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Texas Jaw Treatment

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What is the Texas Jaw Treatment?

Do you dream of adding definition to the shape of your jaw? Introducing the Texas Jaw Treatment — a non-surgical solution for emphasising your lower facial contours. 

You don’t need a scientist to explain that we’re not all blessed with a chiselled chin like Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson or Angelina Jolie. The shape of your jawbone is determined by genetics. Some of us are simply born with a weak jawline. However, even a strong, angular jaw can lose definition as the skin around it starts to sag due to the ageing process. If those are concerns for you, we can help.

Dermal fillers are traditionally used for restoring volume to areas of the face. However, in recent times, they have also become a popular method for adding definition to a weak jawline. Applied at precise points by our skilled practitioner, fillers can make your jawbone seem sharper, chiselled and more pronounced. The final results are what’s often known as a “Texas Jaw”.

Our doctor will analyse your situation during your comprehensive, no-obligation consultation, and discuss your ideal outcome.

How does the Texas Jaw Treatment work?

Texas Jaw Treatments typically use Hyaluronic Acid Fillers to reshape and strengthen your jawline. Fillers are injectable substances that are absorbed by the skin to instantly add volume and create a lifting effect. Some products also trigger the production of collagen, which is the main constituent of skin, bones, muscles and ligaments. Dermal fillers are 100% natural and are slowly broken down by the body over time. They are one of our most popular treatments in the fight against ageing.

In order to strengthen a jawline, the doctor injects measured amounts of filler at specific points in the lower jaw margin. There’s a real artistry to this technique. A masterful aesthetician will add definition to your chin and jaw, which can be accentuated further with cleverly applied make-up. (Our in-house expert can show you how).

With all Texas Jaw Treatments, the results are entirely natural, so you will still look like you, just subtly enhanced and full of confidence.

How long does the Texas Jaw Treatment take to work?

Results are usually instant with most dermal fillers. Such products also help to trigger the production of collagen and elastin over the coming weeks and months, too. Your doctor will discuss the different dermal filler options with you during your initial, no-obligation consultation.

What is the downtime from the Texas Jaw Treatment?

There is very little downtime with most dermal filler procedures for the jawline. You may experience some minor swelling or bruising from the injections, which will fade over the next few days.

Does the from the Texas Jaw Treatment hurt?

There is only minor discomfort from the injections. Otherwise, the Texas Jaw Treatment is a quick and painless procedure.

How many treatments are needed?

This generally depends on the specific dermal filler that is being used during your treatment, and your own needs and expectations. In some cases, a single session may suffice. This will be discussed between you and the doctor during your comprehensive, no-obligation consultation.

After you have achieved your desired outcome, results from the Texas Jaw Treatment can last from anywhere between six to 18 months.

Are results from the Texas Jaw Treatment permanent?

Results from dermal fillers are not permanent. Top-ups will be required to maintain the effect.

This treatment may be suggested for the following concerns

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Please note that results vary from person to person due to lifestyle, external and internal factors, and genetic predispositions.

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Texas Jaw Treatment
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