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Jane Iredale Magic Mitt Makeup Remover


Wipe away every crevice of makeup with the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt Makeup Remover.

There’s nothing worse than returning from the Christmas Party and having to scrub away heavy glittery eyeshadow and eyeliner… the Magic Mitt works fast and effectively using only water, to remove makeup. Thanks to its specially knitted microfibres (which are thinner than a single human hair!), this mitt penetrates the oils within makeup to remove them seamlessly, while exfoliating your skin, without the need to scrub! The gentle application required means you do not disturb your skin’s Acid Mantle (the barrier which protects your skin from harmful bacteria).

The Jane Iredale Magic Mitt Makeup Remover is a part of the Dazzle & Shine Festive Collection, packaged in a beautiful purple and gold packaging, making for the perfect stocking filler or gift exchange.


  • Cleansing cloth that quickly and completely removes makeup using water only.
  • Ideal for stocking stuffer or gift exchange.
  • Made from specially knitted microfibers many times thinner than a human hair.
  • Able to penetrate the oils that bond makeup to the skin while gently exfoliating.
  • With warm water, microfibers turn makeup into an emulsion that is easily swept away.
  • Promotes the health of the skin because it does not affect the acid mantle.
  • The intact acid mantle aids the skin in protecting itself from harmful bacteria.

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Product Information

Knitted microfiber cloth that gently removes makeup and cleanses skin using only water.

How To Apply

Saturate Magic Mitt with warm water, squeeze and place over your hand. Use as you would a washcloth to cleanse. Use the clean side of the mitt to wipe away any residue.


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