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WOW® At-Home Kit


The WOW® At-Home Kit is an extension of the award-winning treatments available in-clinic- the WOW Facial and WOW Fusion Facials.

The at-home kit has been specifically designed to give you that WOW factor facial from the comfort of your own home, while further enhancing results achieved with in-clinic treatments.

The kit provides products for 2 facials and includes:

  • 1x Glycolic Cleanse & Resurface Gel (15ml)
  • Dual Use WOW Micro-Needling Roller 0.25mm
  • 2x Vitamin Enriched Skin Booster Solutions (5ml)
  • 2x Luxury Post Treatment THE MASK by WOW facial®

The kit comes with full clear instruction on how to perform your WOW at Home.

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How To Apply

The WOW® At-Home Kit contains products for 2 facials:

  1. Cleanse & Resurface with the Gylcolic Gel (8%)- this leaves the skin clean, fresh and exfoliated, prepared for the next stage.
  2. Roll and Rejuvenate with the Micro-Needling Roller and multivitamin skin booster. The roller allows a deeper penetration of the multi vitamin skin booster leaving skin plump, glowing, hydrated and nourished. The massaging effects from the roller stimulates lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness.
  3. Apply THE MASK by WOW facial®. This nourishing tissue mask is packed with peptides, antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients to leave your skin feeling hydrated and calm while looking radiant and dewy.
  4. Treatment with the WOW at-home Kit can be repeated after 2 weeks.