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Great news for vegans, allergy sufferers  and anyone who wants to avoid injectable products and surgery!

face-bought-3-768x1024We are the first clinic in the UK to offer a complete system of alternative, autologous aesthetic procedures for men and women- for face and body. With our VIE NATURAL line, you can opt for treatment of lines and wrinkles, lifting, rejuvenation, hair growth, scar/mole/skintag removal, blepharoplasty and many more natural procedures. You can also have a combination of our VIE NATURAL treatments to achieve a complete makeover with: Plasma Gel Bio-FillerPlatelet-Rich-Plasma Therapy; Fusion Plasma skin tightening using PlexR;  Radiofrequency treatment using O.F.F; Bio-stimulation and collagen- formation with Vibrance.

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The answer is not always surgery!

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After a fair amount of research I went to a clinic in Harley Street for the volume filler in my cheeks but I was not happy with the results as I felt I was rushed and the filler wasn’t filled in the right places. I was going to have my lips filled in Harley Street but I changed my mind and looked for a second opinion which was when I discovered Vie Aesthetics. First I had my lips done and I was so happy with the results I went back a week later and told the doctor about my bad experience he sat and listened to me and didn’t rush me which was reassuring. He explained to me where I should have had the filler which was helpful. He was so friendly and thorough so I went for it again and he drew lines on my face and injected the filler. I did not feel a thing, no pain at all. All I can say is that I wish I had found Vie Aesthetics sooner!

Rob, Essex