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mesoestetic bodyshock Celluxpert


Combining active components in a cream-gel formulation that works synergistically to provide turgor to regions with orange peel skin, improve visible cellulite-related skin abnormalities, and restore a more uniform and smooth look. Capsaicin, Brassica Alba extract, and caffeine have strong stimulating effects that assist the silhouette be defined. Orange peel skin is significantly lessened by arnica extract and organic silicon, which improve skin firmness and have a decongestive action. The product’s application and absorption are optimised by its unique application technique, which uses roll-on spheres. This provides an instantaneous reviving and energising impact.

Mesoestetic Bodyshock Celluxpert has a decongestive action, firms and smooths the skin, evens out skin tone, and minimises and avoids orange peel skin thanks to a special application technique that increases the uptake of active substances and stimulates microcirculation.

Mesoestetic Bodyshock Celluxpert’s advantages include:

  • decreases and prevents orange skin peel.
  • evens, firms, and smoothes skin tone.
  • different applications system improves how well active substances are absorbed.

Mesoestetic Bodyshock Celluxpert is an energising and cooling cream gel that contains caffeine to promote the burning of fats and toxins, arnica extract to support venotonic and vasoprotective activity, brassica alba and capsaicin extract to provide a lipolytic effect, L-carnitine to mobilise fats into energy, and organic silicon to regenerate your skin.

  • Cellulite
  • Loose Skin
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Mesoestetic Bodyshock Celluxpert is a multi-action body cream which defines, tones and smoothes uneven skin, actively combatting signs of cellulite.

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Product Information

Mesoestetic Bodyshock Celluxpert is a cream-gel formula created with a combination of active ingredients that act synergically, visibly improving skin irregularities caused by cellulite and restoring a more uniform and smooth appearance.

How To Apply

Rotate the headpiece to the ON position and dose the product with a circular massage. Rotate the headpiece to the OFF position and massage until fully absorbed.
FREQUENCY OF USEtwice a day.
MOMENT OF USEmorning and evening.


Active Ingredients

Extracto de Arnica

Extracto de Brassica Alba y Capsaicina


Organic silicon