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Since the 1960s practitioners have been using Intravenous (IV) Nutrient therapy with incredible results. IV Therapy soon became the secret weapon of burnt-out stars such as Brad Pitt, Madonna, Simon Cowell and Rhianna, …to name but a few.


Now EVERYONE can experience the incredible benefits and greater sense of well-being with our personalised and tailored IntraVie Therapy.

Whether male or female, young or old, short or tall, active lifestyle or chained to a desk, everyone is unique and so are their nutrient requirements. These  nutrients are essential for the normal function of our bodies, including our  immune system; the nervous system; reduction of tiredness and fatigue; levels of energy; health and maintenance of muscles, bones, teeth, skin and hair and  protection of our  cells from oxidative stress. With our IntraVie Therapy (Intravenous Micro-nutrient Supplementation) these hard-working nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream and no wonder,  this treatment is being called the new fountain of youth.

IntraVie Therapy includes combinations of Booster Shots and IV infusions, which target individual goals and different health and well-being needs. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids used in the infusions are essential for biochemical reactions in every cell in our bodies and are used to  enhance health and wellness. They are tailored to meet different needs and can offer Immune Support, Anti-ageing, Energy Enhancement, Hair Tonic, Improved Athletic Performance,  General Wellbeing, Detox Fat-Burning. The IV drip also amplifies and strengthens other treatments like PRP for hair growth as well as your fillers, skincare and threads. It is a great way to boost your metabolism and get rid of those toxins supporting your bodybliss,  slimming, and body contouring treatments at Vie Aesthetics

“Monday morning I felt rough, cold coming on, tired and lethargic….. After a treatment at Vie Aesthetics I can confirm that having an IntraVie IV Drip is one of the best treatments I have ever had 👌🏼pain free, comfortable, and now I feel absolutely fantastic! As though I’ve had a well rested sleep, a weeks detox and a holiday to the Maldives all rolled into one 👌🏼 I also feel better than I have done in years! Thank you”     Millie C, Essex, review on Facebook.

The Benefits of IntraVie Therapy 

Effective – More than 1 in 3 people take daily supplements and we know they are beneficial. However, few people realise that when you ingest vitamins by mouth, only 15% of the active nutrients may eventually find their way into your bloodstream, as our digestive system blocks the absorption of high levels of nutrients consumed orally.  With IV infusions, the nutrients enter the bloodstream directly and immediately to help the body start healing itself assisting your cells in their optimal function.

Scientifically Proven – All of the protocols we use for our IntraVie Therapy have been thoroughly researched and developed by a team of leading medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and nutritionists to ensure maximum effectiveness combined with minimal side effects.

Fast Delivery with Fast Effects – The Boosters take just seconds and the  IV Infusions take 30-60mins. IV therapy avoids side effects like upset stomach and diarrhoea that may occur with high-dose oral vitamins. Many patients begin to feel the effects during the IV therapy, which then continues over the following hours and days. It doesn’t take long to start feeling refreshed, re-energised, and revitalised.

Safety – The Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids used in our IntraVie Therapy infusions are classified as Essential Nutrients as they are essential for life. Most of these essential nutrients, however, are not  synthesized by our body on its own, but are obtained through our nutrition. Unfortunately, environmental influences, including over-cropped soil, over-processed food -rich in calories but with low nutritional value- and poor diet, mean that many of us are severely deficient in these Minerals and Essential Nutrients. By re-balancing the levels under the expert advice of our doctor, your body can be restored to its peak fitness, sense of well-being and maximum energy performance. 

       IntraVie –  IV Infusion cocktails 

  • Wellness Protocol – Helps fight those free radicals £195  or £ 550 for course of 3
  • Age Defiance – Anti-ageing from the inside out       £250  or £695 for course of 3
  • Immune Booster– Reboot your system                      £255  or £700  for course of 3
  • Athlete Sport– Powering you to peak performance £235  or £635  for course of 3
  • Mood Support– Relax your body and mind               £235  or £635  for course of 3
  • Detox Fat Burning– Gorgeous on the outside           £250  or £695  for course of 3
  • Hair Tonic – Hair nourishment and shine                 £250  or £695  for course of 3
  • ATP-Energiser– Need a healthy pick me up?            £225  or  £625  for course of 3

    IntraVie – Boosters  (added to your IV Therapy session for extra strength)

  • Glutathione Booster Shot– The superhero of antioxidants      £25
  • B12 Booster Shot – Multiple benefits in a single booster shot £25
  • Fat Burning Shot– Fat Burning Shot                                             £25


We offer free , thorough consultations with our expert medical practitioners. To book a consultation call 07899673578 or book on-line.

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"A truly professional service with constructive and informative advice in comfortable and chic surroundings. The Silhouette Soft Thread lift has made such a difference to my face! Thank you for making me look refreshed and up-lifted in a very natural way. I can highly recommend the treatment!"

Jeannette, Southend-on-Sea