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mesoestetic bodyshock Intensive Mist


Mesoestetic Bodyshock Intensive Mist is a stimulating and toning concentrated body solution that noticeably eliminates cellulite, accelerates the breakdown of fat, and increases skin metabolism. It is designed to work in localised regions and improve the consequences of physical exercise. The light, cooling mist transforms into an easily absorbed oil when it comes into contact with the skin, ready to be gently rubbed into the desired region.

Mesoestetic Bodyshock Intensive Mist advantages:

  • cuts down on localised fat
  • the look of cellulite is improved
  • increases the effects of exercise

Bodyshock Intensive Mist from mesoestetic is made with [meso]adipoactive complexTM, a highly effective blend of powerful cell metabolism boosters like lysine, valine, and glycerophosphocholine. The venotonic and vasoprotective arnica extract, as well as the stimulant caffeine and the anti-inflammatory sylbum marianum extract, are also present in the toning body mist.


Mist with a concentrated activity that acts locally to define the silhouette and is made using the high-efficacy complex [meso]adipoactive complexTM.

The complex’s effect is enhanced by the addition of milk thistle extract, caffeine, and arnica extract, which significantly reduces cellulite flaws.
It is the ideal product to use before working out because of its light formulation, undetectable finish, and simple-to-apply mist. It amplifies and improves the efficacy of the therapy when used in conjunction with the other bodyshock line products.

You might experience a strong heat or tingling feeling on the treated region after application since active substances with a stimulating and toning activity have been included. Depending on the person, day, or time of day it is administered, this impact may change. This sensation results from the active substances’ impact on the region. It is transient and shouldn’t be confused with a negative outcome.

  • Cellulite
  • Localised Fat
  • Loose Skin

bodyshock®, is an innovative range of body solutions with formulas tailored to every need and indication, backed by proven results.
A protocol fully personalised with formulas that combine efficacy and sensations to build unique experiences in each session.

The Mesoestetic Bodyshock Intensive Mist is a two-phase mist concentrate for trouble areas like the abdomen and hips. Its combined use with the other products in the bodyshock range intensifies and enhances the treatment effectiveness.

Its combination with milk thistle extract, caffeine and Arnica extract enhances the complex’s action, visibly attenuating cellulite imperfections.

Its light formula with an invisible finish and easy-to-apply mist makes it the perfect product to use before exercising. Its combined use with the other products in the bodyshock range intensifies and enhances the treatment effectiveness.

Thanks to incorporating active ingredients with a stimulating and toning action, you can feel an intense heat or tingling sensation on the applied area after use.


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How To Apply

To improve results, use before exercise and/or as a booster before bodyshock celluxpert, bodyshock firm’up, and bodyshock essential cream. Once the mechanism is freed, shake the product and remove fasteners by turning to the left. Press the bottom of the container to release the solution and hold the product 20 cm away from the skin. Apply evenly and massage in a circular motion until completely absorbed.



Active Ingredients


extracto de Arnica

Cylibum marianum extract


[meso]adipoactive complex™