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VIE AquaFacial May Offer

Ever wondered how the skin of A-listers and celebrities  looks so flawless, smooth and bright on the red carpet? Well, look no further. We present to you our May offer: The VIE AquaFacial 

With the opening of our new clinic in Rayleigh, we also launched the ultimate skincare indulgence – the ‘Queen of Facials‘. This 10-step ultimate facial provides tailored solutions for specific skin concerns, whilst deeply cleansing, exfoliating, extracting impurities, lifting and hydrating the skin. A course of VIE AquaFacial can transform the appearance and health of your skin. Even one stand-alone-session will have you looking and feeling refreshed. 

During May, we offer you the chance to buy one and get a second one (session or course) half price. You can even share this offer with a friend or loved-one! This is excellent also for couples bookings. We are also throwing in a FREE skin analysis session worth £50! 


The Unique Hydro-dermabrasion is at the heart of the VIE AquaFacial

Previously a well-kept celebrity secret, the unique Hydro-dermabrasion procedure with the revolutionary combination of jet washing and vacuum suction produces astounding results. In addition to other Hydro facials, we are using a diamond tip for deeper cleansing and exfoliation of difficult areas. We power the treatment with  ZO Hydrafacial serums for a really unique experience that leave your skin with a  radiant and fresh glow.  For optimisation of results, our skin specialists advise having one session every three weeks, for a course of six treatments.

The 10 steps to Skin Heaven

In more detail, the VIE AquaFacial incorporates the latest star products, procedures and devices in the following 10 steps: 

1. Deep Cleanse & Exfoliation – using “Getting Skin Ready” ZO Protocol
2. Hydro-dermabrasion – deeply cleansing and jet washing the skin with vacuum stimulating
3. Tailored Peel – aiding exfoliation and cellular turnover, which promotes skin health to its maximum
4. No-Needle Mesotherapy – ultrasonic vibrations penetrating ZO Hydrafacial serums into the skin; this makes them up to 50 times stronger than products applied to the skin surface
5. Radio Frequency – increasing  collagen and elastin production to improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and instantly giving lifting and softening effects
6. VIE Face Gym – micro-current stimulation and micro massaging to lift  jowls, neck, cheeks, and the area around the eyes
7. Vie Mask – the luxury, nutrient- rich Vie Sheet Mask hydrates, lifts
    and  injects anti-ageing properties to the skin
8. LED Light Therapy – promoting collagen and elastin production,
     improving, brightening, treating oily skin and pigmentation
9. Oxygen Therapy – pushing oxygen into the skin channels and creating a red carpet plumping affect
10. Hot/Cold Hammer – closing the pores and concluding the treatment with our  luxurious  ZO, Mesoesthetic and Alumier protocols to lock in moisture, to polish and to protect your skin, making it ready for you to apply make-up and face the world

Let Us Treat You and Your Loved Ones

Our skin specialists are always available for free consultations. Our Vie therapists are experts at assessing and catering to your specific skin needs. Whatever your skin problem, let the Vie Team pamper you and guide you to a brighter, healthier and fresher look.
Why not use our May Offer for exquisite Gift Vouchers? This will be a gift that goes a long way with the combination of a pampering experience that gives amazing results instantly,  as well as long-term benefits.  Believe me, your loved one will be really grateful!

Contact Us Now

To find out more, to book and to buy over the phone, give us a call on:
0207 1646140, or 01268 778615, or text 0789 9673578.
Or even better,  just pop into any of our clinics!

We always search for the top products and treatments for our clinics.

We look forward to hearing from you…

Best Wishes,

Vicky and the Vie Aesthetics team



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