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Wellness Clinic

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What is it?

Your mental and physical wellness is important to us at Vie Aesthetics. If you’re not feeling your best, be it in mind, body or spirit, then we can help.

Our Wellness Clinic is a programme tailored by our doctors especially for YOU. It’s designed to improve your mental and physical wellness in a range of areas, depending on your needs and lifestyle. It’s about getting you feeling and functioning at your best, both physically and mentally.

Some of the concerns that our Wellness Clinic can help you with include:
Immune System Support; Losing Weight; Moods and Mood Swings; Stress; Fatigue and Tiredness; Brain Fog; Faintness; Athletic Performance; Body Detox; Hitting Life Targets

We know how challenging life can be. Don’t let it wear you down. Book your consultation today.

How does it work?

A range of treatments fall within our Wellness Clinic. What our doctor will advise for you will depend on your specific concerns and goals.

Some of our Wellness treatments include:

Vitamin and IV Therapies

We offer a range of vitamin and nutrient therapies, which are engineered for specific benefits or problems caused by vitamin deficiencies. All our nutrients and vitamins are administered intravenously by a doctor and are FAR superior to oral supplements. This is because the entire product is delivered into your bloodstream for maximum benefits for zero wastage.

Some of our treatments include:
IntraVie Therapy
Glutathione Shots
Vitamin B12 Injections
Vitamin D Injections

Weight Loss Management

As a certified partner of the National Medical Weight Loss Management Programme (NMWLP), our physician-managed courses are designed to help you hit your weight loss targets quickly and safely. They use a special medication known as liraglutide to control and suppress your appetite and are used in conjunction with a diet of your choice.

You can visit our dedicated Weight Loss Clinic page for more information.

Life Coaching

Our qualified in-house life coach can help you hit your life goals or overcome personal concerns that are holding you back. Some of the areas that our life coach can you with include self-confidence, life crises, relationships, exam preparation, career progression, and lack of direction/focus.

You can visit our dedicated Life Coaching page for more information.

How many treatments are needed?

All our Wellness Management Clinics are unique to you, so every programme will be different. Your goals, hopes, aspirations and concerns will be discussed at length during your initial consultation, and your progress will be reviewed throughout as part of this treatment.

For more information on our Wellness Clinic and how it can help you, please contact the clinic or book your consultation today.

We also offer interest free finance on treatments above £280 and on selected packages.

Please call us on 0207 1646140 or 07899 673578 to find out more, or submit an enquiry below.

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Please note that results vary from person to person due to lifestyle, external and internal factors, and genetic predispositions.

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Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Wellness Clinic