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Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body


Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body

17-05-2022 | Posted in: Blogs

We Are Here To Help You Get Skin-Ready For Your Big Day

Whether you are preparing for your big day, or you want to look your best when your loved ones tie the knot, at Vie Aesthetics, we have you covered with our customised Wedding Packages for face and body. With bespoke medical aesthetic and skin care packages, we promote natural beauty, radiance, and elegance  to help you get ready and look your best on those precious photos and films.

The VIE PreNup Menu

Whether it is the: Bride & Groom Treatment, the Mother-of-the-bride Rejuvenation, the Beautification Hen Party, the all-round VieLift, or the Get-skin-Ready Protocol, we have all the latest cutting edge procedures under one roof. Knowing that you will be looked after by the whole Vie Aesthetics Team with thorough consultations and comprehensive follow-ups, you will feel supported 100% in the lead-up to your special day.

Our team have used their expertise and experience with clients like you, and we have put together the following PreNup Menu…


Sweat no more on the dance floor!

You can relax and forget about the nuisance of excessive sweating (“Hyperhidrosis”) and focus on the joy of your special day. With Botulinum injections, our specialist doctors will treat the symptoms in one session for armpits, palms, or soles. The results kick within 2-3 weeks and last for 3- 6 months. The treatment starts at £605 and includes your medical consultation and your review appointment.

Honeymoon Hair FREE

Forget the fuss of what a razor can bring before the big day and relax forever- Buy the latest in Laser and IPL technology –Diolaze and SHR course of 6 for 2 areas and get a free course for the underarms.

VIE Wedding Packages

Lips-Lines-Cheeks in One

No need to re-touch your selfies when you can achieve that fresh, pouty, chiseled selfie look in real life! Have your makeover for Lips-Lines-Cheeks in the company of your bridesmaids and friends, sipping on your refreshments and eating canapés as you have your treatments in a relaxed party atmosphere. Be assured as you opt for a package without cutting any corners with safety. You are, after all, in a professional clinic setting with excellent expertise and after care.

Your Party

A minimum of five people are required for the booking and the package includes injection of two areas and a 2ml VIE Selfie Contour Package for Lips and Cheeks. The price per person is £795 for the package and we throw in a gorgeous goodie bag (worth over £100) that includes the luscious Vie Aesthetics cloth masks and an amazing gift voucher for an express RED CARPET FACIAL for everyone. You can, of course customise by adding to the goodie bag for your bride or bridesmaids and our team will work with you to make it a very memorable event.

Full hair! On the Day

We are pioneers in the stem-cell micro hair transplantation, known as VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa. Let us help you address hair thinning and hair loss with the newest autologous solution to re-grow and strengthen your hair. Suitable for women and men, this procedure involves one session with the first visible results to be expected after 8-12 weeks, although results gradually improve over the following months. The one-off treatment costs £2,200.

The Neck Rejuvenation Package

This package is for you if you feel you are after more redefined, elegant lines of the jaw and neck for a fresher, more youthful, tighter, and more contoured appearance. This amazing package consists of four steps: a course of three tailor-made skin rejuvenation sessions (including Radio-frequency, No-Needle Mesotherapy, Micro-needling and LED Light Therapy) and the very popular “Nefertiti Neck Lift “, one session of Botox for jawline and chin that will lift and tighten the skin on your neck giving it a smooth and relaxed look. The package costs £605 and the Botox results last up to four months.

Roll out the Red Carpet

The Aisle Awaits Package – Vie Red-Carpet-Facials

Get skin-ready with the “Queen of Facials” our 10-step VIE AquaFacial. You can relax and let your skin get the professional care and attention it is longing for. The AquaFacial is our signature treatment for men and women of all ages. It is the ultimate treatment for: detoxing, cleansing, exfoliating, brightening, extracting, nourishing, hydrating and finally rejuvenating your face and neck. Leaving you with a beautiful, radiant glow. The Buy One-Get-One-Half Price Bride and Groom Package is our gift of radiant healthy skin for you. It is no wonder that the VIE AquaFacial is described as the 10 steps to skin heaven!

24K Gold Leaf Facial 24K

Gold is fit only for the most special of occasions… including your wedding day! To achieve luminous, radiant and healthy skin for the big day, the 24K Gold Facial by Dibi Milano is the utmost luxury treatment. It is the perfect indulgence for anybody who is looking to strengthen and firm their skin and walk down the aisle with a beaming radiance. It delivers rich and nourishing benefits to the skin through the use of real 24Karat Gold Leaf and a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and enriching peptide no.34. The 24K Gold leaf facial is brilliant for tackling signs of ageing. This is thanks to its collagen boosting, active ingredients which brighten and lift the skin.  The cost of our 24K Gold Leaf Facial is £220 and our Skin Specialists recommend 3 sessions for optimal results. A course of 3 Gold Facials is £605.

The WOW Factor

We are fully aware that of all days, your wedding day is the one in which you want to turn heads and make people say “WOW!”.

Well, let us help you do so, by preparing your skin with a course of the 6-step WOW Facial. This innovative, results-driven facial is tailored to your specific skincare needs and ensures that all eyes are on you (and your perfect skin) the whole day through! The WOW Facial® promotes natural collagen stimulation preventing dull-looking skin. The magic micro-channelling device can be personalised to you, whether you are look or smooth out your pores, our expert therapists will create the perfect concoction.

WOW and Micro Botox

The WOW Fusion Facial can even be combined with mini Botox to reduce pores and breakouts too! The cost of the WOW Facial is ££275 per session, or you can take advantage of our course of 6 for £1375 – this way you receive one session as a gift from Vie to You! The cost of the WOW Facial with Micro Botox is £400. You can get a special package price for 6 sessions combining 2 WOW Fusion Facials with Micro-Botox (one every 3 months) with 4 Wow Facials for  £1815 (instead of £1900).

Radiant Skin with DermaluxLED

We know that preparing for a wedding can be stressful. An option that we offer to help you with achieving radiant skin for your wedding day is the DermaluxLED Triwave MD and Flex. Whether your concern is Rosacea, Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Psoriasis, Eczema, or even Acne Scarring; the DermaluxLED treatments are clinically proven to help with a range of skin concerns. Not only can this groundbreaking treatment help with common and rare skin concerns, it also helps to reduce the production of stress hormones associated with fatigue. This means it could help relieve your stress and have mood boosting effects- to take the edge off when you are feeling extra stressed.

At Home Care

With a busy schedule, we understand appointments go out of the window, so why not have your weekly 30-minutes of light Therapy from the comfort of your own home?  The Dermalux Flex is a portable LED arch that can be rented and used whenever you get a spare half an hour. Our Skin Specialists will brief you fully during your consultation, then the power is in your hands. The session costs £132. Our courses of LED Light Therapy will help maintain results over an extended period of time, a 6-session course is £660 (instead £792) and a 10-session course is we £1055 (instead of £1320).

Morpheus8 Packages

If you haven’t heard of Morpheus8 yet, you must’ve been living under a rock! This incredible Skin Tightening treatment that combines micro-needling with Radio Frequency Energy is loved by celebrities and royalty including Judy Murray and Amanda Holden. This treatment is a must for preparing your skin ahead of your special day. We would recommend starting your Morpheus8 course 6 months prior to your big day, in order to ensure full, optimal results. In addition, to have your skin even more prepped for the big day, we will gift you an Express Signature Vie Aqua Facial when you purchase a course of 3 Morpheus8 sessions. The cost of this package can vary depending on the area you wish to treat, however prices start at £575.

Whatever your needs and wishes, our team will work with you, holding your hand all the way. We will create special and tailored packages to help you reach your goals – and we will make your visit a very memorable event too!

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Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body
Vie Aesthetics Wedding Packages for Face and Body