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Happy Easter from us

Dear Friends and Clients,

we wanted to check in with you and wish you all the best for the Easter Weekend. We  hope you’re keeping well and staying positive. 

Although our clinics are closed for face-to-face procedures, we have, nevertheless, been busy remotely via video-calls, phone enquiries and check-ins, social media, and via emails. Whether doing consultations and reviews, answering queries, e-mailing guidance and protocols, taking bookings for May onwards, taking orders, or packaging and posting products, it gives us great joy to stay in touch and to able to help.

Our team have been quite creative too. This is through filming info clips, writing blogs, creating social media posts, and researching  the market to source scarce skin care products, hand sanitisers, masks, and protective gear.

Here, I wanted to share some of our news and projects. Have a look and feel free to contact us if you need more information or wish to order any products.
So, till next time. Wishing you all Happy Easter. Stay safe and enjoy the glorious weather!

Our Lock Down Survival Guide

Nobody can downplay the strain the current lockdown and everything that comes with is placing on all of us. What can help us cope with the sudden change and the loss of control? At Vie Aesthetics, our life coach Anna-Maria has put together a brief, but powerful 6-step strategy to support staff and clients. She suggests, among other things,  new routines and coping strategies to help us look after our well-being to get through this difficult time.  To read the guide…



Latest introduction to our wellness range: Vitamin D injections

I was very pleased to read that 2 studies by researchers from Technological University Dublin and Trinity College Dublin, suggest that  Vitamin D  supplementation  can help build resistance to Covid-19! At Vie Aesthetics, we recently introduced intra-muscular Vitamin D booster injections administered by our doctors. What does Vitamin D do and why are injections more potent? Find out by reading our blog and the articles here


Hand Serum and Sanitiser Duo

Right now, it is more important than ever to protect your hands, not only from germs, but also from dryness and soreness caused by increased hand washing. That is why we are adding the perfect pairing to protect, soothe & repair your hands, at a price that is as extra special as the products themselves.
Hand Serum £24.99
70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser £6.95,
now together only £24 for the first 50 orders.
call 07899673578 or email to order.

#VieLovesMe Home Care Boxes 

Your skin does not have to suffer from the lock down. From Skinade monthly supplies, to ZO, Alumier, Vie Hydrating Facemasks, Instant Effects and Make Up, we have stocked up well and are sending out your beautiful and personalised home care boxes on a daily basis. We have also scrapped the P&P fees to give you an extra helping hand. We offer video-call consultations and continue to monitor and support you throughout your skin care regimen with individualised protocols. Call 07899673578 for yours.



As promised, we’ve started sharing results sent in by clients. Renowned oncology surgeon Dr Sergio Scalia flew in from Brazil, to visit our Rayleigh clinic, a while ago. He had the VieStem Hair treatment with Regenera Activa by our Dr Liakas. Very pleased with his results, he has sent us his before-and-after pictures taken 37 days after the procedure. Isn’t this impressive? The results will improve even further for 7 -10 months.
It has  been an honour meeting and treating Dr. Sergio Scalia. We are so impressed with the work he does for skin cancer patients, and we thank him for letting us share his first results!  *individual results vary

Find Out More

Step into the Sun with Sunscreen
We are so grateful for the glorious weather this Easter. As it is getting warmer and sunnier, please don’t step out without your sun protection. With the Alumier range of physical 40+SPF sunscreen, you don’t need to worry.
Enjoy the sun and if you are running out, give us a call on 07899673578. We are well stocked and are more than happy to post (free p&p).

Our channels of communication stay open via video-calls, phone, SMS, emails (, social media (see links below), WhatsApp (tel 07899673578) and via blogs on our website( Please feel free to contact us and drop us an e-mail 

To  follow our social media and to stay in touch, you can click on the links below. So, speak to you soon and in the meantime, please stay safe, take care and don’t be a stranger! 



Life Coaching: Our 6-Step Survival Guide for the Lock Down

Our 6-Step Survival guide for the Lock Down

Nobody can downplay the strain the current lockdown and everything that comes with is placing on all of us and on our emotional well-being. No doubt, the unprecedented levels of uncertainty and restriction will affect us in different ways. Many of us may be looking for ways to cope day-by-day with the stress and sense of helplessness. What can help us cope with the sudden change and the loss of control?

At Vie Aesthetics, our life coach Anna-Maria has put together a brief, but powerful 6-step strategy to support staff and clients. She suggests , among other things,  new routines and coping strategies to help us look after our well-being to get through this difficult time. 

Step One: Communicate

Don’t hold it in, don’t go quiet. Open up and express your feelings to people you trust, friends, or family.You may discover you are not alone in this; others feel and think along the same lines. And by opening up, we may discover that we are actually helping others come to terms with their feelings, too.


Step Two: Express Gratitude

Write or think of the things you are most grateful for. You may want to start a gratitude diary or log and write 3 things you are grateful for. Some people like sharing these to amplify the positive effect. Focus on what you have and what is important for you. At times like these, it helps to be reminded of what truly matters.


Step Three: Spend quality time with your loved ones

Whether physically in the same household, or over video calls, video conferencing, or phone, build in time to spend with your loved ones. Fun activities, chats, hobbies, story-telling- just a few examples of ways to spend quality time with each other.


Step Four: Create a new routine!

Although we like to moan about our routines, it is when it suddenly is taken away that we realise how much we need it! So, you have lost your routine? Time to design a new one! Wake up and be productive. Build in work; reading; learning new skills and things in a structured way;  exercise; play. What has always interested you, but you never had the time to do it? 


Step Five: Take care of your body

Exercise and stay hydrated! Try new recipes and forms of exercise that can keep you active in the safety of your home. Create new habits in your diet and try those home workouts. Physical exercise can be addictive, should you allow it to become a habit. Your body will crave it due to the endorphins, the hormones that trigger a positive feeling in the body.

Step Six: Sleep & Mindfulness!

Integrating mindfulness practice into your bedtime routine can help you calm your mind and get ready for rest. Add your mindfulness sessions or meditations to your sleep journal. After a while, you may start to notice a correlation between winding down your mind and getting a solid night’s sleep. There are many apps that offer meditation and relaxation exercises.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid and don’t stay still.

Move forward, this is the time to set new goals and explore.

Accept the current situation, communicate, and stay positive!


To book a session with Anna-Maria, please call 07899673578. During the lockdown, we convene remote video call sessions. 

Anna-Maria Kesanli, BSc Psychology (Hons), MSc Organisational and Occupational Psychology, is a Life Coach certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Vitamin D shots at Vie Aesthetics

Vitamin D Booster Shots at Vie Aesthetics: overturn Vitamin D deficiencies with a shot of sunshine

Feeling tired, prone to colds, or suffering from aches? A Vitamin D deficiency could be the reason, and our new treatment could be the answer…


Wellness and lifestyle have become a key part of our clinic. In recent months, we have introduced a number of treatments designed to boost your health and wellbeing. These include IntraVie Therapy, Glutathione shots (the superhero antioxidant) and Vitamin B12 injections, all of which can help keep you fit in mind, body and spirit – especially pertinent during these strange, uncertain times.

It’s always been our vision to provide services for beauty, health and wellness under one roof. And on that note, I’m delighted to announce our latest introduction to our wellness range: Vitamin D injections.

What is even more remarkable, 2 studies by researchers from Technological University Dublin and Trinity College Dublin, recommend Vitamin D  supplementation, and according to the Irish Examiner, they suggest it can help build resistance to Covid-19!

Read the article here



What is Vitamin D and why is it good?

Vitamin D is hailed as the “sunshine vitamin” given that our bodies produce it naturally when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. We also obtain Vitamin D from specific foods, such as oily/fatty fishes, dairy products, some fortified breakfast cereals, and egg yolks. But it’s the sun which provides our primary source.

Vitamin D is powerful because it interacts with every one of our body’s cells. It helps to keep your muscles, bones and teeth fit, and your mood bright. Obviously, it’s easier to obtain Vitamin D during the spring and summer months due to the sunnier climes and longer days – even though it’s never easy to predict British weather! We also know the dangers of too much sun exposure, especially in ageing the skin. So, it’s always about striking a fine balance.


What happens if I’m deficient in Vitamin D?

Vitamin D deficiencies are very, very common. And if you have one, you probably wouldn’t have a clue. Previous studies claimed that around 60% of people in the UK have less Vitamin D than they should. It’s especially prominent among the elderly, or people with a darker complexion because dark skin absorbs less UV radiation from the sun.

There are other factors that can increase the risk of a Vitamin D deficiency. These include rarely venturing outdoors, always wearing sunblock, and/or being overweight. Living further away from the equator is also a factor, which again applies to us in the UK, because we don’t have the privilege of all-year sunshine.

Unfortunately, Vitamin D deficiencies can be challenging to detect. The effects are usually subtle and not always easy to attribute to a lack of Vitamin D, even if those effects may have a substantial impact on how you feel and function day-to-day. However, when your Vitamin D levels are topped up, the benefits can be very noticeable.

How can Vitamin D injections help you?

If you’re struggling to get your kick of Vitamin D, our shots can help you in a number of ways:

  • Immune system boost

Vitamin D works with your white blood cells to fight off infections, so if you find yourself more susceptible to coughs and colds, or other respiratory tract viruses, it’s possible that you may be low in Vitamin D. By keeping your Vitamin D levels up, your body’s ability to fend off infections is greater.

  • Restore energy / combat fatigue

Tiredness and fatigue can both be caused by lack of Vitamin D. According to a study by Newcastle University, Vitamin D boosts energy from within your body’s cells, which also helps your muscles work more efficiently. If you’re consistently finding yourself physically exhausted, low Vitamin D levels could be a factor. Inevitably, Vitamin D shots can be very useful for aiding athletic performance.

  • Improve mood / fight depression

Vitamin D is vital for brain function, so if your levels are low, this can certainly affect your mood and wellbeing. Studies have shown results in which depression has been lifted after subjects underwent Vitamin D therapy.

  • Improve bone health

One of the essential functions of Vitamin D is keeping bones healthy, which it achieves by enhancing your body’s ability to absorb calcium, a mineral that strengthens bones and teeth (around 99% of our calcium is in our bones and teeth). Studies have found that weak bones can most commonly manifest itself through aches and back pain, so such symptoms could be a sign of low Vitamin D levels in the blood.

Similarly, a Vitamin D deficiency is also linked to a loss in bone mineral density, especially when we age. By maintaining Vitamin D levels, doctors believe it reduces the risk of fractures.

In addition to the above, Vitamin D deficiencies have also been linked to joint and muscle pain, the slow healing of wounds, and hair loss in women.

A glorious shot of sunshine…

Like all vitamins, Vitamin D is essential for our bodies. Unfortunately, many of us will be deficient and not even realise it. It could be a cause of several problems that hold us back and impact our abilities to function and keep ourselves healthy.

We also know it’s difficult and risky to indulge our bodies in so much direct sunlight.

Oral Vitamin D supplements are sold in health food shops, and these can help you to maintain your levels. However, they are not as effective as injections because supplements first need to be digested through the stomach, meaning that not all of the product is absorbed. With injections, Vitamin D is delivered straight into the blood for maximum effect.

Remember though, vitamin injections are a medical procedure and must always be performed under the trained, expert eye of a doctor.

I hope I’ve given you a useful introduction into Vitamin D and why we have added it to our ever-expanding menu for wellness and lifestyle. If you would like to find out more about this treatment, please contact us at the clinic and we will be only too happy to help.


Kind regards

Vicky Grammatikopoulou

Staying in Touch

Second week of lockdown and I wanted to check in with you. I  hope you’re keeping well and positive. At Vie Aesthetics, we are trying our best to stay up-beat and to be here for all our clients, friends, and our community. 

Although we have had to temporarily close our clinics for the obvious reasons, our channels of communication stay open via video-calls, phone, SMS, emails (, social media (see links below), WhatsApp (tel 07899673578) and via blogs on our website( Please feel free to contact us and drop us an e-mail if you would like us to check on you regularly. You see, although many of us have to be self-isolating alone, no one needs to be lonely! 

One thing that has made a great difference for us, is keeping in touch with each other. Another is the amazing response by our client base. It has been humbling to read all the kind and encouraging messages, letting  us know we are appreciated, and missed. Thank you or this, it is very important for us and keeps us positive and hopeful. Like you, we too can’t wait until it is safe to open our doors and see you again.

Many clients have also been sending us pictures with their results, thanking us for the service we have been providing for the last 7 years. THANK YOU!!!! This is so heartwarming and the whole team find this extremely helpful during this trying time. We love what we do and this keeps it real and helps us stay focused and motivated.

We will start publishing those before-and-after pictures and case studies on our social media and in our next newsletters (wherever we have been given permission to do so, of course). We will also start posting about treatments and tweakments that you may want to have more information about. If so, feel free to call and arrange a video-consultation (tel: 07899673578).

Another thing we want to keep up, is posting video clips and advice on healthy skin routines, on how to stay healthy and boost our immune system, and how to support our mental health, and to strengthen our resilience and sense of well-being. These are contributions  by our doctors, therapists and our in-house life coach, which we are very grateful for. Especially, since most of our doctors are serving on the frontline with the NHS at the moment, and many of our staff are volunteering too!

To  follow our social media and to stay in touch, you can click on the links above. So, speak to you soon and in the meantime, please stay safe, take care and don’t be a stranger! 

Lots of love
Vicky Grammatikopoulou


the Vie Aesthetics team


Changes due to COVID 19

Dear Clients and Friends

To protect our staff, our clients and the public, and in accordance with government guidelines regarding COVID-19, we have taken the decision to stop face-to-face appointments in our London and Essex clinics as of Monday 23rd March.


This means that all appointments are now cancelled until further notice. We have been calling clients with booked appointments and will continue this coming week in order to re-schedule for when it is appropriate for the clinics to open again. Please note that as we are fully booked for the next months, this will take time, so please bear with us.

However, we are still here, having now adapted our hours; our staffing shifts and patterns; our modes of interaction.

Our medical team and the management have taken steps to ensure we continue our customer service and support, and we stay connected with you throughout this challenging time ahead.

These are the changes and arrangements from Monday 23rd March 2020: 

1. Until we open our doors to physical appointments again, our team will be available for you over e-mail, phone, SMS, facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The new operating times are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

2. We are convening remote consultations and reviews via WhatsApp video calls. For the whatsApp video calls, we have now added a new designated mobile phone line: 07508800475. Please add this VIE number to your WhatApp contacts. To arrange a video-call with our doctors and our therapists, please call us on 07899673578 and we will schedule this in for you. You can now also book a video call online– we have added this onto our platform. To book online,  go to

⁣3. We are so proud of our doctors at Vie Aesthetics, who are now prioritising their NHS work. However, we have made arrangements to allow for emergency appointments at Vie Aesthetics Rayleigh as well. These will be held on Fridays, but only for cases which our medical director deems essential, necessary, or an emergency on strictly medical grounds.  These will be arranged only after a remote video-call consultation.

4. To help you keep up with your skincare routines, we have decided to send your supplies of products free of P&P charge. You can call in to talk to our skin specialists and get your medical grade skincare products, make-up and Skinade drinks delivered to your home.

5. Our team  always make sure to reply to your messages, and we will keep up our communication and posting on our social media to stay connected and share information, up-dates, and our usual positivity. Stay in touch by following our Facebook, instagram, YouTube, Twitter (see links below) and check your e-mails.

5. Vie Aesthetics is now signed up to the Essex COVID 19 Action Group as a business, offering our service as phone buddies to support our local community. Please know that we want to extend this to all our clients. We are here, at the end of the phone line and we are more than happy to have a friendly chat, not just for medical aesthetic issues. Do not hesitate to call us. We are all in this together and we will overcome this.

Finally, may I take the opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to you all for your amazing messages, the encouragement, understanding, your feedback, and your lovely reviews. Please believe me – they make a difference! We love what we do, and we are thankful for your continued support through all these years.

We want you to know that we will be opening our doors to you again as soon as possible. In the meantime we intend to focus on supporting each other, whilst we focus on growth, development and progress for all our clinics, procedures and our customer care.

Please stay positive and safe.

With Love

Vicky Grammatikopoulou, CEO
and the the whole Vie Aesthetics team


MOM upside down is WOW

Mothers Day is round the corner, on the 22nd March!

Members of our team are sharing ideas for Gifts for HER

We have created the Special Mothers Day Gift Package to help you treat her to a wonderful pampering experience

Call us on 07899673578 to book your treat and buy gift certificates. 


MARCH OPEN DAY: Where Science Meets Glam

It is March already and we love that spring is in the air!  Join us this March for our SPRING OPEN DAY and experience the  Spring collection in make-up and skin products 

Open Day at Vie Aesthetics

Be part of our official launch of the award-winning Jane Iredale and Vichy Skin Care Make-up ranges. This means special offers and discounts on the day, as well as presentations, educational talks and introductions to new products and packages.

Pop in to experience our Vie Hospitality and  walk away with your beautiful Vie Aesthetics Goodie Bag that includes new products and a Gift Voucher worth £20 that can go towards any future treatment (within 6 moths).

Have a go at touching and trying on the new season’s colours,  different foundations and BB creams.

Book individual sessions exclusively designed for the OPEN DAY for a minimal fee- and what’s even better: redeem the fee against products you buy on the day.Please call 07899673578 to book

  • your Colour Matching with the BB creams and mineral foundations and find out why we have embraced these skin care make-up brands for our post treatment regimens. (£20)
  • a Make-Up Tutorial with our Jane Iredale- trained make-up artists (£20)
  • an Express AquaFacial with our highly skilled and Harley Street-trained therapist (£35)
  • a Mini Skin Consultation with our skin experts and advice about medical grade skin care products. (£25)

We will be running a series of demos, presentations, and talks throughout the day, making sure you can attend both am and pm:

    The Perfect Foundation 4 Perfect Skin (14:00)
    For your EYES only (10:30 & 15:40)
    Morning, Noon & Night- Makeup Morphing (11:20 & 19:20)
    BBs – The latest Craze in Make-Up (15:00 & 18:00)
    Gender-Inclusive Make-up ‘ (16:40)
    It’s All About Lips This Spring (11:00 &17:00)
    The Girl on the train’s essentials – a look worthy of your commute’s destination (11:00 &17:00)
    Vie Aesthetics & Jane Iredale- the perfect match (18:20)
    The next level of contouring (14:20)How to get the most out of your facials (13:20)


For any questions, call us on 07899673478. We look forward to seeing you.


Glutathione IV shots: your perfect all-round health booster this winter…and beyond

From strengthening immune systems and detoxing, to combating ageing, discover why getting shots of this superhero antioxidant can work wonders for you…

You know how it is with every winter. We all start the new year in high spirits, with high aspirations and a renewed sense of purpose. But then miserable weather, a prevalence of winter viruses, and an endless hangover from the holidays, typically conspire against us.

That leaves us stressed, lethargic, and not feeling ourselves. Sounds familiar, right?

Well, we’ve decided to do something about it and give you a helping hand. To that end, we have recently introduced wonder glutathione IV shots to the clinic. And we use that term “wonder”, because they really do wonderful things, from boosting your immune system and replenishing energy, to brightening and repairing your skin.

Read on and we’ll explain how…

What is glutathione?

Glutathione has been hailed in the medicine world as the “king” of all the antioxidants. This is true, not only because of its potency and vast range of benefits, but because of its essentiality.

It is found in every cell in the body and is produced naturally by the liver. It can also be found in fruit, vegetables and meats. For each of us, glutathione serves a number of purposes, including repairing tissue, neutralising free radicals, and protecting cells from toxins and other harmful adversaries (among other things!). It helps keep our skin in good condition, and is also believed to help protect us from illness and diseases, including cancer, heart disease and even neurological conditions, such as dementia.

Glutathione’s uses and studies in medical science are quite far-reaching. We might see as something that helps us to maintain our youth, both on the outside, and from the inside. It is really quite powerful!

However, while our bodies produce glutathione naturally, unfortunately, there are also a number of daily and unavoidable evils that depletes our levels, including pollution, stress, and exposure to toxins, as well as our own lifestyle choices and diet, and, of course, the natural ageing process itself.


The magic of glutathione shots…

Perhaps understandably, glutathione shots are becoming increasingly popular. When delivered to the body intravenously, they can perform a variety of amazing things, including:

  • Boosting our immune systems. This makes it an ideal supplement for those chilly months, when colds and viruses are in greater circulation, and we may notice ourselves more susceptible to them.
  • Aiding performance and recovery in sport and physical activities. This includes helping us to maintain energy levels and stave off tiredness.
  • Brightening the skin by preventing and reversing the effects of free radicals.
  • Fighting off the effects of ageing on our skin by again counteracting the effects of harmful free radicals. As such, it can make the results of other anti-ageing treatments last longer, by that we mean treatments such as dermal fillers and liquid facelifts.
  • Speeding up the body’s natural detoxification process by flushing out the waste and toxins, and generally making you feel much better.


But why intravenously delivered?

Glutathione is widely available as oral supplements, and indeed, these supplements have become popular and they too help to raise the body’s glutathione levels. However, in terms of effectiveness, consuming glutathione in a tablet form is far inferior to having it administered through an intravenous (IV) drip by a doctor. If you’re not aware, intravenous therapy is a procedure in which a fluid or medicine is administered directly into a patient’s vein by way of a small plastic tube.

I will explain why IV therapy is superior. In basic terms, as with any oral supplements, an oral glutathione tablet is first digested through the stomach, meaning not all of it is absorbed and used by the body. Therefore, you only receive a percentage of its effects.

With IV shots, the glutathione is delivered directly into your bloodstream, meaning every last drop is absorbed and used by your body. It’s a 100% absorption rate. As a result, your body gets a full, direct hit of glutathione and you enjoy an instant wellness lift. Side-effects are also extremely rare.

However, we have to stress that intravenous therapy should always be performed in the presence of a doctor. Although a simple, painless procedure, it is after all, a medical procedure, and the utmost skill and care must be taken.

Ultimately, though, what’s not to love?


Are you ready to take a shot?

So, like we said earlier, glutathione IV shots sound pretty wonderful, right?

If you’re feeling low this year, if you’re finding yourself prone to colds, which you then can’t shake, or if your skin is looking dull and you want an extra barrier of defence against ageing – perhaps to complement an existing aesthetics treatment – then why not consider giving our glutathione IV shots a…well, shot? We think they could just be the extra boost you need to get you through the early months and maybe even beyond.


If you want to find out more information on this treatment, just give us a call on 01268 778 615, or drop us an email at

Our December Offer

Get in shape for Christmas with our amazing Body contouring treatments

Whether it is upper arm toning and lifting, tummy or hips contouring and firming, chin and neck lift or smooth silky legs and underarms you are after, we have you covered. 


VIe ChristmasOfferWith the Party season on the horizon you may be thinking about how to make sure you look and feel your best for the festive period. We certainly have been thinking about it and would like you to know this is the right time to start body contouring and Laser Hair Removal treatments to achieve good results by end of December. For this reason,  our team have put not 1, but 3 of our star body treatments on a buy-one-area-get-another-area-half price Offer: 

  1. VieCryo- Fat Freezing/Cool Sculpting
  2. HIFU
  3. Super Hair Removal (SHR)


1. VieCryo is an excellent treatment for men and women to  target pockets of fat and to sculpt and shape different areas of the body. The method is based on the idea that cold can target fat cells that will die in a natural way and dissolve over a course of weeks without damaging the skin or the surrounding tissue. Areas we treat are: Chest, Flank (Love Handles) Abdomen, Inner Thighs, Arms, Upper Back,Lower Back, Gluteal Fold (for BumLift).To read more about the treatment: click here


2. HIFU- (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) for  Slimming, Toning, Lifting, Skin Tightening is very popular in the field of cosmetic procedures for great results- without the need for surgery. Our clients love their slimming and contouring results, by this non-invasive method which is using focused ultrasound pulses to rupture fat cells for Lipolysis and skin tightening. Amazingly, during skin and neck treatment sessions, the patient’s skin becomes more firm and youthful as new collagen grows. In addition, after a single procedure, the patient’s skin will continually improve as new collagen is generated. A great advantage of the procedure is the fact that  you will achieve optimal cosmetic results with only one treatment session. Body Areas we treat are: Neck, Upper arms (Bingowings)  Chest, Flank (Love Handles) Abdomen, Legs, Inner Thighs, Knees, Arms, Upper Back, Lower Back, Gluteal Fold (for BumLift). To read more about the treatment: click here


3. The SHR Skin Pulse Hair Removal is suitable for both men and women, all skin types and hair colours (except white), and the results are long lasting. You’ll also love the fact that the treatment is fairly painless and there is no recovery time needed. SHR delivers low energy light via rapid “pulses” to gently, effectively and efficiently traumatise the hair stem cells thus preventing re-growth. The direct to target delivery of SHR requires a comparatively low terminal temperature to be clinically effective, with little or no trauma to surrounding tissue, offering fairly pain free and safer treatments.  Body Areas we treat with SHR Laser Hair Removal are: Arms, Back, Cheeks, Chest, Intimates/Bikini line, Legs, Underarms. To read more about the treatment: click here

You can find all our prices for treatments and courses  on our price list

To book call us on 020 7164 6140    01268204577   01268 778615 or 07899673578

We look forward to talking to you 

Vicky  Grammatikopoulou

CEO,Vie Aesthetics

Inside the Perfect Peel: achieving perfect skin for Xmas

If you want flawless skin and instant results to aid you through the party season, then you shouldn’t look much further than the Perfect Peel. It really is one of the best things out there!”

With the party season on the horizon, the pressure to look and feel your best is usually never greater. Unfortunately, all that partying can take a toll on your skin, so in some ways it can be a catch 22 situation.  In this blog, our staff share their experiences of one of our most effective, fastest-working treatments available for beautiful skin: The Perfect Peel.
Simply put, The Perfect Peel is a powerful weapon against a range of skin-related problems. It combats ageing, reduces large pores, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and even overcomes conditions such as acne, pigmentation and melasma. It can also be used for simply brightening and toning the skin, leaving you with a revitalised appearance after just one week. The end-result is always the same: silky smooth skin.
Magic ingredients
You have probably heard of chemical peels. They have been a mainstay of the aesthetic industry for years. Peels work by removing the top layer of old, damaged skin, leaving fresh skin to bloom underneath. There are different grades of peels, which determine how deep they delve into the skin layers.The Perfect Peel is a chemical peel, but it’s arguably the most advanced one available. Introduced to the clinic earlier this year, it’s a medium-strength, medical-grade peel, which means it must only be applied by a trained professional and supervised by a doctor. The treatment boosts skin health from deep down and brightens complexions, with results achieved after just one week. One of the main reasons why the Perfect Peel is so unique is that it requires ZERO preparation.
“With most peels, you need to prep your skin for about eight weeks in advance,” explains Vie Aesthetics senior skin therapist Aimee Piper. “This is to ensure it’s in good health, and to also prevent pigmentation following the procedure.” The Perfect Peel contains a unique blend of vitamins and acids, including Glutathione, which is the strongest antioxidant available on the planet at the moment, the superhero of antioxidants, so to speak. Glutathione has never been incorporated into a peel before. This magic ingredient neutralises free radical damage which is great for beating premature wrinkles or eradicating scarring.
However, it’s the combination of ingredients that make the Perfect Peel such a powerful force, irrespective of whether your concern is fine lines or acne.“The Perfect Peel exfoliates your epidermis – the outermost layer of skin – which is where most fine lines and wrinkles are,” says Aimee. “Its special blend of acids also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for firmer skin. It then targets the underlying damage in the dermis – the middle layer of skin – which is caused by sun or acne.The Perfect Peel exfoliates so deeply that all this is effectively lifted out.”
Skin problem? All bases covered
The Perfect Peel is versatile and can be used for general skin maintenance, brightening your skin, slowing down the ageing process, and reducing pore size and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Alternatively, it can battle and reverse conditions such as acne, acne scarring, melasma, and pigmentation caused by sun damage. It means business.
For people with a phobia of needles, but who wish to smooth out fine lines, the Perfect Peel might be considered as an alternative to Botox. However, for clients who already use Botox as anti-ageing tool, the two treatments complement each other remarkably well. “This is especially true for clients who maybe have deeper lines who can’t achieve, for example, a smooth forehead with just Botox alone,” explains Aimee Piper. “Sometimes the doctor can only soften the lines, but by using the treatments in combination, the results of Botox can be optimised.” Regardless of your goals, as with any skin-based treatment, caring for your skin at home is essential to making the most of the Perfect Peel. You can’t maintain results unless you use the correct products between sessions.
“The Perfect Peel performs miracles to exfoliate skin deep down and give you fresh baby-bum skin, and to stimulate collagen and elastin,” says Amie Hibbert.
“There’s little point in having the treatment if you don’t use the appropriate products afterwards to keep your skin healthy and protected. All year-round skincare is paramount. You should use an SPF religiously to protect against sun damage, and invest in a Vitamin C cream, and a quality exfoliator and a cleanser.” How many Perfect Peel sessions you need, and how regularly, however, depends on your own situation.
“If a patient doesn’t have too many concerns, the Perfect Peel is great for making the skin healthier, smoother and brighter,” says medical director Dr. Ioannis Liakas. “Alternatively, we’ve had patients with severe ageing and sun damaged skin. In those instances, we recommended three or four sessions, with one month in between. Sun damaged skin gets thick and leathery, so we need to thin that down to normal thickness in order that any subsequent facial treatments will penetrate the skin and get to where they need to.”
So, what’s it like having a Perfect Peel?
​That’s an easy question to answer for us – because members of the team have enjoyed them

Our resident make-up expert Zak was the third member of the team to experience a Perfect Peel. He said he wanted to try it to improve the overall quality of his skin, but also because he had some minor pigmentation around his hairline caused by sun beds (which he no longer uses!!!). “I’ve had light chemical peels before, but this procedure felt very different,” says Zak. “The whole session lasted from 45 mins to an hour. It wasn’t unpleasant, but you do feel it. There’s a burning sensation but it’s very fleeting, it only lasts about 10 seconds. The skin afterwards feels quite tight and looks red in places, and you start peeling on day three. By day six, you are left with beautiful, smooth skin.” Zak explains that there is a home-care kit that you must use during recovery. “You wash your face with cold water, and then you treat the areas you want to benefit most with easy-use wipes that contain powerful Vitamin C combined with Retinol. You do this for the first couple of days. It’s very straightforward.”
HR manager Anna had several sessions to eliminate the scarring caused by the acne condition, which had bothered her since her late teens. “Scarring is very common for anyone who has suffered from medium to severe acne like I have,” she says. “Knowing how much this dented my confidence, Amie Hibbert suggested that I
should try the Perfect Peel. What particularly appealed to me about this treatment was how fast it works – results delivered in a week. And it doesn’t need a preparation beforehand.”
Anna had also had peels previously, and ranked the discomfort felt during the procedure as a “5” on a scale of one to ten. She says she was able to resume her normal skincare and make-up routine after day five, once the peeling had stopped. “A week after my first treatment, my skin texture had improved significantly. More importantly, my scarring had been visibly reduced. I was delighted with the results and very excited by my fresh, new skin.”
Aimee Piper says she tried the Perfect Peel to show clients the possibilities of achieving great skin, as well as readying herself for the party season.
“I wanted to have porcelain skin and no pores for Christmas and the winter months,” she says. “Vie Aesthetics gave me the opportunity to achieve that. I had pores on my T-Zone, some pot-hole scarring and old, red scars on my cheeks. After one treatment, they were dramatically reduced, and my skin is satin smooth. Make-up sits on my skin beautifully.”
However, despite achieving instant results, Aimee Piper says that the Perfect Peel should bepart of a longer-term goal and maintenance plan. “My journey has only just begun,” she says. “One session isn’t enough, and clients should understand that when booking. I will probably look to have up to three sessions, usually with four weeks in between. The end goal is to have gorgeous skin that requires minimal
make-up.” But Aimee Piper says that if you want to look your best for the party season, then the Perfect Peel will have you covered.
“Ultimately, the Perfect Peel is a staple treatment for you to enjoy one to four times a year,”she says. “But yes, it’s unbeatable to have before that big event, wedding, or Xmas party, to give you a complexion and make-up ready surface to be proud of.”
The session costs £300 and includes your skin consultation, treatment and your home-care kit. If you want to find out if the Perfect Peel is right for you, why not pop in or book yourself in for a free consultation today.
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Vicky Grammatikopoulou