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If you are dreaming of a fuller lifted bum, a defined 6-pack, a lifted chest, a lifted face, youthful and tightened knees, or tighter inner thighs, then read on. You can indeed say “GOOD BYE!!!”  to  “Bingo wings”, jowls, saggy tummy, man boobs, jelly belly, and saggy knees! The SECRET that is taking the world of celebrities by storm is called  Endopeel and you can now get it at Vie Aesthetics Harley Street,  Essex and  Germany.

As featured in the national press (incl. Daily Mail, the Daily Star , the Sun and Milli-on-Air Global Magazine), Vie Aesthetics have introduced this revolutionary treatment to the UK offering non-surgical solutions for a variety of problem areas. By using ENDOPEEL injections we are now able to lift areas in the body and face to instantly create a plumper, youthful, shinier, lifted appearance with increased turgor. As a result, apart from tighter skin, the muscles are more toned and overall the muscular mass is increased.

How does it work?

Back Before Endopeel injection (Bra Bulge)
After 1 session of Endopeel (Bra Bulge)

ENDOPEEL  is a unique technique and was developed initially in Switzerland and it consists of an oily patented solution containing carbolic acid with peanut oil acid. When injected into an area of loose skin tissue and muscle laxity this creates a selective, reversible, pointed “chemical myolysis”; in other words, the skin and the muscles in the injected region tighten, hence reversing the signs of ageing. (See Before and after of treatment with Endopeel for “Bra Bulge”). 



Where can it be used?

Upper Arms after 1 session of Endopeel (“Bingo Wings”)
Upper Arms before Endopeel (“Bingo Wings”)

ENDOPEEL has a wide range of application areas for face, such as forehead lift, nose tip elevation, the jowls, lower chin, the neck, as well as in problem areas of the body, such as the gluteus area (bum lift), in the thighs, in saggy upper arms (bingo wings), the chest area and the tummy area. (See our patient’s results for upper arms after one session of Endopeel on the right )

A very popular area for both women and men is the abdominal lift and contouring with Endopeel. You can read  an article about our Dr Liakas performing the 6-Pack treatment for a couple here

Watch the clip of Tracy Kiss having the six-pack treatment with Endopeel here


Actress and model Nicole Gibson, was the first person  in the UK to have the Endopeel Bum Lift at Vie Aesthetics and she has been over the moon with her instant results of a perky, lifted bum. )See her before and after pictures below)


With ENDOPEEL we do not inject any filler, neither anything that creates volume. Essentially tissues, including muscles and skin, are being re- positioned to where they were during a more youthful period of our lives. Therefore, the results look natural too. Watch a clip of Nicole’s visit to Vie Aesthetics for her cheek enhancement and her bum lift (“Cheek 2 Cheek”) here:

Endopeel Pectoralis Lift – one side treated

On the picture left, our male patient had the injections by Dr Liakas in his Pectoralis Area for a chest lift. The instant effect on the treated side (his right side) is amazing but typical, and the result will be improving even further in the following days!

Read celebrity stylist and blogger Steven Smith’s blog on the Endopeel treatment here

Our client, actress, reality star and model, Danielle Mason, who was featured in a number of national papers for her Endopeel Bum Lift (also called the “Peanut Oil bum lift”) at Vie Aesthetics by our medical director, Dr Liakas, was singing the praises of her treatment and the amazing results.


Read one of the articles in the Daily mail featuring Danielle and her bum Lift at Vie Aesthetics here

What happens during and after the treatment?

  • ENDOPEEL is administered with multiple little injections. We apply a local anaesthetic cream beforehand for maximum comfort.
  • It is a well-tolerated procedure. There is no downtime and the patients can go back to their normal daily activities.
  • The effects of ENDOPEEL are mostly visible immediately and continue to improve for a period of 3 to 7 days.
  • For ideal results to 3 sessions required in the first year and then 1 session annually should suffice in order to maintain the effects.
  • Prices depend on the area treated and start at £300.
  • Please note: You can not have ENDOPEEL, if you are allergic to peanuts, pregnant or whilst you are breastfeeding.

If you wish to have the treatment, you will have to book a (free) consultation and patch test with our doctor.

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What our clients say

After a fair amount of research I went to a clinic in Harley Street for the volume filler in my cheeks but I was not happy with the results as I felt I was rushed and the filler wasn’t filled in the right places. I was going to have my lips filled in Harley Street but I changed my mind and looked for a second opinion which was when I discovered Vie Aesthetics. First I had my lips done and I was so happy with the results I went back a week later and told the doctor about my bad experience he sat and listened to me and didn’t rush me which was reassuring. He explained to me where I should have had the filler which was helpful. He was so friendly and thorough so I went for it again and he drew lines on my face and injected the filler. I did not feel a thing, no pain at all. All I can say is that I wish I had found Vie Aesthetics sooner!

Rob, Essex