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mesoestetic bodyshock Essential Cream


Mesoestetic Bodyshock Essential Cream, which is formulated with a sophisticated mix of bio-balancing, firming, and moisturising plant extracts, aids in minimising and preventing the formation of stretch marks. The light, quickly absorbed cream regenerates, nourishes, and softens the skin while providing instant refreshment.

Mesoestetic Bodyshock Essential Cream advantages:

  • reduces and prevents stretch marks from appearing
  • gives an immediate sense of freshness
  • moisturises and nourishes

The reparative centella asiatica, nourishing shea butter, and anti-inflammatory liposomal oils included in the cream moisturise the skin and aid in the reduction of stretch marks.

A moisturising cream that absorbs quickly and gives an immediate sense of smoothness and freshness.

Its recipe comprises a combination of plant extracts, including centella asiatica, which increases skin firmness and turgor, noticeably decreasing the appearance of stretch marks, and Huang qi, which is known for its renewing, moisturising, and biobalancing effects. Shea butter and liposomal oils both have nourishing and antioxidant effects.

The most cutting-edge medical cosmetic treatments now accessible are mesoestetic skin care items.

Mesoestetic, which has been developed using cutting-edge chemicals, has been endorsed by experts and business pioneers worldwide for its shown effectiveness.

  • Cellulite
  • Localised Fat
  • Loose Skin
bodyshock®, is an innovative range of body solutions with formulas tailored to every need and indication, backed by proven results.
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Mesoestetic Bodyshock Essential Cream is a quick-absorbing moisturising cream that provides an immediate feeling of freshness and softness.

Its formula combines a complex of plant extracts, such as Huang qi, which has a recognized regenerating, moisturising and biobalancing efficacy, and centella asiatica, which promotes the skin firmness and turgor, visibly reducing the appearance of stretch marks and helping prevent them. The presence of liposomal oils and Shea butter provides a nourishing and antioxidant action. What is there not to love?


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How To Apply


FREQUENCY OF USE: twice a day

MOMENT OF USE: morning and evening


Active Ingredients


Extracto de astragalus membranaceus root

Shea butter