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JawFiller-Chin, Jaw, Cheeks, Lips

Vie Aesthetics, the go-to-clinic for your Perfect Jawline Definition with JawFiller. We do not cut any corners; we offer the best expertise, high-end products, best results and above all clinical safety. With the JawFiller, also referred to as the Texas Jaw, we can achieve the optimal jawline definition making the best of your own features.
The JawFiller treatment is a combination procedure for facial contouring that is tailored to achieve optimal looks by means of chin, cheek, jaw line and lip augmentation.
Tracy Kiss having the 2ml package

By adding volume to the cheeks, smoothing the chin, tightening the jawline and plumping up the lips our combination package defines key areas of the face to achieve a natural contouring effect.

This 3-D lift gives you instant, subtle, and natural-looking results- see this picture of our client Tracy, taken halfway through the procedure, with one side of her face having been treated. As a result, this side of the face looks more lifted, the naso-labial folds are smoothened, the lips look plumper, the face looks slimmer, more chiselled, defined and contoured (of course she had the other side doe as well after the picture was taken). You can read Tracy’s commentary and her experience of,  and response to, her Kylie Cool package at Vie Aesthetics by Dr Liakas in her blog:   Tracy’s blog

Tracy had 2 ml of Voluma for her treatment, but every face is different and it goes without saying that our patients will need a variety of types and amounts of dermal fillers to achieve an ideal outcome for them. This is why we offer 4 different packages:

2 ml filler package – £560

3 ml filler package –  £800

4 ml filler package – £990

 5 ml filler package – £1,150
If you want to restore, refresh, enhance your beauty and indeed your confidence too, please visit us at to book an appointment or call 0207 1646140.
For treatments above £280 we can offer interest-free finance; Ts & Cs apply
Please allow ample time for your appointment. Note that the appointment time refers to, and starts with, you checking in at the Vie Aesthetics reception. We strive to make your visit a relaxed and positive experience, in line with our carefully planned patient journey. In this regard, we build in time to allow for all our clients to settle down, have a refreshment, complete their registration on our i-pads without rush, ask questions, as well as allowing for time to apply prep cream if needed, before seeing your practitioner.

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What our clients say

Today I had chin augmentation with Radiesse. Great results and pain free, it was the best decision I have made because it has given me so much confidence.