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Comfort Zone Tranquillity Candle


The Comfort Zone Tranquillity Candle is for all those who want to create a time and place to relax.

Enjoy the calming effect in your home.

Comfort Zone Tranquillity Candle is pleasantly perfumed with intense floral notes, sweet orange and cedarwood, diffusing around you an exclusive and exquisite fragrance to create a pleasant feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.


Candle that has strong vanilla, rose, and cedarwood aromas and is designed to make you feel calm and relaxed right away.

Benefits include a calming aroma and:

  • Up to 55 hours of use.
  • Skin science with awareness:
  • Free of silicones, SLES, SLS, and synthetic scent.
  • Vegans can eat it.
  • Energy from renewable sources was used in production.
  • Packaging that accounts for CO2.

To use, just light the candle far from anything combustible on a heat-resistant surface. To allow the wax to burn slowly, consistently, and smokelessly, keep the wick at a height of 5 mm. Please read the packing leaflet’s cautions.

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Product Information

Aromatic, relaxing candle with intense notes of Vanilla, Rose and Cedarwood for an immediate sensation of wellbeing and relaxation.

  • Aromatic relaxing fragrance.
  • Lasts up to 55 hours.

How To Apply

Light the candle on a surface resistant to heat, and away from flammable materials. Keep the wick 5 mm high to let the wax burn slowly, regularly and without smoke. Please read the warnings on the packaging leaflet


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