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Staying in Touch

Second week of lockdown and I wanted to check in with you. I  hope you’re keeping well and positive. At Vie Aesthetics, we are trying our best to stay up-beat and to be here for all our clients, friends, and our community. 

Although we have had to temporarily close our clinics for the obvious reasons, our channels of communication stay open via video-calls, phone, SMS, emails (, social media (see links below), WhatsApp (tel 07899673578) and via blogs on our website( Please feel free to contact us and drop us an e-mail if you would like us to check on you regularly. You see, although many of us have to be self-isolating alone, no one needs to be lonely! 

One thing that has made a great difference for us, is keeping in touch with each other. Another is the amazing response by our client base. It has been humbling to read all the kind and encouraging messages, letting  us know we are appreciated, and missed. Thank you or this, it is very important for us and keeps us positive and hopeful. Like you, we too can’t wait until it is safe to open our doors and see you again.

Many clients have also been sending us pictures with their results, thanking us for the service we have been providing for the last 7 years. THANK YOU!!!! This is so heartwarming and the whole team find this extremely helpful during this trying time. We love what we do and this keeps it real and helps us stay focused and motivated.

We will start publishing those before-and-after pictures and case studies on our social media and in our next newsletters (wherever we have been given permission to do so, of course). We will also start posting about treatments and tweakments that you may want to have more information about. If so, feel free to call and arrange a video-consultation (tel: 07899673578).

Another thing we want to keep up, is posting video clips and advice on healthy skin routines, on how to stay healthy and boost our immune system, and how to support our mental health, and to strengthen our resilience and sense of well-being. These are contributions  by our doctors, therapists and our in-house life coach, which we are very grateful for. Especially, since most of our doctors are serving on the frontline with the NHS at the moment, and many of our staff are volunteering too!

To  follow our social media and to stay in touch, you can click on the links above. So, speak to you soon and in the meantime, please stay safe, take care and don’t be a stranger! 

Lots of love
Vicky Grammatikopoulou


the Vie Aesthetics team


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