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People affected with problem hair often report how it affects their confidence, and to some extend also their dress and lifestyle choices. If you too are fed up with spending time on waxing plucking, shaving etc., we have the answer. Discover the time saving, confidence boosting benefits of our SHR Skin Pulse Hair Removal: it is suitable for both men and women, all skin types and hair colours, and the results are long lasting. You’ll also love the fact that the treatment is painless and there is no recovery time needed.

Utilising the latest evolution of Laser and IPL technologies, SHR  (Super Hair Removal) by Cosmedico is the latest method for the permanent reduction of unwanted hair. Endorsed by leading medical experts the SHR technology is a safe and highly effective treatment of permanent hair reduction.  SHR delivers low energy light via rapid “pulses” to gently, effectively and efficiently traumatise the hair stem cells thus preventing re-growth. Research has shown that this gentle & incremental heating process is more efficient than the high intensity & high temperatures that are associated with IPL/laser, delivering better results in the treatment of permanent hair reduction. The direct to target delivery of SHR requires a comparatively low terminal temperature to be clinically effective, with little or no trauma to surrounding tissue, offering pain free and safer treatments. Combined with e-motion technology SHR & SSR deliver better, faster, safer and more gentle treatments than traditional Laser & IPL.


Suitable for both woman and men, SHR is the answer! The treatment can be performed on all skin types 1-6. The SHR technology of low energy pulses allows for the successful treatment of both dark and light skin types alike, even tanned skin (but no fake tanners!).  Areas suitable for SHR Laser Hair Removal are: Arms, Back, Cheeks, Chest, Chin, Ears, Eyebrows, Face, Intimates/Bikini line, Legs, above Lips, Nose, Underarms.


An SHR treatment uses selected wavelengths of low energy light rapidly pulses into the skin (180 times per minute) to gently heat the target hair follicles to cause terminal damage directly to the hair’s chromophore molecule, in this way preventing hair re-growth.

Before the treatment: we offer a free consultation with a patch test to make sure it is a suitable treatment for you and that no adverse reactions take place in the area we have tested. Based on the response to the  patch, our aesthetician will recommend a personal treatment plan for your laser hair removal course.


Due to the revolutionary e-motion of SHR Super Hair Removal, the treatment is completed within minutes. The applicator is swept back and forth repeatedly across the designated area whilst rapid pulses of low energy light are pulsed into the skin ensuring full coverage and effective treatment. Each treatment takes between 15 minutes to 1 hour (underarms/ 30 min or less; legs 45 to 90 minutes; bikini / 20 to 40 minutes; back/ 45 minutes to 2 hours).


Unlike traditional Laser and IPL, which use high energy levels that may cause discomfort and pain, an SHR Skin Pulse treatment is gentle and comfortable, resulting in pleasant warming of the skin. Active skin cooling  through the applicator ensures complete comfort even in the most sensitive of areas.



Each hair removal treatment affects approximately  20% of the hair within the targeted area. We recommend  an average of 6-10 depending on the hair regrowth time- it varies in different areas of the body. The average for a successful treatment is 8 treatments with a top up, if needed once a year.The results are long lasting after the end of your course.and you can shave between sessions (but no waxing).  We just recommend a yearly top-up to help you stay hair free.


Turn back the clock with Super Skin Rejuvenation (SSR). Using  SkinPULSE  technology we can target the cause of the a variety of skin problems to ensure long term results. Three sessions are usually needed; extra single sessions can be booked if necessary.

The gentle SSR treatment is a great way to induce collagen production and giving your skin back its plumpness and radiance. The procedure stimulates the formation of new collagen fibres and as a result  has a visible smoothing effect on lines. Light energy is converted into heat. The energy this produces focuses on the deeper layers of the dermis, which contain the tear-proof collagen fibres and elastic fibres. This treatment stimulates the skin cells to start producing collagen and elastin again. The result is healthy, young and fresh-looking skin.

This treatment should be done as a course of 6 treatments over the course of approximately 4 weeks. Starting with 2 treatments per week for 2 weeks, followed by 1 treatment per week for 2 weeks. The collagen continues to develop for 8-12 weeks so you will continue to see the effects over this time. The course can then be followed with a maintenance treatment once a month-6 weeks.

Photo rejuvenation can be done as a standalone treatment or combined with our VIE Facial for maximum effect.

Treating acne with IPL or IPL/RF technology is all about fighting the propioni bacteria that cause the inflammation and about reducing the size of the sebaceous glands and the quantity of sebum they produce. Porphyrins (naturally occurring molecules in the inflamed acne) absorb light in the blue wavelength spectrum. When porphyrins absorb light in this wavelength spectrum, heat is produced. The photo-thermal process releases chemical substances that are able to selectively destroy the propioni bacterium.

Benign skin pigmentations can be treated very efficiently using IPL or IPL/RF technology.This involves exposing excessive pigments to highly energetic intensive pulsed light. The light is absorbed by the melanin (the dark skin pigment in the skin) and converted into heat.The surrounding tissue is neither heated nor destroyed. The conversion of energy into heat causes the pigment to clot; the melanin flocculates and is “drawn” to the epidermis. The pigment change is shed bit by bit in the form of tiny skin flakes. Pigmentation, age spots and rosacea all require a course of three treatments to treat the area. In most instances this will be enough, on occasions you may need an extra single treatment.


We can treat this skin condition cosmetically by shooting a controlled light pulse onto the affected area. The light pulse is absorbed in the dark-red, oxygen-rich blood of the vessel by the haemoglobin and converted into heat. This causes a sudden heating of the vessel, which clots the blood and “welds” the vessel shut. The body’s lymphatic system breaks down the coagulated blood into its constituent parts and transports them away naturally.

Thread veins require a course of three treatments to treat the area. In most instances this will be enough, on occasions you may need an extra single treatment.

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