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Life Coaching: Our 6-Step Survival Guide for the Lock Down

Our 6-Step Survival guide for the Lock Down

Nobody can downplay the strain the current lockdown and everything that comes with is placing on all of us and on our emotional well-being. No doubt, the unprecedented levels of uncertainty and restriction will affect us in different ways. Many of us may be looking for ways to cope day-by-day with the stress and sense of helplessness. What can help us cope with the sudden change and the loss of control?

At Vie Aesthetics, our life coach Anna-Maria has put together a brief, but powerful 6-step strategy to support staff and clients. She suggests , among other things,  new routines and coping strategies to help us look after our well-being to get through this difficult time. 

Step One: Communicate

Don’t hold it in, don’t go quiet. Open up and express your feelings to people you trust, friends, or family.You may discover you are not alone in this; others feel and think along the same lines. And by opening up, we may discover that we are actually helping others come to terms with their feelings, too.


Step Two: Express Gratitude

Write or think of the things you are most grateful for. You may want to start a gratitude diary or log and write 3 things you are grateful for. Some people like sharing these to amplify the positive effect. Focus on what you have and what is important for you. At times like these, it helps to be reminded of what truly matters.


Step Three: Spend quality time with your loved ones

Whether physically in the same household, or over video calls, video conferencing, or phone, build in time to spend with your loved ones. Fun activities, chats, hobbies, story-telling- just a few examples of ways to spend quality time with each other.


Step Four: Create a new routine!

Although we like to moan about our routines, it is when it suddenly is taken away that we realise how much we need it! So, you have lost your routine? Time to design a new one! Wake up and be productive. Build in work; reading; learning new skills and things in a structured way;  exercise; play. What has always interested you, but you never had the time to do it? 


Step Five: Take care of your body

Exercise and stay hydrated! Try new recipes and forms of exercise that can keep you active in the safety of your home. Create new habits in your diet and try those home workouts. Physical exercise can be addictive, should you allow it to become a habit. Your body will crave it due to the endorphins, the hormones that trigger a positive feeling in the body.

Step Six: Sleep & Mindfulness!

Integrating mindfulness practice into your bedtime routine can help you calm your mind and get ready for rest. Add your mindfulness sessions or meditations to your sleep journal. After a while, you may start to notice a correlation between winding down your mind and getting a solid night’s sleep. There are many apps that offer meditation and relaxation exercises.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid and don’t stay still.

Move forward, this is the time to set new goals and explore.

Accept the current situation, communicate, and stay positive!


To book a session with Anna-Maria, please call 07899673578. During the lockdown, we convene remote video call sessions. 

Anna-Maria Kesanli, BSc Psychology (Hons), MSc Organisational and Occupational Psychology, is a Life Coach certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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