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The Vie Membership Scheme

The Vie Membership Scheme


The Vie Membership Scheme is a simple and flexible subscription programme for your skin treatments with huge discounts and exclusive perks. It makes paying for your skin treatments more convenient and rewards you for your loyalty with a host of exclusive benefits. It is a unique and hassle-free way to enjoy our services.

No more  worries about booking and paying for your recurrent Botox treatments. Join the Membership Scheme and get your yearly toxin treatments all sorted with 4 sessions and follows up; pre- booked; paid for in  advance with a monthly subscription; and it gets even better: with a  friends and family 20% discount on the price, too!

“And what if I wanted to get that discount on my yearly 1-3 ml Fillers as well?”, you may think.  Well, we have alredy thought of it. We have a package for this too!

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with the Membership Scheme!

At Vie Aesthetics, we’re committed to making your skin health and wellness journey exceptional. Our Vie Membership Scheme was designed with you in mind, offering simplicity, savings, and exclusive benefits. It is so easy to join the Scheme: 

1. Choose Your Option: Select from six exciting membership levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or the Aqua membership. Each tier comes with its own set of benefits, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone.

2. The ‘Piggy Bank’ for Your Treatments: Our subscription works like a ‘piggy bank’ for your skincare, aesthetics, and wellness needs. When you sign up, you’ll start building up credit on your account at Vie Aesthetics. This credit can be used towards or to pay for your future treatments, making your next visit even more enjoyable.

3. Reduced Toxin and Filler Pricing: As a subscriber, you’ll enjoy Botox treatments at a reduced price, which includes special “family and friends” rates. Say hello to more radiant, youthful skin without breaking the bank.

4. Easy Setup: Getting started is a breeze. Just decide which membership option suits you best, and simply click on the relevant link below to sign up through GoCardless, our trusted and secure payment partner. Your monthly subscription will be set up automatically, and your credit will start accumulating in your account at Vie Aesthetics.

The 6 Options of Your Vie Membership Scheme

Depending on your preferences, frequency of visits, and budget, you can choose from six subscription options: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and the Vie Club Membership.

Each option comes with its own set of fantastic benefits, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone:




Why Should You Join the Vie Membership Scheme?

The Vie Subscription Scheme is the result of a thorough review and consultation process with staff and patient ambassadors. It is designed to reward loyalty with reduced prices and perks. It is also a way to make financing of recurrring treatments more convenient and manageable. In the 10 years we have been operating, we have used loyalty cards and reward schemes, which our clients have valued immensely.

So, in addition to the Vie Referral Reward Scheme, the Birthday Vouchers, and the Finance Options, we created also the Vie Membership with 6 subscription options to cover different preferences and needs.  Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose to join the membership subscription scheme: 

  • Simplify Payments: When it’s time for your appointment, you can use your credit to pay towards your treatments. This convenient option ensures that you’ve already covered the cost, and there’s no need to worry about payments at the time of your visit. in case of not having accrued enough credit for your treatment at the time of your appointment, you can always top up to cover any left balance at the time of your treatment. Pleae not that this is not a finance option and you cannot be in arrears for repayment at any point. 
  • Flexible Credit Usage: If anything changes with your treatment plan, your Vie Subscription Scheme credit can be used towards any other products and services for yourself at Vie Aesthetics. Whether you want to pay for your treatments at your appointment or apply your credit towards the balance, it’s all about making your skin care effortless.
  • Special Discount for your treatments: By signing up to the membership options, you secure reduced rates on all your treatments. Being a Vie Member means 20% off the treatments on your option and 10% off all other treatments too!
  • Special Perks and Benefits: as a member you get early access to offers and events. You also receive a Signature Facial, the Vie Magazine and our monthlly members’ Newsletter. 
  • No Better Feeling: There’s nothing quite like receiving the treatments you desire when you’ve already paid for them. The Vie Subscription Scheme allows you to enjoy the confidence of prepaid skin health procedures, all while making your payments a breeze!

Exclusive Perks and Vie Membership Explained

Joining our Vie Subscription Scheme not only simplifies your journey to skin health and wellness, but also unlocks a world of benefits. As a subscriber, you’re eligible for our exclusive Vie Members’ Card, which gives you a range of premium benefits:

  • Enjoy access to our Vie Members Club, making your experience at all our clinics even more extraordinary. 
  • a special Discount for treatments and products. With your Vie Members’ card, you can enjoy a generous 10% discount on all additional treatments throughout the year. If you opt for the Diamond membership, that will be not 10% but 20% off all your treatments.
  • a complimentary Vie Signature Aquafacial. We pamper you with a signature facial (worh £150) to use at any point during your subscription year.
  • Your own copy of the Vie Magazine
  • The monthly Vie Club Newsletter filled with exclusive offers, updates, and information about upcoming events. It’s your direct link to all the exciting happenings at Vie Aesthetics.


Your Skin Journey, Your Way

Discover the freedom of prepaid skin health and wellness with Vie Aesthetics. Join our Vie Membership Subscription Scheme and embark on an effortless journey to radiant skin! Ready to start your journey with us?  Join our Vie Subscription Scheme today


Frequently Asked Questions:

1 Is the Vie Subscription Scheme a financing option?

 No, the Vie Subscription Scheme is not a financing option. It’s a membership program that simplifies the payment process for your treatments. It allows you to use your accumulated credit to pay for treatments or offset the balance, providing you with the convenience of prepaid aesthetics treatments.

2 How does the Vie Membership Scheme work?

 The Vie Subscription Scheme works on a tiered membership system with six levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, and Vie Club Membership. You choose the option that suits your preferences, frequency of visits, and budget. As a subscriber, you’ll build up credit on your account that can be used for future treatments or to pay for treatments at your appointment. This credit can be applied to the full treatment cost or towards the balance, depending on your needs.

3 Can I use my Vie Membership Scheme credit for products and services other than treatments?

 Yes, you can use your Vie Subscription Scheme credit towards any products and services at Vie Aesthetics. The flexibility of your credit allows you to tailor your aesthetics and wellness experience to your preferences.

4 Do I need to have the full treatment cost covered by my Vie Membership Scheme credit?

No, it’s not necessary for your credit to cover the full treatment cost. You can use your credit to pay for treatments, and if it doesn’t cover the entire invoiced amount, you can pay the outstanding balance during your appointment. This flexibility ensures that you can enjoy treatments without financial stress.

5 What benefits do I receive as a Vie member?

As a Vie Club member through the Vie Subscription Scheme, you gain access to exclusive perks, including the Vie Members’ card, VIP Club access, 10% off additional treatments, a signature facial gift, and the option to renew your membership beyond the first year. You will also receive our Vie Magazine and the monthly Vie Club newsletter with exclusive offers and updates about upcoming events.

6 How can I join the Vie Membership Scheme?

Joining is easy. Simply choose the membership level that suits you best (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond, Aqua Membership) and use the provided link to sign up through our secure partner, GoCardless. Your credit will be automatically built up on your account at Vie Aesthetics, making your journey to prepaid skin care adn wellness simple and stress-free.

7 Can I change my subscription level or cancel my membership?

You can change your subscription level at any time, but it’s important to note that the benefits of the new level will apply from the next billing cycle. If you decide to cancel your membership, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

8 What is the Vie Subscription Scheme?

The Vie Membership Scheme is a subscription program offered by Vie Aesthetics, designed to make your skincare  and wellness journey more convenient, flexible, and rewarding. It allows you to become a part of our Vie Club and access a range of exclusive benefits, including discounted treatments, products, and a flexible credit system.

If you have any additional questions or need further information about the Vie Subscription Scheme, feel free to contact our team. We’re here to make your beauty and wellness journey extraordinary and to support you every step of the way. We can’t wait to have you as part of our VIE MembersClub, and we look forward to pampering you with our exceptional treatments!



By singning up to the Vie Aesthetics Membership Scheme, you agree our Terms and Conditions 

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The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme
The Vie Membership Scheme