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Our December Offer

Get in shape for Christmas with our amazing Body contouring treatments

Whether it is upper arm toning and lifting, tummy or hips contouring and firming, chin and neck lift or smooth silky legs and underarms you are after, we have you covered. 


VIe ChristmasOfferWith the Party season on the horizon you may be thinking about how to make sure you look and feel your best for the festive period. We certainly have been thinking about it and would like you to know this is the right time to start body contouring and Laser Hair Removal treatments to achieve good results by end of December. For this reason,  our team have put not 1, but 3 of our star body treatments on a buy-one-area-get-another-area-half price Offer: 

  1. VieCryo- Fat Freezing/Cool Sculpting
  2. HIFU
  3. Super Hair Removal (SHR)


1. VieCryo is an excellent treatment for men and women to  target pockets of fat and to sculpt and shape different areas of the body. The method is based on the idea that cold can target fat cells that will die in a natural way and dissolve over a course of weeks without damaging the skin or the surrounding tissue. Areas we treat are: Chest, Flank (Love Handles) Abdomen, Inner Thighs, Arms, Upper Back,Lower Back, Gluteal Fold (for BumLift).To read more about the treatment: click here


2. HIFU- (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) for  Slimming, Toning, Lifting, Skin Tightening is very popular in the field of cosmetic procedures for great results- without the need for surgery. Our clients love their slimming and contouring results, by this non-invasive method which is using focused ultrasound pulses to rupture fat cells for Lipolysis and skin tightening. Amazingly, during skin and neck treatment sessions, the patient’s skin becomes more firm and youthful as new collagen grows. In addition, after a single procedure, the patient’s skin will continually improve as new collagen is generated. A great advantage of the procedure is the fact that  you will achieve optimal cosmetic results with only one treatment session. Body Areas we treat are: Neck, Upper arms (Bingowings)  Chest, Flank (Love Handles) Abdomen, Legs, Inner Thighs, Knees, Arms, Upper Back, Lower Back, Gluteal Fold (for BumLift). To read more about the treatment: click here


3. The SHR Skin Pulse Hair Removal is suitable for both men and women, all skin types and hair colours (except white), and the results are long lasting. You’ll also love the fact that the treatment is fairly painless and there is no recovery time needed. SHR delivers low energy light via rapid “pulses” to gently, effectively and efficiently traumatise the hair stem cells thus preventing re-growth. The direct to target delivery of SHR requires a comparatively low terminal temperature to be clinically effective, with little or no trauma to surrounding tissue, offering fairly pain free and safer treatments.  Body Areas we treat with SHR Laser Hair Removal are: Arms, Back, Cheeks, Chest, Intimates/Bikini line, Legs, Underarms. To read more about the treatment: click here

You can find all our prices for treatments and courses  on our price list

To book call us on 020 7164 6140    01268204577   01268 778615 or 07899673578

We look forward to talking to you 

Vicky  Grammatikopoulou

CEO,Vie Aesthetics

Inside the Perfect Peel: achieving perfect skin for Xmas

If you want flawless skin and instant results to aid you through the party season, then you shouldn’t look much further than the Perfect Peel. It really is one of the best things out there!”

With the party season on the horizon, the pressure to look and feel your best is usually never greater. Unfortunately, all that partying can take a toll on your skin, so in some ways it can be a catch 22 situation.  In this blog, our staff share their experiences of one of our most effective, fastest-working treatments available for beautiful skin: The Perfect Peel.
Simply put, The Perfect Peel is a powerful weapon against a range of skin-related problems. It combats ageing, reduces large pores, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and even overcomes conditions such as acne, pigmentation and melasma. It can also be used for simply brightening and toning the skin, leaving you with a revitalised appearance after just one week. The end-result is always the same: silky smooth skin.
Magic ingredients
You have probably heard of chemical peels. They have been a mainstay of the aesthetic industry for years. Peels work by removing the top layer of old, damaged skin, leaving fresh skin to bloom underneath. There are different grades of peels, which determine how deep they delve into the skin layers.The Perfect Peel is a chemical peel, but it’s arguably the most advanced one available. Introduced to the clinic earlier this year, it’s a medium-strength, medical-grade peel, which means it must only be applied by a trained professional and supervised by a doctor. The treatment boosts skin health from deep down and brightens complexions, with results achieved after just one week. One of the main reasons why the Perfect Peel is so unique is that it requires ZERO preparation.
“With most peels, you need to prep your skin for about eight weeks in advance,” explains Vie Aesthetics senior skin therapist Aimee Piper. “This is to ensure it’s in good health, and to also prevent pigmentation following the procedure.” The Perfect Peel contains a unique blend of vitamins and acids, including Glutathione, which is the strongest antioxidant available on the planet at the moment, the superhero of antioxidants, so to speak. Glutathione has never been incorporated into a peel before. This magic ingredient neutralises free radical damage which is great for beating premature wrinkles or eradicating scarring.
However, it’s the combination of ingredients that make the Perfect Peel such a powerful force, irrespective of whether your concern is fine lines or acne.“The Perfect Peel exfoliates your epidermis – the outermost layer of skin – which is where most fine lines and wrinkles are,” says Aimee. “Its special blend of acids also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for firmer skin. It then targets the underlying damage in the dermis – the middle layer of skin – which is caused by sun or acne.The Perfect Peel exfoliates so deeply that all this is effectively lifted out.”
Skin problem? All bases covered
The Perfect Peel is versatile and can be used for general skin maintenance, brightening your skin, slowing down the ageing process, and reducing pore size and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Alternatively, it can battle and reverse conditions such as acne, acne scarring, melasma, and pigmentation caused by sun damage. It means business.
For people with a phobia of needles, but who wish to smooth out fine lines, the Perfect Peel might be considered as an alternative to Botox. However, for clients who already use Botox as anti-ageing tool, the two treatments complement each other remarkably well. “This is especially true for clients who maybe have deeper lines who can’t achieve, for example, a smooth forehead with just Botox alone,” explains Aimee Piper. “Sometimes the doctor can only soften the lines, but by using the treatments in combination, the results of Botox can be optimised.” Regardless of your goals, as with any skin-based treatment, caring for your skin at home is essential to making the most of the Perfect Peel. You can’t maintain results unless you use the correct products between sessions.
“The Perfect Peel performs miracles to exfoliate skin deep down and give you fresh baby-bum skin, and to stimulate collagen and elastin,” says Amie Hibbert.
“There’s little point in having the treatment if you don’t use the appropriate products afterwards to keep your skin healthy and protected. All year-round skincare is paramount. You should use an SPF religiously to protect against sun damage, and invest in a Vitamin C cream, and a quality exfoliator and a cleanser.” How many Perfect Peel sessions you need, and how regularly, however, depends on your own situation.
“If a patient doesn’t have too many concerns, the Perfect Peel is great for making the skin healthier, smoother and brighter,” says medical director Dr. Ioannis Liakas. “Alternatively, we’ve had patients with severe ageing and sun damaged skin. In those instances, we recommended three or four sessions, with one month in between. Sun damaged skin gets thick and leathery, so we need to thin that down to normal thickness in order that any subsequent facial treatments will penetrate the skin and get to where they need to.”
So, what’s it like having a Perfect Peel?
​That’s an easy question to answer for us – because members of the team have enjoyed them

Our resident make-up expert Zak was the third member of the team to experience a Perfect Peel. He said he wanted to try it to improve the overall quality of his skin, but also because he had some minor pigmentation around his hairline caused by sun beds (which he no longer uses!!!). “I’ve had light chemical peels before, but this procedure felt very different,” says Zak. “The whole session lasted from 45 mins to an hour. It wasn’t unpleasant, but you do feel it. There’s a burning sensation but it’s very fleeting, it only lasts about 10 seconds. The skin afterwards feels quite tight and looks red in places, and you start peeling on day three. By day six, you are left with beautiful, smooth skin.” Zak explains that there is a home-care kit that you must use during recovery. “You wash your face with cold water, and then you treat the areas you want to benefit most with easy-use wipes that contain powerful Vitamin C combined with Retinol. You do this for the first couple of days. It’s very straightforward.”
HR manager Anna had several sessions to eliminate the scarring caused by the acne condition, which had bothered her since her late teens. “Scarring is very common for anyone who has suffered from medium to severe acne like I have,” she says. “Knowing how much this dented my confidence, Amie Hibbert suggested that I
should try the Perfect Peel. What particularly appealed to me about this treatment was how fast it works – results delivered in a week. And it doesn’t need a preparation beforehand.”
Anna had also had peels previously, and ranked the discomfort felt during the procedure as a “5” on a scale of one to ten. She says she was able to resume her normal skincare and make-up routine after day five, once the peeling had stopped. “A week after my first treatment, my skin texture had improved significantly. More importantly, my scarring had been visibly reduced. I was delighted with the results and very excited by my fresh, new skin.”
Aimee Piper says she tried the Perfect Peel to show clients the possibilities of achieving great skin, as well as readying herself for the party season.
“I wanted to have porcelain skin and no pores for Christmas and the winter months,” she says. “Vie Aesthetics gave me the opportunity to achieve that. I had pores on my T-Zone, some pot-hole scarring and old, red scars on my cheeks. After one treatment, they were dramatically reduced, and my skin is satin smooth. Make-up sits on my skin beautifully.”
However, despite achieving instant results, Aimee Piper says that the Perfect Peel should bepart of a longer-term goal and maintenance plan. “My journey has only just begun,” she says. “One session isn’t enough, and clients should understand that when booking. I will probably look to have up to three sessions, usually with four weeks in between. The end goal is to have gorgeous skin that requires minimal
make-up.” But Aimee Piper says that if you want to look your best for the party season, then the Perfect Peel will have you covered.
“Ultimately, the Perfect Peel is a staple treatment for you to enjoy one to four times a year,”she says. “But yes, it’s unbeatable to have before that big event, wedding, or Xmas party, to give you a complexion and make-up ready surface to be proud of.”
The session costs £300 and includes your skin consultation, treatment and your home-care kit. If you want to find out if the Perfect Peel is right for you, why not pop in or book yourself in for a free consultation today.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Vicky Grammatikopoulou

How “The Perfect Peel” helped with my acne scarring

In today’s blog, I am hosting the contribution by our own Anna Maria, who tried out The Perfect Peel  for her own acne scarring. She has very kindly agreed to share her story with us here:

“One of the many benefits of working at Vie Aesthetics is that we can often take advantage of many of our own treatments. Just like everyone else, we all have our own worries.

My problem in recent years has been acne and acne scarring. A lot of people suffer from acne in their teenage years, but it is also quite common among adults. It’s caused by the pores in the skin becoming clogged up, resulting in breakouts of pimples. This condition struck me when I was 18 years old, just as I was starting university, and it became quite severe. I am 24 years old now.

Anna is having her photo skin analysis with our skin specialist Aimee

After trying out a variety of treatments and several courses of antibiotics, prescribed by my then-dermatologist, I started using Alumier products from the clinic. These helped to keep my active acne under control. Since February 2019, my skin improved massively and I’m delighted to say that I don’t suffer from active acne anymore, barring the occasional hormonal breakout. That has been one major battle won.


Unfortunately, the severity of the condition left me with acne scarring. Scarring is very common for anyone who has suffered from medium to severe acne.

Knowing how much this dented my confidence, one of our Skin Therapists Amie Hibbert suggested that I should try The Perfect Peel, which is a brand-new facial peel that was only introduced to the clinic this year.

Facial peels basically remove the outer layer of skin, helping the skin repair itself from below. The Perfect Peel is a medium to deep strength facial peel, which means it works at a deeper level in the skin.

The Perfect Peel contains a number of ingredients and vitamins, one of which has never been featured in a peel before.  That’s called “glutathione”, which neutralises free radical damage and is great for beating premature wrinkles. However, it’s also effective for conditions such as acne and scarring.

The Procedure

What particularly appealed to me about the Perfect Peel was how fast it supposedly works – results delivered in a week. And it doesn’t need a preparation beforehand either. I have had chemical peels on my face before, so I knew first-hand what to expect. On a scale of 1-10, I would rank the discomfort for this at “5”.

There was a slight burning sensation that lasted for a couple of seconds. As my skin is sensitive, I was quite red for 24 hours afterwards.

Anna during her Perfect Peel 
Having the Perfect Peel
Anna during her Perfect Peel at Vie Aesthetics Rayleigh
The redness immediately after the procedure








The day after treatment, I was able to apply make-up. However, on the third day, the peeling started. This occurred mostly around my chin and mouth. The peeling was not painful, but I couldn’t wear any makeup.

On Day 3 after the treatment
Day 4
Day 4
Day 5









A week after the Perfect Peel treatment, the peeling had stopped, and my skin texture had improved significantly. More importantly, my scarring had been visibly reduced.



This can be seen in my before and after photos below.  I’m very pleased and excited about my fresh, new skin and I’m genuinely happy with my results. But this isn’t the end yet! I plan to have two more Perfect Peel sessions so that I achieve my aims. I really can’t wait.

















For anyone else unhappy from acne scarring, I sincerely recommend The Perfect Peel.”

Anna Maria Kesanli is Head of HR and Assistant Manager at Vie Aesthetics

Well, we are very happy with Anna-Maria’s results and wish to thank her for sharing her experience and her pictures. Our skin therapists, also, are extremely happy to have such a great procedure in their toolbox. Here are some more Perfect Peel success stories:


The treatment costs  £300.

For more information on the Perfect Peel, book your free consultation today, or visit or Call 02071646140




We look forward to  hearing  from you

Vicky Grammatikopoulou

Director, Vie Aesthetics


7 Things You Wish You Knew About Hair Transplants


In response to a huge number of requests, as promised, here is my newest blog looking at the difference between VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa and traditional surgical hair transplants. My aim is to shed more light on the procedures and to discuss which treatment might be right for you…

You may recently have heard about VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa, a  Stem Cell Micro-Transplantation. It’s a new breakthrough in combating the hereditary hair loss condition known as “androgenic alopecia”, more commonly referred to as Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) and Female Pattern Baldness (FPB).

We introduced the Stem Cell treatment to the Vie Aesthetics clinics in early 2018 and have been very excited by the results it has produced. This has recently been picked up by mainstream media too, with reports in the national press, e.g. Mail on Sunday  and The Sun, hailing our VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa as “the first-ever ‘cure’ for baldness”  and the “Pioneering stem cell procedure that doesn’t just prevent hair loss but reverses it” and with daytime TV shows showing interest for it as well.

Of course, you almost certainly would have heard much about hair transplants, too. The surgical hair transplant industry has exploded over the last 10 – 15 years, with techniques greatly improved since the 1980s and 1990s, and many celebrities, from Robbie Williams to Wayne Rooney, confessing to having procedures done.

So, what are VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa Stem Cell Micro-Transplants exactly? And how do they differ from Surgical Hair Transplants? And if hair loss bothers you, then which treatment might be right for you? In this blog I attempt to answer those questions.

1. What is a surgical hair transplant?

In simple terms, a hair transplant involves a surgeon taking healthy hair follicles from the back of the scalp – where the hairs aren’t susceptible to hair loss – and replanting them in the thinning areas at the front of the scalp. Eventually, these follicles grow thick, new hair and patients see final results between one year and 18 months after treatment.

There are two common types of hair transplant…

The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) method – or “strip” method – involves the surgeon removing a large strip of skin from the back of the head. He or she then extracts hair grafts, which contain groups of hairs, to be distributed into the problem areas. The beauty of this method is that it is faster, cheaper, and allows for larger sessions. However, it does result in some scarring at the back of the head from where the strip was taken.

The other popular method is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In this instance, the doctor extracts hairs individually from the back of the head and replants them in the treated areas one-by-one. It’s excellent for procedures where total precision is required, for example, if you want to shape the hairline to perfection, or for filling in a small area. However, it is not usually suitable for larger sessions.

2. What are the advantages of a surgical hair transplant?

There is little question that surgical hair transplants can work wonders in the right hands, and there’s a reason why so many people are having them these days. Their appeal includes…

  • Surgical transplants are a hair loss solution that guarantees long-term results. A
  • Surgical techniques have improved dramatically over the last decade or so. In the hands of a skilled doctor, excellent results can be achieved, both in terms of density and coverage, and in appearing natural to the outside eye. However, DO YOUR RESEARCH – you should always research clinics and surgeons before plumping down this route!
  • If your hair loss is quite progressed (e.g. Norwood 5 and beyond), hair transplants are a good way for restoring hair, besides wearing a hair-piece (which can also look great these days, too). Note: the Norwood Scale is used to measure the degree of androgenic alopecia in men.
  • Finally, a hair transplant performed properly should work for everyone. Unlike medications, where some people respond better than others.

3. So, what are the drawbacks of hair transplants?

  • Although hair transplants can achieve outstanding results, even the best surgeons are not miracle workers. You won’t be able to achieve the density of hair that you had when you were 15, especially if your hair loss is very progressed. It is very important that you manage your expectations. More often than not, hair transplants simply create the illusion of having thicker hair.
  • Transplants are a life-time commitment, unfortunately. They won’t prevent you losing further hair on the rest of your head. You should understand that you may want more surgeries further down the line in order to account for future loss. Note that there are approved drugs and treatments, such as Minoxidil and Finasteride, that can slow and even halt hair loss in some people. However, side-effects should also be taken into account.
  • Hair transplants can be expensive varying from £5000 up to £20,000.
  • Surgeries can be quite painful and tough. They involve a lot of injections, and there is considerable downtime (usually around one month) while your scalp heals.
  • Patients typically have to shave down their recipient area, which may not suit everyone.
  • If you have an FUT procedure, you can be left with permanent scarring on the back of your scalp where the grafts were removed. Skilled doctors will ensure this scarring is minimal, but it is still unavoidable. Having a scar may restrict you shaving your head shorter than a number two, so if you’re someone who might want to shave their head, bear that in mind.
  • Patients are limited to the number of hair transplants they can have by the amount of “donor hair” they have at the back of their scalp. That is why if your hair loss is already very far advanced, doctors won’t be able to achieve the same level of coverage or density as they could in a patient with moderate hair loss.

4. So, what is a VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa?

VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa is a revolutionary new Stem Cell Hair Micro-transplantation procedure for hereditary hair loss. Despite its name, it’s actually quite different to a surgical hair transplant and is, in fact, a non-surgical procedure which is suitable to both men and women.

It begins with the doctor taking a tiny tissue sample from the back of the patient’s scalp, where the hair is still dense and not affected by androgenic alopecia (essentially, the same area from which a surgeon takes hair grafts in a hair transplant). A special machine is used to harvest around 800.000 and 1Million regenerative stem cells from this healthy tissue, and these stem cells are then mixed into a solution.

The stem cells are then actively implanted into the areas of thinning via injections, where they develop into follicles of their own, essentially producing new hair. The potential for growing new hair is the most exciting aspect of this treatment. In addition, dying hair follicles are also reactivated by the injection of stem cells. Over the coming months, all these follicles return to the normal hair cycle, resulting in thicker, healthier hair.

For more on VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa visit here:

5. What are the advantages of Regenera Activa?

VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa is a very new treatment that was introduced to Vie  Aesthetics in 2018, making us the first clinic in the UK to offer it. Early results have been visibly impressive in patients, encouraging new growth and thickening hair. We see stem cells as the future in the fight against hair loss. Watch this clip to see how it has impacted 3 of our patients:

Benefits of the treatment include…

  • It is ideal for patients in the early stages of hair loss or with mild to moderate hair loss. It can not only help halt the onset of MPB and FPB, it can even grow new hair.
  • Treatments are 100% natural. It’s an autologous treatment – that means it uses cells or tissue from the individual’s own body. Consequently, there is virtually no risk of side-effects or of the body rejecting the treatment.
  • There is no surgery or downtime involved, and treatments take less than 30 minutes. You can return to work on the same day if you wish. Conversely, surgical hair transplant procedures can take at least half a day and typically require two weeks off work afterwards.
  • Patients don’t need to shave down their recipient areas, unlike in many surgical hair transplant procedures.
  • The treatments can be used in conjunction with surgical hair transplant procedures, to halt the progress of further hair loss on the rest of the scalp. Basically, they can be a brilliant double-act.
  • Results are permanent. However, repeat treatments maybe a good way to  counteract the possible hair loss or thinning of the initial hair (not the stem cell regenerated hair). This treatment can be repeated between 18 months to six years after the first therapy.
  • There is no or  minimal and hardly visible scarring from the area in which the tissue sample is taken. This is unlike a surgical hair transplant.

6. Are there any disadvantages with VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa?

  • VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa is likely to be unsuitable for patients with complete hair loss, as it will be difficult to harvest follicle stem cells.
  • As with all hair loss treatments, results can vary between individuals.

7. So, which is right for me: VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa  or Surgical Hair Transplants?

 The answer to this question probably lies in the extent of your hair loss and what your hopes and expectations are.

If you’re in the early to middle stages of MPB or FPB, and your hair loss is mild to moderate, then VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa is an exciting option for not only maintaining what hair you already have, but for also potentially thickening existing hair and even growing some new hair. In these instances, it may prevent you ever needing to consider a hair transplant in the future.

VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa is also a brilliant alternative to taking approved hair loss medications such as Minoxidil and Finasteride (known by its brand name Propecia), because there is virtually no risk of side-effects with Stem Cell Micro-Transplants. Everything that is being injected back into you, is from you!

However, VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa can also be used as an additional treatment to hair loss medications. After all, it’s just another barrier of defence against androgenic alopecia.

VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa can also be an excellent additional treatment to people who have already had surgical hair transplants. As we explained earlier, transplants can’t stop you from losing further hair on your head, they merely restore hair to balding areas. Therefore, this stemcell therapy can help you maintain that hair. Many of our clients who have come into the clinic for Regenera Activa have previously had a hair transplant, too.

Well, we hope this has all educated about Regenera Activa treatments and surgical hair transplants. If hair loss is a concern of yours, then why not book a free consultation with us today and see what we might be able to do for you.

You can call us on 0207 1646140 or book online:

We look forward to hearing from you

Vicky Grammatikopoulou

CEO, Vie Aesthetics


Joining forces with ASTONS PAMPER PROJECT

We are over the moon with our newest collaboration with an amazing charity!  Vie Aesthetics have joined forces with Team Avery Essex  to deliver the prizes of the very worthy winners of Astons Pampering Project. They will receive a goody bag that also includes a 5-star pampering experience at Vie Aesthetics Rayleigh:  the exquisite Vie AquaFacial, rightly called “The1o Steps to Skin Heaven” followed by a makeover by our resident celebrity make-up artist, Zak Liam.

Congratulations to the first 4 winners: Sky Butcher, Karen Ranford Hawley, Zoe Smith, Moira Brock! Our team are excited  and look forward to  welcoming you to our clinic!

The founder of this award scheme, Aston Avery, is a young Essex autistic man who has over many years undergone challenges far more than most could imagine.  Throughout this young man’s journey he has been fortunate enough to have come into contact with many inspirational people.  On his journey he has also been given the opportunity to have assisted in many fund raising opportunities.  Not to be perturbed by the various illnesses and his ability to converse as many would, he has always had the passion to give others opportunities not afforded to him when faced with many of the daily battles.

He was fortunate enough to have come into the public eye by winning the Pride of Essex 2012 and later the National Diversity award 2016 for inspirational role model with a disability, not to mention his Princess Diana award for volunteering.  He also became an ambassador for the globally known autism charity annakennedyonline which adores and continues to support today.  Through his love of music and determination to achieve, he formed his own fundraising events known as autistic & proud where he has managed to raise a vast amount of funds for various worthy causes.

Team Avery

Aston had a dream early part of last year to bring local charities together and to offer a special moment for deserving individuals.  He wanted to give back to the Essex community and to highlight that when times are hard there is always some ME time.  With the support of his mother and father and a small group that has become Team Avery Essex, he has managed to offer through fundraising and sponsorship a package that he hopes to grow and assist many recipients in the face of adversity.

Dawn Avery after her pampering at Vie Aesthetics

Aston’s pamper project is a venture that he wants to make a difference to as many as he can.  This pamper day is open to all local people be they living with a disability, cancer, dementia, poverty or within the care industry.  This may be a sibling, a grandparent, a teacher or anyone deserving of having a small element of their time spent on them alone.


The nominees must be aged 18 or over and can be male or female.  The lucky recipients will attend a Vie Aesthetics on a day suitable to them where they will be given selected treatments that have been solely funded by Aston’s fundraising events and sponsorship all supported by Team Avery Essex.


For  nomination forms you can  also contact us at and make sure you email the forms back

We will be sharing the reasons  why these amazing individuals have been nominated and awarded  their prizes when they come in for their treatments- watch out for these on our facebook page.

Best Wishes

Vicky and the team

Vie Aesthetics

Vie Wedding Packages


Are you preparing for your Big Day?

Then you may be pleased to know that we offer customised Wedding Packages to help you get ready and look your best on those precious photos and films. With our bespoke medical and skin care packages, we promote natural beauty, radiance and eleganceAll our treatments are carried out by GMC registered highly specialised and experienced doctors and experienced therapists in our stylish and elegant clinics.

Whether it is the Bride & Groom treatment, the Mother-of-the-bride rejuvenation, the Beautification Hen party; the all-round VieLift, or the Get-skin-Ready Protocol, we have all the latest cutting edge procedures under one roof and you will be looked after by the whole Vie Aesthetics Team. You can rest assured with thorough consultations and comprehensive follow-ups, that Vie Aesthetics will support you in the lead-up to your special day.

Our team have used their expertise ad experience with clients like you, and we have put together the following Pre-Nup Menu: 

#SweaToxSweat no more on the dance floor!

You can relax and forget about the nuisance of excessive sweating (“Hyperhidrosis”) and focus on the joy of your special day. With Botulinum injections, our specialist doctor will treat the symptoms in one session for armpits, palms, or soles. The results kick within 2-3 weeks and last for 3- 6 months. The treatment costs £495 and includes your medical consultation and your review appointment.


HoneyMoon Hair FREE with Permanent Results!

Forget the fuss of what a razor can bring before the big day and relax forever- Buy the latest in Laser and IPL technology – the Super Hair Removal (SHR) course of 6 for 2 areas and get a free course for the underarms.

VieTox Hen Parties

No more need to re-touch your selfies when you can achieve that fresh, pouty, chiselled selfie look in real life! Have your makeover for Botox-Lips-Cheeks in the company of your bridesmaids and friends, sipping on your refreshments and eating canapés as you have your treatments in a relaxed party atmosphere without cutting any corners with safety, in a professional clinic setting with excellent expertise and after care.

Lips- Lines- Cheeks in One!

A minimum of 5 people are required (including the bride) for the booking and the package includes 2 areas of Botox, 1ml lip filler and cheek augmentation with dermal filler. The price per person is £780 for the package and we throw in a gorgeous goodie bag (worth over £100) that includes the luscious Vie Aesthetics cloth masks and an amazing gift voucher for a RED CARPET FACIAL for everyone. You can add to the goodie bag for your bride or bridesmaids and our team will work with you to make it a very memorable event!!

The Neck Rejuvenation Package

This package is for you if you feel you are after more redefined, elegant lines of the jaw and neck for a fresher, more youthful, tighter, and more contoured appearance. This amazing package consists of 4 steps: a course of 3 tailor-made skin rejuvenation sessions (including Radio-frequency, No-Needle Mesotherapy, Micro-needling and LED Light Therapy) and the very popular “Nephertiti Neck Lift “, one session of Botox for jawline and chin that will lift and tighten the skin on your neck giving it a smooth and relaxed look. The package costs £550 and the Botox results last about 4 months.

The Aisle Awaits Package – Vie Red-Carpet-facials

Get skin-ready with the “Queen of Facials” our 10-step VIE AquaFacial. You can relax and let your skin get the professional care and attention it is longing for. The AquaFacial is is our signature treatment for men and women of all ages. It is the ultimate treatment for detoxing, cleansing exfoliatingbrighteningextractingnourishinghydrating and finally rejuvenating your face and neck, leaving you with a beautiful, radiant glow. The Buy-One-Get-One-Half Price Bride&Groom Package is our gift of radiant healthy skin for you.

Full Hair on the Day

We are pioneers in Stem-Cell micro Hair transplantation. Let us help you address hair thinning and hair loss with the newest autologous solution to re-grow and strengthen your hair. Suitable for women and men, this procedure involves one session with visible results to be expected after 8-12 weeks. The one-off treatment costs £2000.

HoneyMoon HIFU Package

With just 1-2 HIFU treatments we can help melt fat and tighten skin and banish cellulite. With this package you will receive a complementary home care kit including the bestselling medical skin health ZO cellulite cream & body brush. The cost per treatment depends on the area/s treated.

Have the VIElift!

Suitable for both women and men, the VIElift is a bespoke non-surgical combination treatment consisting of five steps to address all the causes for lines and wrinkles, volume loss and loss of laxity in the jawline, neck and mid face. We create your individual treatment plan combining five award-winning cutting edge anti-ageing procedures: a Thread Lift, a Liquid facelift with a collagen-stimulating volumising filler, permanent skin reduction with Plasma Fusion, Neck rejuvenation Botox & high-densityHA filler and Natural Collagen stimulation with super formula drink.

Ideally, treatments should be carried out at least three months before your big event to allow the body’s own collagen stimulation to kick in making you look like a better, more youthful version of yourself.

All five elements of the VIElift are non-surgical and do not require a hospital stay, or the use of a scalpel. There is no cutting, no general anaesthetic and it requires minimal downtime. Each step provides instant results which get even better over time as the body is stimulated to return the face and neck to its natural best.

Terms and Conditions

Customer expectations may exceed results. We only treat ages of 18 and above. We reserve the right to decline providing a treatment to a client at any one stage if it seems medically necessary. Some treatments may be available in one of our clinics only. Results may differ depending on skin type, your individual anatomical structure and your lifestyle.


VIE AquaFacial May Offer

Ever wondered how the skin of A-listers and celebrities  looks so flawless, smooth and bright on the red carpet? Well, look no further. We present to you our May offer: The VIE AquaFacial 

With the opening of our new clinic in Rayleigh, we also launched the ultimate skincare indulgence – the ‘Queen of Facials‘. This 10-step ultimate facial provides tailored solutions for specific skin concerns, whilst deeply cleansing, exfoliating, extracting impurities, lifting and hydrating the skin. A course of VIE AquaFacial can transform the appearance and health of your skin. Even one stand-alone-session will have you looking and feeling refreshed. 

During May, we offer you the chance to buy one and get a second one (session or course) half price. You can even share this offer with a friend or loved-one! This is excellent also for couples bookings. We are also throwing in a FREE skin analysis session worth £50! 


The Unique Hydro-dermabrasion is at the heart of the VIE AquaFacial

Previously a well-kept celebrity secret, the unique Hydro-dermabrasion procedure with the revolutionary combination of jet washing and vacuum suction produces astounding results. In addition to other Hydro facials, we are using a diamond tip for deeper cleansing and exfoliation of difficult areas. We power the treatment with  ZO Hydrafacial serums for a really unique experience that leave your skin with a  radiant and fresh glow.  For optimisation of results, our skin specialists advise having one session every three weeks, for a course of six treatments.

The 10 steps to Skin Heaven

In more detail, the VIE AquaFacial incorporates the latest star products, procedures and devices in the following 10 steps: 

1. Deep Cleanse & Exfoliation – using “Getting Skin Ready” ZO Protocol
2. Hydro-dermabrasion – deeply cleansing and jet washing the skin with vacuum stimulating
3. Tailored Peel – aiding exfoliation and cellular turnover, which promotes skin health to its maximum
4. No-Needle Mesotherapy – ultrasonic vibrations penetrating ZO Hydrafacial serums into the skin; this makes them up to 50 times stronger than products applied to the skin surface
5. Radio Frequency – increasing  collagen and elastin production to improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and instantly giving lifting and softening effects
6. VIE Face Gym – micro-current stimulation and micro massaging to lift  jowls, neck, cheeks, and the area around the eyes
7. Vie Mask – the luxury, nutrient- rich Vie Sheet Mask hydrates, lifts
    and  injects anti-ageing properties to the skin
8. LED Light Therapy – promoting collagen and elastin production,
     improving, brightening, treating oily skin and pigmentation
9. Oxygen Therapy – pushing oxygen into the skin channels and creating a red carpet plumping affect
10. Hot/Cold Hammer – closing the pores and concluding the treatment with our  luxurious  ZO, Mesoesthetic and Alumier protocols to lock in moisture, to polish and to protect your skin, making it ready for you to apply make-up and face the world

Let Us Treat You and Your Loved Ones

Our skin specialists are always available for free consultations. Our Vie therapists are experts at assessing and catering to your specific skin needs. Whatever your skin problem, let the Vie Team pamper you and guide you to a brighter, healthier and fresher look.
Why not use our May Offer for exquisite Gift Vouchers? This will be a gift that goes a long way with the combination of a pampering experience that gives amazing results instantly,  as well as long-term benefits.  Believe me, your loved one will be really grateful!

Contact Us Now

To find out more, to book and to buy over the phone, give us a call on:
0207 1646140, or 01268 778615, or text 0789 9673578.
Or even better,  just pop into any of our clinics!

We always search for the top products and treatments for our clinics.

We look forward to hearing from you…

Best Wishes,

Vicky and the Vie Aesthetics team



Transformation February – The Winners

Transformation February is now complete and the likes, shares and votes have been counted.  

If you have been following our posts, you will know that we decided to name last month TRANSFORMATION FEBRUARY! Our clients were encouraged to send in their transformation pictures, for a prize of £100 for the most popular one. The response has been amazing,with dozens of transformations shared on our page.

The treatments span across the range offered in our clinics- from the Kylie Look treatment(Chin-jaw-cheeks-lips), to Botox, eyelid lift, VieCryo tummy fat freezing, lip fillers, an Endopeel bumlift,  non-surgical facelift with Ellansé, HIFU neck rejuvenation, and Endopeel sixpack lift,to name but a few!

Finally,the moment you’ve  been waiting for -we have counted all the likes across Facebook and Instagram to find the winner of this campaign… as it happens, we have a tie! So, the Vie Team have decided to give two prizes of £100 Vouchers for the 2 winners: Bonita Crawley and Lucy Williams! Congratulations for getting a huge amount of likes and shares, ladies! Absolutely stunning transformations!

Bonita’s Entry
Lucy’s entry
Lucy’s post



We would like to thank all the clients who sent in their pictures. You are all winners! Your results are fantastic and we are so grateful to have been a part of your transformation journeys! See for yourselves some of the other entries below: beautiful results- don’t you agree?










Thank you again for sharing and inspiring with your results! We look forward to seeing you , Bonita and Lucy; your vouchers are waiting to be collected from the Rayleigh clinic!

Vicky and the Vie Team x

Vie Aesthetics

Advanced Non-Surgical Solutions


Celebrity Make Up Artist Zak Ryan NOW at Vie Aesthetics Rayleigh

Vicky Pattison of Geordie and Queen of the Jungle; make-up by Zak Ryan

Vie Aesthetics Rayleigh is the new hot spot for beauty in Essex! We are proud to announce our collaboration with Celebrity Make-Up Artist Zak Lee Liam Ryan, who is now based in our Deluxe Styling Suite at Vie Aesthetics Rayleigh offering his wonderful make-overs, group sessions, Christmas Party Glitz looks  and personalised make-up tutorials.

Georgia Harrison. The Only Way Is Essex, Love Island- make-up by Zak Ryan

Originally working for NARS cosmetics, Zak gained his artistic skills from some of the top makeup artists and influencers in London.

Pascal Craymer. Reality Tv star, glamour model. Socialite
Pascal Craymer – make-up by Zak Ryan








Working for companies such as Bobbi Brown, NARS and Shisheido, Zak’s passion for makeup allowed him to be spotted and relocated to Marbella where he worked amongst the stars from TV shows such as “The only way is Essex”, “Life on Marbs” and “Love Island; allowing him to gain clients such as Natalie Richardson, Pascal Craymer and Essential magazine Marbella.

Zak in Essential Magazine Marbella: voted best artist of 2017

At Vie Aesthetics, we have had Zak on our radar for a while, as his ethos, his style and his work reflect our philosophy of elegance, pure and natural looks and only-the-best -is -good-enough- for-our-clients approach.

We love that Zak wanted to move against the hard look of heavy over-used makeup used on reality TV, and approached his celebrity clientele with a natural beauty enhanced finish. He says “make up is not a mask. It is a form of art. A passion. An enhancement of your true beauty!’

Back on English soil, he is ready to sprinkle that Marbella flair over Essex and is now part of our super team at Vie Aesthetics Rayleigh!

Marbella Essential Magazine fashion show 2017 – make-up by Zak Ryan

To Celebrate our Collaboration, and for a limited period, you will be able to book Zak for full make-up including strip lashes at an introductory price of only £40; watch the space for our wonderful glamour pamper packages for Christmas as well!

Zak working his magic in the Styling Suite at Vie Aesthetics Rayleigh

We can’t wait for you to meet him. You can call us on 01268204577 , SMS 07899673578 to book in, or book online on :




With love

Vicky Grammatikopoulou

CEO, Vie Aesthetics

The Millennial Man- Looking Sharp!

The Millennial Man:

Looking Sharp!




“Like a new man!” This was the message under the pictures sent in by our client, the talented artist, author and actor Chris Wild.

And we were very happy to see the transformation- the pictures speak for themselves! It was just a few month ago when Chris -having just finished his new book “Damaged” – made an appointment to see our Medical Director, Dr Ioannis Liakas, because he felt he needed a boost to his confidence ahead of his book launch and promo tour. A couple of months down the line and after having had his treatments with us, Chris just posted the above pictures on his social media saying: “Early this year I was stressed and tired, I looked and felt like s•••. Then I went to see Doctor Ioannis Liakas at Vie Aesthetics and changed my life around. It’s a tough market for everyone and you have to look your best. #livelife #lovelife#confidence”

And Chris is not alone. At Vie Aesthetics we are used to seeing a constant increase in numbers of professional male clients visiting our doctors and skin specialists for advice and non-surgical treatments to take away the tired look and signs of ageing.

Tear trough filler by Dr Liakas at Vie Aesthetics

It is no secret that aesthetic procedures have traditionally been a female monopoly and historically any aesthetic intervention on a male face and body up until recently may not have been considered a particularly “masculine” activity. However,  for the millennial generation of men, who enter the 3rd decade of their lives, as the  notions of masculinity are evolving , the macho prototype is changing  too.

Dr Liakas, the Medical Director at Vie Aesthetics,  sees a trend of men now more than ever before seeking medical aesthetic procedures in order to look fresher, less tired and a better version of themselves. He explains that  “the male millennial generation are not fearful of showing emotions, sensitivity, vulnerability and indeed they place more emphasis on their looks too. Inevitably, this trend is catching up with older male generations, i.e. the millennials’ fathers too!”

Liquid lower face lift with Ellansé by Dr Liakas at Vie Aesthetics – Before
Liquid lower face lift with Ellansé by Dr Liakas at Vie Aesthetics – After







At Vie Aesthetics, we  cater for our male clients by offering a wide range of medical aesthetic procedures to help different age groups achieve their goals; from treating tiredness under the eyes, to lines reduction on their forehead, soft facial lifting, body treatments to help them lose fat and to firm up the abdomen, biceps and pecs; and this with instant results and without surgery and with no pain.

Thread Lift by Dr Liakas at Vie Aesthetics – Before
Thread Lift by Dr Liakas at Vie Aesthetics – After








But his does not end with the menu of treatments on offer. At Vie Aesthetics we are very conscious of the fact that we do not want our environment to convey an overwhelmingly feminine feel. We aim at creating an atmosphere that reflects our approach to aesthetic procedures and services;  it is entirely discreet, it is catering for both sexes and for all ages, and in sync with the needs of the modern professional person.

Injectables Rejuvenation Treatment by Dr Liakas at Vie Aesthetics – Before
Injectables Rejuvenation Treatment by Dr Liakas at Vie Aesthetics – After 

In terms of providing optimal outcomes for our male clients, namely results that are instant, natural looking and long lasting, we believe that combination therapies are the way forward.

By creating tailor-made treatment plans and by combining injectables, threads, Fusion Plasma, Stem Cell therapy and so many more, we achieve stunning results with minimal down time to fit in with the busy lives of our clients. The high standard of expertise of our specialists is paired with only top-of -the-range and cutting edge procedures, devices and products.

Endopeel injectable instant abs lift

We have seen our male clientele rise by at least 50% in the last 2 years, and with our stem cell  hair transplant and the Endopeel body lift we now offer an even greater range of non-surgical solutions with stunning results for men as well.



If you are looking to get a sharper, fresher look and boost your confidence, then we  are looking forward to welcoming you at our premises. We will make sure to help you achieve your goals, but also feel looked-after and relaxed throughout the whole process.

To book a free consultation and find out what we can do for you , call us on 0207 1646140 text on Mob: 07899 673578 or book online: