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Youki Healer Bio-Cell Spray 12ml


Youki Healer Bio-Cell Spray is an advanced spray for use on open wounds (broken skin), designed to accelerate the healing process without the need for a secondary dressing.

Youki Healing Spray uses innovative scientific technology, which is based on dry wound healing. Its formula helps to significantly reduce the healing time of both acute and chronic woulds. It is suitable for treating cuts, grazes and burns, and also helps to minimise scarring.

By giving new cells a “scaffold,” Youki The Wound Healer Spray fosters an environment for quicker wound healing.

The spray can be applied to a variety of wound types, including common cuts, grazes, lacerations, and small burns. Utilizing Youki Wound Healer Bio-Cell Spray has also helped those with diabetic foot and leg ulcers.

It helps by offering an imperceptible layer of defence that shields developing new cells. The edges of the wound heal first, then the centre heals.

It provides a permeable barrier that is necessary for maximum recuperation.

12ml spray, small size.


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Its benefits include:

  • Simple to use.
  • Suitable for any size wound.
  • Bio-degradable.
  • Environmentally friendly with minimal clinical waste.


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