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lip filler in london

Lip Filler in London

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Revive Your Smile

Lip fillers have emerged as one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures, offering a simple yet effective way to enhance and rejuvenate the lips. As we age, our lips may lose volume and plumpness, making them appear thinner and less defined. Lip fillers, powered by hyaluronic acid, provide a safe and versatile solution to address these concerns, helping you achieve the perfect pout and a youthful, refreshed look.

The Magic of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, responsible for maintaining skin hydration and suppleness. When used in lip fillers, HA binds with water molecules, creating a volumising effect that instantly plumps and smoothes the lips. Unlike older, permanent filler options, HA fillers offer a reversible solution, allowing you to adjust your lip shape and size as desired over time.

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Personalised and Natural Results

One of the most appealing aspects of lip fillers is the ability to tailor the treatment to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you desire fuller, more sensuous lips or want to correct asymmetry and imbalances, a skilled practitioner can craft a personalised treatment plan to deliver natural-looking results that complement your facial features. The versatility of lip fillers means that they can be used for subtle enhancements or more dramatic transformations, depending on your aesthetic goals.

How Do Lip Fillers Work?

Our Lip Filler procedures utilise top-notch hyaluronic acid fillers, sourced from renowned brands such as MaiLi Filler, Juvederm®, and Perfectha®. These premium products are carefully injected into specific points, allowing the natural substance to be absorbed by your skin and instantly restoring volume, resulting in a personalised, natural appearance. These fillers work wonders in balancing and harmonising the upper and lower lips.

Our advanced technology ensures longer-lasting results, making Lip Fillers a sought-after choice, especially among mature women and men. For further details on our Hyaluronic Acid Filler treatments, feel free to explore here.


Combining Lip Fillers with Other Treatments

Lip fillers can harmonise perfectly with other cosmetic procedures to create a comprehensive facial rejuvenation plan. Combining lip fillers with treatments like Anti-Wrinkle Injections for wrinkle reduction or Dermal Fillers for facial volume restoration can result in a balanced, youthful appearance. Consulting with an experienced practitioner will help you determine the best combination of treatments to achieve your aesthetic goals.


Aging Gracefully

As we age, our facial features naturally change, and the lips are no exception. Lip fillers can be part of a long-term anti-aging strategy, maintaining a youthful appearance while embracing the natural aging process gracefully. Periodic touch-ups can help preserve your lip enhancements and ensure that your lips continue to look their best over time.


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Choosing Lip Fillers at Vie Aesthetics:
A Safe and Professional Experience

When considering lip filler treatments, finding a reputable and trustworthy provider is paramount to achieving natural-looking and safe results. Vie Aesthetics stands out as an excellent choice, offering a host of reasons why individuals should opt for lip fillers at Vie Aesthetics London clinic.

  1. Expertise of Medical Professionals: At Vie Aesthetics, lip filler injections are administered exclusively by qualified medical professionals. Our team comprises experienced doctors and practitioners who have undergone specialised training in aesthetic procedures. This ensures that each client receives personalised care and attention, with a focus on safety and optimal outcomes.
  2. Safe and Trusted Products: Vie Aesthetics is committed to using only premium and trusted lip filler products, typically based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body, making it well-tolerated and reducing the risk of adverse reactions. Our dedication to quality ensures that clients receive safe and effective treatments with minimal side effects.
  3. Tailored Treatments: No two faces are the same, and at Vie Aesthetics, each lip filler treatment is tailored to the individual’s unique needs and desires. Our skilled practitioners take the time to understand the client’s aesthetic goals, facial anatomy, and desired lip shape, ensuring a natural and harmonious outcome that complements the overall facial features.
  4. Emphasis on Safety: Patient safety is of the utmost importance at Vie Aesthetics. Before any lip filler procedure, a thorough consultation is conducted to assess the client’s medical history, allergies, and suitability for the treatment. This comprehensive approach ensures that lip fillers are a suitable option for each patient and helps minimise any potential risks.
  5. Reversible and Adjustable Results: One of the advantages of hyaluronic acid lip fillers is their reversibility. In the rare event that a patient is dissatisfied with the results, the filler can be dissolved, returning the lips to their original state. Moreover, hyaluronic acid fillers allow for adjustments over time, accommodating changes in preferences and ensuring long-term satisfaction.
  6. Confidence and Self-Esteem Boost: The skilled application of lip fillers at Vie Aesthetics results in enhanced lip volume and definition, leading to a more attractive and confident smile. Clients often report an increased sense of self-esteem and overall well-being, as they feel more comfortable and satisfied with their appearance.
  7. Holistic Approach: At Vie Aesthetics, we adopt a holistic approach to aesthetic treatments. We offer a wide range of procedures to address various concerns, allowing clients to customise their treatment plans and achieve comprehensive facial rejuvenation if desired.

lip filler before and after london

Transform your smile and unleash the magic of lip fillers. Consult with a qualified professional to discover how this simple and safe procedure can unlock your lip’s full potential and leave you with a confident, beautiful, and alluring smile.

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We advice you come to your appointment wearing little or no makeup, as the treatment area will be thoroughly cleaned before treatment. We also advise that you arrive around 20-25 minutes before your appointment. This will allow for numbing time to ensure that you are ready for your treatment on time.

In order to maximise the treatment effect and to minimise the risk of side effects, please abide by the following:

  • Immediately after your treatment, avoid touching your lips and mouth area for at least six to eight hours.
  • To ease any pain or discomfort, you can take Paracetamol or use ice packs on the area.
  • Using Vaseline for the first week is a good idea to stop your lips from cracking or drying out.
  • Avoid sunbeds, lip waxing, saunas for the first week after treatment.
  • Staying hydrated, drinking plenty of water will help maximise the benefits of your treatment
  • If you have any bruising following your treatment, apply arnica cream (you can buy this in your local pharmacy.
  • In the first 24 hours avoid alcohol and spicy food.

Taking care of yourself after the procedure is crucial. By following the above you will enjoy your results for longer.

What are Lip Filler treatments used for?

Lip Filler treatments can be used to achieve various outcomes, depending on your own needs and goals. They can be used to combat concerns such as thin or uneven lips. They can add volume and definition and even help to reshape lips as desired, always with a natural and long-lasting outcome.

Are Lip Filler treatments suitable for men?

Yes, Lip Filler treatments are suitable for men. We have had many male clients who have used hyaluronic acid filler to help accentuate and reshape their lips, or add lost volume.

Is there any surgery with Lip Filler treatments?

No, our Lip Filler treatments are non-surgical procedures, which use injectable filler to temporarily plump, define and reshape your lips. However, it is a medical procedure that MUST be performed by a trained and qualified medical parctitioner at all times!

Are results from Lip Filler procedures permanent?

No, Lip Filler treatments use hyaluronic acid filler, which is gradually and safely absorbed by the body. Results are temporary. They can last from between three to nine months, sometimes longer.

How long do results last from Lip Filler treatments?

Results from Lip Filler treatments can last from between three to nine months, sometimes even longer. Duration of outcomes depend on a patient’s physiology and the amount of hyaluronic acid filler that is used. It can also be affected by the choice of hyaluronic acid filler that is used during your procedure. Your doctor will discuss expected longevity of results with you during your no-obligation consultation.

Are Lip Filler treatments safe?

Yes, Lip Filler treatments are safe and involve no surgery. Side-effects are rare, and downtime is minimal, with some risk of bruising, swelling and tenderness after treatment. However, lips treatments with filler are a medical procedure, and ONLY a trained and qualified medical practitioner should ever inject filler into your lips!

Are Lip Filler treatments painful?

Treatments with lip fillers are relatively pain-free. All our fillers contain a local anaesthetic to help boost your comfort.

I had a consultation for my first lip augmentation. I went ahead the same day after being so impressed with the doctor and the professionalism of the clinic. I am over the moon with how natural my lips have come out and cant believe I waited this long to have them done.

Lara A, review from Pabau

Extremely professional. [Dr Liakas] could have sold me more but actually suggested to keep to 0.5ml to keep towards my natural look. Been coming here since I started having my lips filled and I wouldn’t trust anyone else other than Dr Liakas & the team.

Chloe W, review from Pabau

I had my lips done for the first time today and I can happily say I am 100% happy with the result I got. All the staff and doctors were all so lovely and helpful and made my experience 100% better. Thank you so much Vie aesthetics.

Faith G, review from Pabau

You get what you pay for. Amazing service and treatment! I’ve had my Botox and lip filler only 0.5ml done here and loved the results!

Christina W, review from Google

I looked into great depth when finding a clinic for my lip fillers as I know how badly wrong some places can get it. I also have a huge needle phobia which I went on to have hypnotherapy for & the team at Vie are always so so so considerate of this! The salon is always immaculate & modern. They are honest, trustworthy and always put customers needs first. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and cannot recommend the team anymore. From doctors to receptionist – all superb! Thank you again for building my confidence too!

Bonita C, review from Google

Excellent service. Are always very welcoming and extremely personable. My lips looked amazing and long lasting results. Everyone here is great!

Lois B, review from Google

This is a lovely clinic. The staff are SO welcoming and polite. I have had several lip filler treatments here. Would recommend the Juvederm filler.

Samantha H, review from Google

Lip augmentation was virtually pain-free (mildly uncomfortable) and performed by an experienced medic making the whole experience much more comfortable.

Lot H, review from Google

Really professional, calm atmosphere, charming staff. Dr Liakas great care for perfection. Very gentle. Really love my lips.

Avril S, review from Pabau

Please note that results vary from person to person due to lifestyle, external and internal factors, and genetic predispositions.

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Lip Filler in London
Lip Filler in London
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Lip Filler in London
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Lip Filler in London
Lip Filler in London
Lip Filler in London
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Lip Filler in London
Lip Filler in London