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VIElift- Our Signature facelift 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a treatment to tackle the signs of an ageing face and neck, which does not reveal any tell-tale signs? Based on our decades of experience with all top procedures in Medical Aesthetics we have created a combination treatment that  does exactly that.

Our VIElift  is a bespoke and tailored non-surgical combination treatment consisting of five award-winning cutting edge anti-ageing procedures:

  1. Thread lift with Silhouette Soft 
  2. Liquid facelift with Ellanse, a collagen-stimulating volumising filler
  3. Permanent skin reduction and tightening with Soft Surgery using PlexR 
  4. Neck rejuvenation with Profhilo- a revolutionary high-density HA filler
  5. Natural Collagen stimulation with Skinade-an super formula drink

Instead of paralysing or freezing the face, or filling areas of the face where nature didn’t intend, these newer, more contemporary treatments encourage the body to lay down collagen where it is supposed to be. Ideally treatment should be carried out three months before any big event to allow the body’s own collagen stimulation to kick in. The result? Firmer skin on the face and neck with none of the tell-tale signs of aesthetic treatments such as frozen face or puffy lips. That’s right, you won’t look like anything has been ‘done’ – you’ll just look like a better, more youthful version of yourself. 

All five elements of the VIElift are non-surgical and do not require a hospital stay, or the use of a scalpel. There is no cutting, no general anaesthetic and minimal downtime. Each provides instant results which get even better over time as the body is stimulated to return the face and neck to its natural best.

Lets take a closer look at the five 5* elements of the VIElift:


Silhouette Soft is a non-surgical treatment which allows the skin on the face, neck and brows to be lifted instantly with dissolvable sutures (threads), with results which improve still further in the ensuing three months. The collagen it stimulates is flexible allowing nuanced results and therefore full facial flexibility.

imageEllansé is a specialised dermal filler which not only provides instant volumisation but like Silhouette Soft it improves the shape of the face still further over a three month period as it encourages the body to generate replacement collagen.

Profhiloan innovation award winning high-density injectable hyaluronic acid-based product is used as part of the VIElift for lifting the neck- it boosts and hydrates the skin, but also remodels the ageing and sagging tissue by stimulating 4 different types of collagen and elastin,. The result is significant tissue improvement and tightening/lifting effect of the skin tissue in your neck.
Soft Surgery with PlexR is an advanced and revolutionary treatment using Fusion Plasma technology to reduce excess skin permanently and hence lifts saggy, baggy eye brows and eyelids, lines and wrinkles non-surgically using a plasma skin tightening process which sublimates (zaps) the skin and encourages it to tighten and rejuvenate.
Skinade is a multi award winning, natural -flavoured collagen drink  that aims to boost your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Skinade collagen drinks aim to improve the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 30 days. We combine the drink with the treatment to activate collagen production and support the healing, effect and longevity of your lift treatments.

With all its 5 elements, which are top treatments in their own right, and the excellence and expertise of our doctor you will see an immediate effect. But, better even, the effects of the VIElift will develop in the ensuing weeks after treatment. This is a progressive process during which the body produces collagen to heal the skin where it has been treated – which brings about a natural tightening. This initiates a biological lift and you will notice your skin becoming more radiant and firmer and returning to the youthful shape of your younger self. 

To respond to different age-groups individual needs we have created 3 VIElift packages:  


 A makeover to treat the first signs of laxity in the jawline, neck and mid face – excellent for approx. 30 to 45yr olds – it includes 2 Silhouette Soft threads in the jawline & 2mls of Ellanse Volumising & bio-stimulating filler in the cheeks and jawline and chin to give a lightly lifted and fresher look to the jawline and mid/lower face; 2 Profhilo sessions; one Soft Surgery session; 1 month’s supply of Skinade; – price: £2500 


A fantastic makeover  to treat mild laxity in the mid and lower face and jawline and neck – good for approx. 45 to 55yr  olds – 4 threads in the L shape and U shape & 3mls of Ellanse in the cheeks, Nasolabial folds,  jawline, chin & marionettes to give a rejuvenated look and restore lost volume and definition in key areas;2 Profhilo sessions; one Soft Surgery session; 1 month’s supply of Skinade; – price: £3200 


A total makeover to treat moderate laxity in the mid and lower face and jawline – good for approx. 50 to 65yr olds – 6 threads in L shape U shape & 4mls of Ellanse in the cheeks, temples, jawline, nasilabial folds, chin and marionettes to restore the natural ‘V’ shape and give an overall rejuvenated, fresh and restored look to the overall face; 2 Profhilo sessions; two Soft Surgery sessions; 1 month’s supply of Skinade – price: £4450 

To get the deal of reduced price, you will need to purchase and pay for the entire package. Together with our expert team you will plan your treatments, agreeing on the sequencing and timing  of the procedures to achieve the maximum impact and ideal outcomes! Many of our patients ask us if we do financing. After researching the market, we have decided not to go for the available options as we do not agree on principle with both the surcharge to the clinic (making the treatment more expensive for clients) and the additional VERY high interest rates charged to clients by the financing firms. We do offer, alternatively, the option to pay forward in instalments, which is an interest-free option and helps us keep the package deals significantly cheaper than paying for the individual treatments separately. 

Watch Psychologist and counsellor Michael Power having his VIElift:

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