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My 5 Golden Rules for lips to avoid “cowboys”

The Daily Mail just published another article with terrifying accounts of lip treatments being performed in a very unsafe environment and manner by “amateur lip filler practitioners”.

It reports of school girls being lured by suspiciously low prices who then end up in tears. We ourselves have seen such a worrying rise in numbers of patients who had had such a horrific experience ( at “Botox parties”, in the back room of a beautician’s, or even someone’s house) and who then come to us for help asking our expert Dr Liakas to dissolve lumps and to rectify their botched lips.

Whilst we are more than happy to help people who turn to us for professional expert support we cannot stress enough the value of prevention, safety and informed choice. “How do I do that“, you may wonder. Well, I encourage you to ask us, or any other clinic and practitioner you go to, the following questions,

My 5 Golden Rules to make up your mind:

  1. Are you getting a consultation to check if this is (medically, physically and emotionally) a suitable treatment for YOU? (and are you give time to think about it?)
  2. Who is injecting? Are they medically qualified? Do you know that they are really a doctor? (Do not get carried away by celebrity pictures used randomly on social media or people using “Dr” as part of a stage name)
  3. What products are being used? (There is such a range as well as online dangerous “fakes” out there and you need to make sure what is being injected and whether it is being sourced from reputable companies and pharmacies- do your homework in advance) Tip: if the price sounds too good to be true-then it is (nobody does lips for charity!)
  4. What aftercare is there? (do you know that you will  have access to your practitioner if you need advice and reassurance) Are you getting a review appointment for your treatment?
  5. Will you get help if there is a complication? (there is always some risk of complication with any procedure!) Is your practitioner qualified to recognise a complication and to use the antidote (only by prescription)?

I would advise you to only go ahead with the procedure if you get a satisfactory answer to each one of  the above 5 questions. Furthermore, and beyond safety and on the matter of looks and aesthetically pleasing results, you should also look for your practitioner to be qualified and honest enough to tell you what you can and can’t achieve; how much product you really need  or don’t need for your lips to look good; and finally, where you need (if you need it) to have lip filler injected and with which technique(in some cases lips can look fuller by injecting in areas outside the lip – an experienced doctor would know when where and how).

At Vie Aesthetics, we are very pleased with, and proud of, our care and approach in this matter and as the director of the company, I chose this area some years ago as one of my focus areas of contribution to educating especially the younger clients with regards to safety in beauty. If you want to find out more about lip augmentation, correction and prevention, e-mail: or call me on 07899673578. If you are concerned or if you just wish  to find out more, I would be more than happy to talk to you.

Respect your body- Stay safe

Vicky Grammatikopoulou,

Director of Vie Aesthetics


To read the Dailymail article: