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Super Hair Removal (SHR)

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What is Super Hair Removal (SHR)?

Don’t let unwanted hair make you feel self-conscious. With our advanced Super Hair Removal (SHR) procedures from Cosmedico, we have a safe and potent way of helping you achieve soft, smooth skin. Super Hair Removal (SHR) uses low energy light via rapid pulses to safely traumatise the stem cells of any unwanted hair, helping prevent any regrowth. Compared to older, traditional hair removal treatments that use Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Super Hair Removal (SHR) is faster, gentler and more effective.

Super Hair Removal (SHR) is suitable for both men and women and can be performed on all skin types. Furthermore, it’s suitable for use on nearly all areas of the face and body including:

  • arms and underarms
  • legs
  • back and chest
  • face (above lips, nose, cheeks, chin, ears, eyebrows)
  • intimates/bikini line

How does Super Hair Removal (SHR) work?

Super Hair Removal (SHR) procedures use selected wavelengths of low energy light, which are rapidly pulsed into the skin at 180 times per minute. Target hair follicles are gently heated during this process and terminally damaged. In short, that prevents any re-growth of the hair.

The procedures are relatively quick. The applicator is swept back and forth repeatedly across the designated area whilst the low energy light is pulsed into the skin, ensuring full coverage. Each treatment takes between 15 minutes to one hour (underarms: 30 mins or less; legs: 45 to 90 mins; bikini: 20 to 40 mins; back: 45 mins to two hours).

Prior to any treatment, we provide you with a patch test during your initial consultation, which ensures that there will be no adverse reactions in the tested area. Based on the patch results, our aesthetician will recommend a personal plan for your laser hair removal course.

How long does Super Hair Removal (SHR) take to work?

Results are instant. However, as each Super Hair Removal (SHR) treatment affects only approximately 20% of the target hair, repeat sessions will be required.

What is the downtime with Super Hair Removal (SHR)?

There is usually no downtime with Super Hair Removal (SHR). You can return to work straight after treatment.

Does Super Hair Removal (SHR) hurt?

Unlike traditional Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments, which use high energy levels that may cause discomfort and pain, SHR treatments are mild and comfortable, resulting in a pleasant warming of the skin. The applicator also has built-in cooling functionality, too, ensuring that you’ll experience comfort even in the most sensitive of areas.

How many treatments are needed with Super Hair Removal (SHR)?

Each hair removal treatment affects around 20% of the hair within the targeted area. We recommend an average of six to 10 sessions depending on the hair regrowth time, which varies in different areas of the body. The average number of treatments for a successful result is eight with an annual top up, if needed. The final results are long-lasting, we simply recommend a yearly top-up to help you stay hair free.

This treatment may be suggested for the following concerns

We also offer interest free finance on treatments above £280 and on selected packages.

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  • Tanned skin can be treated provided the tan is not active. Therefore, avoid direct sun exposure to the area being treated for at least five days prior to your treatment. When using SkinPulse SHR, tanned skin can be treated immediately, as long as there is no sunburn/ sensitivity in the area.
  • The use of tanning creams must be discontinued two weeks before your treatment.
  • You must avoid bleaching, plucking or waxing hair for six weeks prior to treatment and do not wax, epilate or pluck or remove hair by any means other than shaving, the same as during the course of treatment.
  • If you have a history of cold sores, Zovirax may be used prior to treatment and continued for one week after the treatment.
  • If you have been on antibiotics, we ask that you leave two weeks between finishing the course and having a Skin Pulse SHR treatment.
  • The area to be treated must be shaved on the day of the treatment. Shaving immediately prior to treatment may make the skin more sensitive so please allow sufficient time in between.
  • A broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) physical sunscreen of SPF30+ should be applied whenever exposed to the sun.
  • We advise not to use any skincare that contains AHA, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid or Rertinoic Acid (ex. Retin A) for five days prior to your treatment.
Can SHR remove hair permanently?

The SHR hair removal procedure has the potential to be long-lasting but is not truly permanent. Studies show that professional hair removal procedures typically have a long-lasting impact. Some folks claim that they haven’t had any hair growth for at least ten years.

Can hair grow back after SHR?

Actively developing hairs that have had SHR treatment won’t regrowth. It will still be necessary to treat hair follicles that weren’t in the active growing phase. After first treatments, fine hairs are frequently observed after a few years because of hormonal changes brought on by menopause, pregnancy, or age.

How many sessions of SHR is needed?

One should undertake at least six to eight treatment sessions, spaced out by four to eight weeks, in order to achieve the optimum outcomes with SHR. However, it is important to remember that the quantity of individual hairs in the active growth phase, as well as the density and colour of the hair, are all factors that affect results.

Please note that results vary from person to person due to lifestyle, external and internal factors, and genetic predispositions.

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Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)