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The Skincare Affair Kit


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The Skincare Affair Kit will have you falling head-over-heels in love with your skin. Ideal for the TLC that we all deserve, this kit provides protection and rescue powers to help your skin appear more radiant and fresh.(£145.00) 

This kit contains:

  1. AlumierMD EverActive C&E Serum
  2. AlumierMD EvenTone Serum
  3. 2x Vie Aesthetics Moisturising Sheet Masks.  

The contents of Skincare Affair Kit are worth £158.50 ! (Saving you £13.50!)




AlumierMD EverActive C&E Serum info:

A very effective vitamin C and E serum that revitalises skin while minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While MATRIXYL® Synthe’6® and vitamin C strengthen and brighten skin, antioxidants vitamin E and C combat free radicals. While they are on the store or at home, many vitamin C serums oxidise in their bottles, turning a brownish colour. The skin no longer benefits from vitamin C that has undergone oxidation. Because you only add the 15% vitamin C to the serum when you’re ready to use it, EverActive C&ETM + Peptide stays fresh.

AlumierMD EvenTone Serum info:

EvenTone is a thin serum with naturally potent brightening ingredients that improve outcomes through several processes. Uneven skin tone is reduced by EmblicaTM, white shiitake mushrooms, licorice, and brightening peptides. non-hydroquinone formulation.

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