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ZO Complexion Clearing Program Kit for Acne

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A specialised kit from ZO Skin Health, for helping you combat acne conditions. By combining different products, this program treats clogged pores, blackheads (comedones), papules and pustules (pimples/spots) and cysts. It can also be used to help defend against acne breakouts.

Its benefits include:

  • Slowing sebum production
  • Exfoliating skin cells to help unclog pores
  • Tightening pores
  • Acne
Skin Types
  • Combination
  • Oily Skin

Product Information

The kit includes the following products from ZO Skin Health:

Exfoliating Cleanser – 200ml
Exfoliating Polish – 65g
Complexion Renewal Pads – 60 Pads
Sulfur Masque – 85g

How To Apply

Please refer to individual product for instructions.


Please refer to individual product for ingredients.


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