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A Hair-Free Summer ’23

30-03-2023 | Posted in: Blogs, Hair Treatments

Out with the old and in with the new

As Spring approaches, most of us will be ecstatic to be ditching the puffer coats and bobble hats for sunnies and sandals! And with the warmer weather, comes (for most) craving that super smooth, flawless skin that isn’t covered in hair. If you want a Hair-Free Summer ’23, now is the time to start, and we’ve got you covered with our selection of hair removal techniques at our brand new Holborn clinic, in the heart of Camden, London!

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Diolaze Laser Hair Removal

Suitability: Who can have Laser Hair Removal? This is the gold standard and can be used where the hair colour is darker than the skin tone.

Area(s): Where can you have Laser Hair Removal? Versatile across the face and body; Diolaze can be used to treat large areas.

Results: Does Laser hair Removal work? A reduction in hair is seen after two to three weeks of your first session. However, Diolaze Laser Hair Removal is a treatment course so, multiple sessions will be required to achieve your optimal outcome.

How it works: How does Laser Hair Removal work? A diode laser beam penetrates your skin in the targeted area, which heats the roots of your unwanted hairs. This kills both the hairs and their follicles, preventing future regrowth.

Pain: Mild

Discover Diolaze Laser Hair Removal

Hair V Go 

Suitability: Who can have Hair V Go? Only suitable for vellus hair “peach fuzz” (fine, downy hair) and so it is not suitable for coarser, darker hairs.

Area(s): Is Hair V Go for the whole body? Specifically used to remove excessive vellus hair from the face or neck areas.

Results: Does Hair V Go work? Treatments are both gradual and cumulative, meaning that results will become more and more noticeable with each session until desired outcome is reached.

How it works: How does Hair V Go work? Hair V Go is a high-pH treatment that targets the keratin in the hair (keratin is the hair’s main component and protein structure). A special paste is first applied to your problem area. This breaks down the keratin and dissolves the hair deep within its follicle. The stem cells in the hair are also gradually disabled, thus preventing any repeat growth.

Pain: None

Discover Hair V Go

SHR Hair Reduction

Suitability: SHR Hair Reduction is suitable for both men and women and can be performed on all skin types.

Area(s): Face and body areas, including larger sections.

Results: The results are instant, however, as each SHR Hair Reduction treatment affects only approximately 20% of the hair, repeat sessions will be required to reach your desired outcome.

How it works: SHR Hair Reduction uses selected wavelengths of low energy light, which are rapidly pulsed into the skin at 180 times per minute. Those targeted hair follicles are gently heated during this process and terminally damaged. In short, it prevents any re-growth of the hair.

Pain: Mild

Discover SHR Hair Reduction

The ideal Skin-Vestment for a busy lifestyle

Re-growing hairs can be an issue, no matter your hair, skin type or gender. From uneven bikini lines, bushy sideburns, stomach and even nipples. Shaving can be tricky in small, intimate or hard to reach areas, often resulting in a painful and itchy rash when the hair grows back (and then the whole process has to be repeated all over again!)

These types of treatments mentioned above, target hair reduction at the source. Whatever the medium, be it lasers or high-pH pastes, these treatments remove hair whilst reducing regrowth and in-time stopping hair-regrowth all together. It’s recommended to avoid UV exposure between sessions, so as Summer creeps up on us, now is the perfect time to visit us in Holborn, London to start your treatment and enjoy A Hair-Free Summer ’23! 

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A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23
A Hair-Free Summer ’23