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How “The Perfect Peel” helped with my acne scarring

In today’s blog, I am hosting the contribution by our own Anna Maria, who tried out The Perfect Peel  for her own acne scarring. She has very kindly agreed to share her story with us here:

“One of the many benefits of working at Vie Aesthetics is that we can often take advantage of many of our own treatments. Just like everyone else, we all have our own worries.

My problem in recent years has been acne and acne scarring. A lot of people suffer from acne in their teenage years, but it is also quite common among adults. It’s caused by the pores in the skin becoming clogged up, resulting in breakouts of pimples. This condition struck me when I was 18 years old, just as I was starting university, and it became quite severe. I am 24 years old now.

Anna is having her photo skin analysis with our skin specialist Aimee

After trying out a variety of treatments and several courses of antibiotics, prescribed by my then-dermatologist, I started using Alumier products from the clinic. These helped to keep my active acne under control. Since February 2019, my skin improved massively and I’m delighted to say that I don’t suffer from active acne anymore, barring the occasional hormonal breakout. That has been one major battle won.


Unfortunately, the severity of the condition left me with acne scarring. Scarring is very common for anyone who has suffered from medium to severe acne.

Knowing how much this dented my confidence, one of our Skin Therapists Amie Hibbert suggested that I should try The Perfect Peel, which is a brand-new facial peel that was only introduced to the clinic this year.

Facial peels basically remove the outer layer of skin, helping the skin repair itself from below. The Perfect Peel is a medium to deep strength facial peel, which means it works at a deeper level in the skin.

The Perfect Peel contains a number of ingredients and vitamins, one of which has never been featured in a peel before.  That’s called “glutathione”, which neutralises free radical damage and is great for beating premature wrinkles. However, it’s also effective for conditions such as acne and scarring.

The Procedure

What particularly appealed to me about the Perfect Peel was how fast it supposedly works – results delivered in a week. And it doesn’t need a preparation beforehand either. I have had chemical peels on my face before, so I knew first-hand what to expect. On a scale of 1-10, I would rank the discomfort for this at “5”.

There was a slight burning sensation that lasted for a couple of seconds. As my skin is sensitive, I was quite red for 24 hours afterwards.

Anna during her Perfect Peel 
Having the Perfect Peel
Anna during her Perfect Peel at Vie Aesthetics Rayleigh
The redness immediately after the procedure








The day after treatment, I was able to apply make-up. However, on the third day, the peeling started. This occurred mostly around my chin and mouth. The peeling was not painful, but I couldn’t wear any makeup.

On Day 3 after the treatment
Day 4
Day 4
Day 5









A week after the Perfect Peel treatment, the peeling had stopped, and my skin texture had improved significantly. More importantly, my scarring had been visibly reduced.



This can be seen in my before and after photos below.  I’m very pleased and excited about my fresh, new skin and I’m genuinely happy with my results. But this isn’t the end yet! I plan to have two more Perfect Peel sessions so that I achieve my aims. I really can’t wait.

















For anyone else unhappy from acne scarring, I sincerely recommend The Perfect Peel.”

Anna Maria Kesanli is Head of HR and Assistant Manager at Vie Aesthetics

Well, we are very happy with Anna-Maria’s results and wish to thank her for sharing her experience and her pictures. Our skin therapists, also, are extremely happy to have such a great procedure in their toolbox. Here are some more Perfect Peel success stories:


The treatment costs  £300.

For more information on the Perfect Peel, book your free consultation today, or visit or Call 02071646140




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Vicky Grammatikopoulou

Director, Vie Aesthetics


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