics, where skin becomes less effective at producing Vitamin D, or among people with darker complexions.

At Vie Aesthetics, our injections deliver a potent booster shot straight into your blood, with zero wastage. These help to keep your mind and body healthy, and sustain the levels of Vitamin D that your body needs.

How does it work?

Vitamin D is hailed as the sunshine vitamin because we primarily produce it from the sun’s UV rays. However, it is also found in certain foods such as oily fish, dairy, and egg yolks.

Vitamin D helps the body regulate its levels of calcium and absorb calcium from food, which is essential for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. It is also powerful because it interacts with every one of our body’s cells. For example, it works with our white blood cells to fight off infections.

If you are low in Vitamin D, restoring your levels via injections can have the following health benefits:

  • Providing immune system support for staving off colds and other viruses
  • Maintaining strong and healthy bones and teeth
  • Maintaining bone density, particularly as we age, thus reducing risk of fractures
  • Maintaining strong muscles and aiding muscle recovery in sport
  • Restoring energy and combating fatigue
  • Stabilising mood

Although Vitamin D supplements can be taken orally, a lot of the product is lost through the body’s digestive process. With injections, the Vitamin D is delivered directly into the bloodstream for optimal results. This treatment is especially beneficial for those of us who struggle to get or produce enough Vitamin D. This includes people who don’t get enough sun, older people whose bodies are unable to produce as much Vitamin D, and people with darker complexions, whose skin is more resistant to the sun’s UV rays.

We should also remember that too much sun exposure can damage the skin and cause premature ageing, as well as increase the risk of skin cancer.

How long does it take to work?

The effects of Vitamin D injections are instant and cumulative. You should begin to notice the benefits as your levels become more and more replenished.

What is the downtime?

There is no downtime involved with the injections. You should be able to return to most normal activities straight away.

Does it hurt?

Vitamin D Injections involves only the minor, fleeting discomfort of an injection.

How many injections are needed?

Depending on the severity of your Vitamin D deficiency, we recommend a course of between three to six injections, with one to two weeks between injections. This will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

This treatment may be suggested for the following concerns

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Are Vitamin D injections better than oral supplements?

Yes, Vitamin D injections are more effective than oral supplements, eg those taken by mouth such as tablets and capsules. When swallowed, oral supplements must first be processed by your body’s digestive system. This means that not all of the good stuff is delivered straight into your blood, to where it’s needed. Conversely, Vitamin D injections deliver a potent booster shot straight into your bloodstream, with zero wastage.  


Can Vitamin D injections help to protect against viruses, including COVID-19?

Vitamin D is vital for helping our immune systems function properly. Our immune systems are our body’s first line of defence against viruses, bugs and infections, so it’s important to keep it healthy. Having sufficient levels of Vitamin D has been shown to reduce the chance of us becoming ill, and/or improving the speed of our recovery. As such, it is believed that Vitamin D can be a great ally in protecting us against the effects of COVID-19.

How many Vitamin D injections will I need?

How many Vitamin D injections you will  need depends how deficient you are in Vitamin D. Typically, we recommend a course of between three to six Vitamin D injections to restore yourself to healthy levels.

How long should I wait between Vitamin D Injections?

We recommend a gap of one to two weeks between sessions.

Vie Rayleigh is a very smart clean looking clinic with very professional staff.

The staff make you feel very welcome and comfortable. They also help with questions as there are a massive variety of treatments they offer and so they advise the best ones for you.

I have been having my [Vitamin] B12 there and I feel so much better from having them – I am no longer tired!

I have also had my Frown lines done there which was the best price for one area that I have seen at £99 they also so a 2 week check up to see if more is required which is great.

Over all experience is a thumbs up from me.

Emma M (review from WhatClinic)

Please note that results vary from person to person due to lifestyle, external and internal factors, and genetic predispositions.

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Vitamin D Injections
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