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Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages

16-08-2023 | Posted in: Blogs, New Treatments, Wellness & Lifestyle

In a world where health is wealth, blood testing can be your perfect solution.

Blood testing reasons, benefits & packages for you.


Get to know your body with a quick and simply blood test at Vie Aesthetics and under guidance of Medical Director Dr Liakas!

In a world where health is wealth, staying on top of your well-being has never been more crucial. But what if you could go beyond the surface and delve deeper into the intricate tale of your health? Welcome to Vie Aesthetics, where we offer more than just blood tests – we provide a personalised journey through your body’s story, complete with unique features and benefits that set us apart.

Blood Testing is one of the latest additions to our Wellness Clinic here at Vie Aesthetics. Under the guidance of our Medical Director Dr Ioannis Liakas, blood testing is available at all of our Vie Aesthetics clinics and can help you discover any deficiencies or imbalances that you may have but are currently unaware of.

Why choose private blood testing?

1. Beyond Basic Testing: Unveiling Your Health

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all health solutions. Our private blood testing service is designed to empower you with a comprehensive understanding of your body’s inner workings. We believe that a single drop of blood holds a universe of information, and we’re here to decode it for you. From hormone levels to vitamin deficiencies, our tests can help you understand the whole, complete picture of your health & wellness. 

2. Tailored Results: Your Body, Your Data

Generic advice can only take you so far. What truly matters is how your body responds to specific circumstances. Our service takes customisation to the next level. We provide you with personalised insights that translate raw data into actionable steps. Whether you’re an athlete aiming to optimise performance or someone looking to improve overall wellness, our recommendations are finely tuned to fit your unique needs.

3. Convenience at your fingertips: Modern Health Management 

Why wait in long lines at the clinic when you can take charge of your health from the comfort of your home? At Vie Aesthetics, getting a comprehensive health analysis is as simple as it can get. 

4. Empowering Preventive Care: Early Detection is Key

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and we couldn’t agree more. Our private blood testing service empowers you with the knowledge to detect potential health issues before they escalate. By identifying subtle imbalances early on, you can make informed decisions to steer your health in the right direction, potentially avoiding serious complications down the road.

Choose One of Our Comprehensive Health and Wellness Check Packages

1. Essential Wellness Package- £99

– Full Blood Count (FBC)

– Liver Function Tests (LFT)

– Kidney Function Test (U&Es)

– Haemoglobin A1c

– Cholesterol (Total, HDL, LDL)

– Thyroid Function Tests (TFTs)

– Vitamin D3

2. Comprehensive Health Package – £149

– Essential Wellness Package +

– Iron/Ferritin

– Vitamin B12

-Vitamin D3

– Folate

– CRP (C-Reactive Protein)

3. Female Hormone Balance Package – £159

– Essential Wellness Package +

– Oestradiol

– Progesterone

– Testosterone (Free and Total)

– DHEA-S (Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate)

– SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin)

4. Male Hormone Balance Package – £159

– Essential Wellness Package +

– Testosterone

– DHEA-S (Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate)

– PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen)

– SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin)

5. Thyroid Function Package – £89

– Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

– Free T3

– Free T4

– Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOAb)

– Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb)

6. Gut Health Package – £179

– Essential Wellness Package +

– Helicobacter pylori IgG Antibody

– Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies (tTG-IgA)

– IgA Endomysial Antibodies (EMA-IgA)

7. Inflammation Marker Package – £149

– Essential Wellness Package +

– CRP (C-Reactive Protein)

– ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)

– Ferritin

Please note that all packages include a detailed consultation with our healthcare professionals to discuss the results and provide personalised recommendations for your health and wellness journey. You can opt to get a letter for your GP. For additional customisation or specific tests, please inquire with our team. Prices are subject to change.


Discover Blood Testing

Find out about the process and service in more detail!

Here is more information about the typical person opting for each one of our packages:

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Packages Insight:


The Essential Wellness Package is great for the health-conscious individual who believes in taking proactive steps towards maintaining their well-being. With a combination of vital tests, including a Full Blood Count (FBC), Liver Function Tests (LFT), Kidney Function Tests (U&Es), Haemoglobin A1c, Cholesterol (Total, HDL, LDL), Thyroid Function Tests (TFTs), and Vitamin D3, you are ensuring that your body’s vital functions are in check. By choosing this package, you gain a holistic understanding of your overall health. 

The Comprehensive Health Package is for those of you who decide to go the extra mile and are intrigued by the additional insights offered by this package. The inclusion of Iron/Ferritin, Vitamin B12, Folate, and CRP (C-Reactive Protein) provides you with a more detailed overview of your body’s nutritional status and inflammation markers. With this comprehensive information, you can proactively address any deficiencies or imbalances, enabling you to optimise your health and well-being.

The Female Hormone Balance Package is for women who understand the significance of hormonal balance in maintaining their overall health. This package combines the Essential Wellness Package with specific hormone-related tests and includes assessments of Oestradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA-S, and SHBG. By opting for this package, you gain insights into your hormone levels and potential imbalances, allowing you to work closely with your healthcare provider to address any concerns and optimise your hormonal health.

The Male Hormone Balance Package is ideal for the health-conscious man who looks after his hormonal well-being. In addition to the tests included in the Essential Wellness Package, this package includes assessments of Testosterone, DHEA-S (Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate), PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen), and SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin). By selecting this package, you gain valuable information about your hormone levels, prostate health, and overall well-being. With these insights, you can take appropriate measures to optimise your hormonal balance and maintain your vitality.

The Thyroid Function Package is recommended if you have been experiencing symptoms such as fatigue and weight fluctuations, and if wants to gain a deeper understanding of her thyroid function. She chooses the Thyroid Function Package, which focuses specifically on assessing thyroid health. This package includes tests for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Free T3, Free T4, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies, and Thyroglobulin Antibodies. By selecting this package, you can uncover any potential thyroid-related issues and work closely with your healthcare provider to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

The Gut Health Package is for those of you who have been experiencing digestive issues lately and have decided to prioritise your gut health. In addition to the tests included in the Essential Wellness Package, this package includes assessments for Helicobacter pylori IgG Antibody, Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies (tTG-IgA), and IgA Endomysial Antibodies (EMA-IgA). By choosing this package, you can gain insights into your gut health, including potential bacterial infections and markers associated with gluten sensitivity. Armed with this knowledge, you can work with our healthcare practitioners to address any gut-related concerns and improve your overall digestive well-being.

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Why do blood testing at Vie Aesthetics?

By offering these diverse blood test packages, our clinic aims to cater to the specific health needs and concerns of each individual, empowering them to take control of their well-being. We believe that knowledge is the first step towards a healthier future, and these packages provide valuable insights that can guide personalised treatment plans and lifestyle adjustments.

Blood Testing at Vie Aesthetics is fast and convenient. Our Comprehensive report can help with a wide range of concerns, whether you’ve been:

  • Feeling under the weather for an extended period of time
  • Struggling with weight gain
  • Worrying about your hormones

OR, simply want to get to know your body better, a quick blood test might be able to provide the answers that you are looking for.

Specialized Medical Experts: At Vie Aesthetics, our clinics in Essex, Holborn and Harley Street are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and accredited by Save Face. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals who are well-trained in administering Hayfever Injections. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, and you can trust that your treatment will be conducted by knowledgeable experts.

Meet the Team! 

Conveniently Located: Our clinics in Harley Street, and Holborn provide easy access to residents in London, ensuring that you can receive the best treatment care you need without extensive travel or inconvenience.

Reputation for Excellence: Our Vie Aesthetics clinics in London have earned a strong reputation for delivering high-quality treatments and achieving exceptional results. With over 3000 5-star reviews from real clients, we are dedicated to your well-being.


Personalised Approach: We believe in a personalised approach to aesthetics, understanding that each individual has unique needs and goals. Our team takes the time to listen, assess and create customised treatment plans tailored to the specific requirements of each patient.

10 Years in the Business: With a decade of experience in the aesthetics industry, Vie Aesthetics has established a strong reputation for excellence. Our longevity is a testament to our commitment to providing top-notch treatments, staying at the forefront of advancements, and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our clients.


Meet the Team

Meet our expert, leading team of Doctors & Skin Specialists.

What tests do we offer?

We can use your blood sample to test for an incredibly wide range tests for the following:

Blood Tests at Vie Aesthetics

What is the blood testing process?

  1. Stage 1 – Book Your Test 
    Booking your test couldn’t be more easy. Just pop over to our online booking system or get in touch on 01268 778 615.
  2. Stage 2 – The Sample 
    The Doctor will take a venous draw of blood from your arm. The sample takes just a minute to collect.
  3. Stage 3 – Receiving your Results 
    After 3-4  days, we will receive your results from the lab. A member of the Vie Team will get in touch to book a follow up appointment with the Doctor where you can discuss your results and potential treatment options (depending on your concern).
  4. Stage 4 – Treatment
    Depending on your results and original concern, the Doctor will provide you with information on potential treatment options, as well as access to your full report should you need to consult a specialist regarding your concern.

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Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages
Blood Testing | Reasons, Benefits & Packages