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Happy Easter from us

Dear Friends and Clients,

we wanted to check in with you and wish you all the best for the Easter Weekend. We  hope you’re keeping well and staying positive. 

Although our clinics are closed for face-to-face procedures, we have, nevertheless, been busy remotely via video-calls, phone enquiries and check-ins, social media, and via emails. Whether doing consultations and reviews, answering queries, e-mailing guidance and protocols, taking bookings for May onwards, taking orders, or packaging and posting products, it gives us great joy to stay in touch and to able to help.

Our team have been quite creative too. This is through filming info clips, writing blogs, creating social media posts, and researching  the market to source scarce skin care products, hand sanitisers, masks, and protective gear.

Here, I wanted to share some of our news and projects. Have a look and feel free to contact us if you need more information or wish to order any products.
So, till next time. Wishing you all Happy Easter. Stay safe and enjoy the glorious weather!

Our Lock Down Survival Guide

Nobody can downplay the strain the current lockdown and everything that comes with is placing on all of us. What can help us cope with the sudden change and the loss of control? At Vie Aesthetics, our life coach Anna-Maria has put together a brief, but powerful 6-step strategy to support staff and clients. She suggests, among other things,  new routines and coping strategies to help us look after our well-being to get through this difficult time.  To read the guide…



Latest introduction to our wellness range: Vitamin D injections

I was very pleased to read that 2 studies by researchers from Technological University Dublin and Trinity College Dublin, suggest that  Vitamin D  supplementation  can help build resistance to Covid-19! At Vie Aesthetics, we recently introduced intra-muscular Vitamin D booster injections administered by our doctors. What does Vitamin D do and why are injections more potent? Find out by reading our blog and the articles here


Hand Serum and Sanitiser Duo

Right now, it is more important than ever to protect your hands, not only from germs, but also from dryness and soreness caused by increased hand washing. That is why we are adding the perfect pairing to protect, soothe & repair your hands, at a price that is as extra special as the products themselves.
Hand Serum £24.99
70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser £6.95,
now together only £24 for the first 50 orders.
call 07899673578 or email to order.

#VieLovesMe Home Care Boxes 

Your skin does not have to suffer from the lock down. From Skinade monthly supplies, to ZO, Alumier, Vie Hydrating Facemasks, Instant Effects and Make Up, we have stocked up well and are sending out your beautiful and personalised home care boxes on a daily basis. We have also scrapped the P&P fees to give you an extra helping hand. We offer video-call consultations and continue to monitor and support you throughout your skin care regimen with individualised protocols. Call 07899673578 for yours.



As promised, we’ve started sharing results sent in by clients. Renowned oncology surgeon Dr Sergio Scalia flew in from Brazil, to visit our Rayleigh clinic, a while ago. He had the VieStem Hair treatment with Regenera Activa by our Dr Liakas. Very pleased with his results, he has sent us his before-and-after pictures taken 37 days after the procedure. Isn’t this impressive? The results will improve even further for 7 -10 months.
It has  been an honour meeting and treating Dr. Sergio Scalia. We are so impressed with the work he does for skin cancer patients, and we thank him for letting us share his first results!  *individual results vary

Find Out More

Step into the Sun with Sunscreen
We are so grateful for the glorious weather this Easter. As it is getting warmer and sunnier, please don’t step out without your sun protection. With the Alumier range of physical 40+SPF sunscreen, you don’t need to worry.
Enjoy the sun and if you are running out, give us a call on 07899673578. We are well stocked and are more than happy to post (free p&p).

Our channels of communication stay open via video-calls, phone, SMS, emails (, social media (see links below), WhatsApp (tel 07899673578) and via blogs on our website( Please feel free to contact us and drop us an e-mail 

To  follow our social media and to stay in touch, you can click on the links below. So, speak to you soon and in the meantime, please stay safe, take care and don’t be a stranger! 



Let’s talk Skin: Prevent and Correct

Today I would like to talk to you about Daily Power Defense our HERO ZO product that is a must-have in the fight against skin damage. From UVB and UVA radiation to pollution and HEV light, every time you step out on your commute, your skin is exposed to environmental aggressors. Air pollutants can not only taint your skin faster than you can cleanse it, but also penetrate the deeper layers of your skin, accelerating the ageing process and prompting inflammation.
Build your barrier against pollution and prevent damage before it’s done with our ultimate skin saviour: DAILY POWER DEFENSE
Anti-Ageing Formula

Daily Power Defense is formulated with retinol, enzymes and antioxidants to help repair damaged cells and protect against future damage. This skin restorer promotes collagen production, uses DNA repair enzymes to enhance your skin’s recovery capabilities and encourages cellular activity to aid in skin cell repair. The special enzymes in this daily defense serum attach directly to your own DNA molecules and repair oxidative damage such as skin pigmentation caused by UV exposure.
Why do we believe in should you  the benefits of using Daily Power Defense? Because it 
  • Introduces DNA repair enzymes to speed up the skin’s natural mechanism to repair DNA damage and protect against future oxidative damage.
  • Provides antioxidant protection to combat free-radical damage.
  • Restores lipids and enhances the skin barrier system.
  • Stimulates collagen production to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles while tightening and firming the skin.
  • Promotes cell turnover to provide a more even skin tone and a healthy glow.

To find out more about skin damage prevention and correction, book yourself in for a thorough photo skin analysis and consultation with our skin experts and ZO Medical certified therapists.

Call us on 07899673578 or book online:

Vicky Grammatikopoulou

Vie Aesthetics

Let’s Talk Skin: Pimples

Plagued by pimples? When your skin is overproducing oil, it can lead to inflammation which triggers breakouts. Our skin specialist, Aimee Piper offers a solution with our complete ZO Medical Protocol. “We can help with our ZO medical Oily and Acne Prone Skin System,” Aimee explains, “it wipes off dead skin cells and reduces excess oil production without stripping away the natural moisture of your complexion”. Continue reading “Let’s Talk Skin: Pimples”

Get Your Hair back with VieStem Hair!

Celebrated as the “Pioneering stem cell procedure that doesn’t just prevent hair loss but reverses it ” as seen in The Mail On Sunday

The revolution in hair growth is here, in the UK, at Vie Aesthetics. With VieStem Hair we are giving men and women their hair and their confidence back.  We are certainly excited every day with the results on our clients, men and women alike. Many publications, amongst them The Sun and Daily Mail, ran great articles on our treatment, based on case studies, interviews with  our patients and experts to examining how it might be the latest breakthrough against hair loss.

Who is this for?

vie aesthetics- pioneers in Hairloss management

Hair loss affects millions of people across the world, in both men and women. In many cases, such conditions dent self-confidence and cause enormous psychological stress that negatively impacts our lives.

If you suffer from hair loss, we know how damaging that can be. Fortunately, VieStem Hair Micro-Transplantation with Regenera Activa is the newest, most exciting breakthrough in that eternal fight. It uses your body’s own tissue to improve hair density and trigger new growth on your scalp where you are thinning.

This regenerative, autologous procedure is suitable for early, mild or moderate forms of the hereditary condition known as androgenic alopecia – better known as male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness.

The procedure can also be highly effective when used in conjunction with approved hair loss medications and surgical hair transplants. Or as an alternative to either.

Why Vie Aesthetics?

Vie Aesthetics, a multi-award winning brand,  is delighted to have been the first clinic in the UK to introduce this effective new therapy and we are the NUMBER ONE clinic in the UK offering the procedure using the Regenera Activa device, which is FDA approved and CE certified.

Since introducing  VieStem Hair to the UK in our clinics at Vie Aesthetics in November 2018,  we have treated hundreds and  hundreds of  patients. Our clients do not just come from all across the UK;  we have clients travelling in from as far as Canada, USA, Brazil, Australia, Norway. They come  to Vie Aesthetics London and Rayleigh to have this procedure by our international expert, Dr Ioannis Liakas (MD, FRCP, MSC, BCAM) at Vie Aesthetics.

At Vie Aesthetics, you can have this one-off treatment of hair micro-grafting in half an hour. We use of your own body’s own regenerative tissue  to combat hair loss for areas around the temples and the top of the scalp.


Intrigued? Here are a couple of testimonials from clients who were among the first to try the treatment and who have experienced success.

“Four months after I tried the procedure, I visited my mum and almost the first thing she said was that I’d grown more hair.” Chris Wild, 39.

“My hair started to fall out after the birth of my two children, and it was still thinning five years later, so much so that I could see my scalp at the top of my head. But three months after having this, I noticed little hairs begin to grow. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. It has restored my confidence and I would do it again in a heartbeat.” Tracy Kiss, 31.

This patient on the left came back for her routine review with Dr. Liakas 4 weeks after her treatment.  We understandably did not expect to see any significant changes yet-it is by all standards too early, after all! But we could not believe our eyes when we saw this: thicker hair and, yes, NEW HAIR! It makes us so happy to see such spectacular results. And we know that the results will improve further for a whole year.


What is VieStem Hair Micro-Transplantation?

VieStem Hair, a Micro-grafting procedure using your own cells is a safe and effective technique to combat androgenic alopecia and other hair loss problems. Our doctors use the Regenera Activa technology to extract the progenitor cells from a minute probe taken from the back of the scalp. These are processed to harvest these precious cells and then re-inject them in the areas that need to be treated. As part of the VieStem protocol, the micro-transplantation procedure is boosted with other technologies to speed up the results.

The whole process is purely natural, without any harmful effects, only using your body’s own tissue and fat cells to improve the skin of the scalp, to increase the density of the existing hair, and to stimulate the re-growth of new hair follicles. This treatment means the end of hair loss and helps the hair return to its usual cycle, stimulating new hair growth and improvement of the existing thickness and density of your hair.


What Happens during the treatment?

This regenerative system uses the patient’s own tissue (hence the name “autologous auto-transplantation”). It is  obtained from an area of the scalp where the hair is still dense and not affected by baldness. Those hair follicle cells are still in abundance. A local anaesthetic is being injected prior to the procedure to that small area, usually behind the ear.

This is usually the area at the occipital region (the back of the head, closest to the neck). The tissues are being filtered, calibrated and mechanically processed with the Regenera Activa technology. This way we extract the active cells which then are being re- implanted in the areas with the thinning hair and hair loss.

The process is quick, involving a small number of injections into the thinning area.  A local anaesthetic is injected locally to one tiny area prior to the procedure. The result of this method is activation of follicles that are towards the end-phase of their life, hence leading to thinning hair. As a result, they are become healthier, hair-promoting follicles, that will produce denser and thicker hair.

Apart from the fleeting discomfort of the injections, there is minimal pain, and unlike a traditional surgical hair transplant, the procedure is predominately non-invasive.

To that end, there is also no risk of scarring from where the tissue sample is taken. In addition, because the treatment uses cells from your own scalp, there is no risk of allergy or rejection.

Is it effective?

Here are a few out of the hundreds of our clients’ before-and-after pictures:

Please feel free to also watch the video clip and read articles in the press links further down this page for testimonials and reviews.

How long does the treatment take to work?

The whole process promotes the growth of new hair follicles and the first results can usually be observed within 6 to 7 months  which can continue for up to 12 months after the procedure. As with traditional surgical hair transplants, and such is the way with the human hair cycle (it’s a slow process), any new hairs mature and thicken across the months from which they first appear.

Numerous clinical studies have shown improvements in hair count and scalp coverage after just one month. Although this varies very much between patients, some of our clients have experienced thicker, healthier hair in a similar period.


What is the down time?

There is minimal downtime and patients can return immediately to their daily activities. The very little circular marks at the back of the head from where the tissue has been obtained become crusts. they usually  heal within 7-10 days. Small circular marks can remain, but these are usually covered by growing hair and become invisible over time.

How may sessions do I need?

The VieStem Hair consists of the micro-transplantation or micro-grafting (as it is also called). This is a one-off session, safe and completely natural, as no foreign materials are being injected, just the patients’ own cells and normal saline. The whole process promotes the growth of new hair follicles and the first results can be observed within 4-6 weeks, i.e. greater density of hair in the injected areas and thicker hair . We expect new hair to be appearing after 7 months, but the majority of our cases show new hair growth appearing already between 3-7 months. We expect this to be thickening further and  and developing for a year.

As part of the VieStem Hair protocol, we offer 2 complimentary LED Therapy sessions and 2 Carboxy Therapy sessions. This is to nurture, boost, and speed-up the growth. We recommend these treatments, which are also stand-alone treatments and courses for hair loss management and to maintain healthy hair.

Of course, as with all these type of treatments, results vary from patient to patient, due to hereditary, age, lifestyle, and other factors and variables.  

How much does it cost? What does it include?

Your VieStem Hair package includes an

  • initial consultation and assessment by our specialist doctor (video-call consultation for overseas clients)
  • the one-off micro-transplantation session with Regenera Activa
  • 2 (complimentary) booster sessions with LED Light therapy and 2 (complimentary) sessions for Carboxy Therapy
  • a review appointment for final assessment and pictures
  • 20% discount voucher for any future VieStem Hair Cycle by the same patient – valid for 6 years

The results are long- lasting and the procedure can be repeated after a year and every 2-6 years. The treatment is suitable for both men and women. It can also be applied to patients who already have had hair implants and/or hair transplant procedures. The price for the procedure is £2000. We also offer VieStem Plus – 6 probes  instead of 3; this means 2 procedures of cell precessing and double amount of cells injected for £3000. This can be discussed during your consultation with the doctor to see if it would be needed or advisable.

Find some more Information – Here are some of the Media and Press clips and articles about our procedure: 

  1. Let real clients tell you about their experience. You can watch the procedure on this clip


2. To find out more about the difference of this procedure to traditional surgical hair transplant, click here

3. Celebrity Hair Stylist and author Steven Smith, who was one of the first to have this treatment at Vie Aesthetics says about his results: “…my hair looked amazing; it felt thick in the areas that were worrying me. People actually commented on it. It definitely worked for me and several friends have booked to have it done. It’s a little miracle. Even my mum messaged me to say how nice my hair looked. ” To read the whole article, click here


4. This treatment has been also featured in MilliOnAir Global magazine pages 130-132. To read the article click here


5. Read  the article about VieStem Hair  in the Daily Mail on Sunday

6. Read the article about VieStem Hair in The Sun Newspaper.
7. Read about VieStem Hair in

8. Read about our results in OutGlobalNews

9. “Stem cells from human hair follicles: first mechanical isolation for immediate autologous clinical use in androgenetic alopecia and hair loss“ by Pietro Gentile, Maria G. Scioli, […], and Valerio Cervelli -Read the published clinical study  here

How do I book?

Well, it is not a secret anymore, that VieStem Hair with Autologous Hair Micro-grafting is the future in treating hair thinning and hair loss. Only one session, no anaesthetics, no stitches. If  VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa sounds like something that could work for you, then why not call us today to book  your no-obligation consultation.

To book a consultation, call us on 0207 1446140, 01268 204577 , 07899673578 or book online here on the top of this page. The consultation fee (£150) is redeemable against the treatment and refundable if the treatment is not suitable for you. 

In our post-COVID 19 protocol, all consultations are remote via a video link, which we will send you. During your video consultation, the doctor will assess and  discuss the treatment and suitability for you.

Booking with us – T&Cs apply

Please note that consultation is free, but we require a £150 deposit to secure your booking.  This amount will be refunded to you on the day after the consultation.  Should you wish to proceed with the procedure,  then the amount can be deducted from your overall payment. The deposit will not be refunded in case of no-show or cancellation in less than 24 hours. The consultation is an online video conferencing session with the doctor  to discuss the treatment and suitability for you.

We look forward to talking to you,

Vie Aesthetics

Offer: The Instant Lip Plumper for soft, hydrated, fuller lips

If you cannot have lip filler injections, or you want to keep your lips fuller between your treatments, then read on, as this may be great news for you. Packed with water-binding substances to boost collagen and blood flow the Instant Effects Lip Plumper can give you an Instagram-ready pout that lasts up to two weeks.

You can now get closer to your perfect pout with luscious lips that look fuller in minutes. This no-sting gloss glides on gently, leaving your lips soft, hydrated and volumised. It is a very popular lip gloss because

  •  Lips are 20% fuller in just 2 minutes
  •  Effects last for 4 days
  • Instant hydration lasts up to 12 hours
  • You get a more defined lip line and cupid’s bow
  • It is not tested on animals and is vegan friendly

Does it work?

After 2 minutes

Our team have trialled the product -as we always do before deciding what can or should not make it onto the  shelves in our clinics- and we have scrutinized  the data. We are very pleased with the results and have added Instant Lip Plumper to our products to help you achieve 20% plumping of your lips in 2 minutes (fuller effect in one hour)  giving a smoother, fuller appearance without stinging or aggravation. Significant results (in excess of 25%) within 2 minutes (full effects within 1 hour) and lasts for up to 4 days. Dry /cracked lips are instantly moisturised, nourished and prevented with regular use.

How it works


This advanced formula blends oxygen and hyaluronic spheres to increase volume and lock in moisture, leaving your lips soft and smooth with a healthy hint of colour. Unlike some lip volumisers, this patented technology contains no harsh irritants, so it’s gentle on your skin.

How To Use

On extraordinary thin lips cupid bow becomes more defined, lip line becomes more defined and any lines are diminished, there is an increase in colour. Lips actually grow in height (however 20% of not much is harder to really notice so definitely take a photo). On the plus side after several applications over a 2 week period the heightening effect is very much more pronounced as you ultimately get more than 20% (more like 29%). It takes slightly more time for the fewer and capillaries to deliver enough oxygen to cause the build in collagen in the subcutaneous layer.

On average lips the lips grow significantly in height, cupid bow becomes more defined, lip line becomes more defined and any lines are diminished, there is an increase in colour.

On luscious lips cupid bow becomes more defined, lip line becomes more defined and any lines are diminished and there is an increase in colour.


Where lips are not symmetrical and dive away quickly on the sides the sides will grow making lips more symmetrical. If there is a dip along the lip line somewhere this will fill out.

Should you have lines around the lip (e.g. smoker’s lines) apply the Lip plumper over these and they will diminish. When doing this is best to do at night.

When you first use your Instant Lip Plumper, click the button a few times to release the liquid. Smooth the gloss onto your lips using the brush provided. Your lips will look fuller within two minutes, and you’ll get the full effect within an hour. If using prior to lipstick application please wait 5 minutes after application and then remove any excess product from the lip. You will find that there is a cumulative build-up and longer lasting effects with continued use.


The Instant Lip Plumper costs £24.99 but we have an offer on for January and February of 20% off at  £19.90 (Ts&Cs apply) You can pick up your Instant Lip Plumper at our clinics in Harley Street  and  Southend, where you can also try it out.  To buy over the phone and have it sent to you (+postage), call 07899673578.

Best Wishes

Vicky Grammatikopoulou

Director, Vie Aesthetics

Our Hero in fighting ACNE

Today I want to talk to you about a HERO product we use as part of our treatments for Acne. We are so pleased to  see great results with our tailored and targeted Acne treatments that include medical facials (inc. LED, LASER, PlexR, Meso, chemical peels etc)  and are supported and complemented by  home used products of the ZO medical skincare line. One hero product that is part of the ACNE treatment is the OFFECTS® SULFUR MASQUE!

It is a natural clay-based formula that delivers maximum-strength sulfur medication to treat and prevent acne and spot eruptions on the face, neck, chest and back. This face mask for acne includes Kaolin and Bentonite to purify pores and help absorb excess sebum, to avoid whiteheads, blackheads and any other type of breakouts in the future. What’s more, formulated with skin hydrators, Offects® Sulfur Masque also helps combat dryness that can occur when using aggressive acne treatments.
Among the benefits are the fact that it absorbs surface oils and reduces oiliness and helps prevent clogged pores! What’s really great news: it can also be used as a spot treatment on blemished areas.
You  can get the ZO OFFECTS® SULFUR MASQUE  alongside all our medical skincare products in our clinics in Essex and London. 
To find out more how we can help you if you had enough of acne, book yourself in for a FREE Consultation and a tailored detailed skincare plan at Vie Aesthetics, your go-to clinic for fresh, radiant, healthy skin!

And last but not least, here’s another bit of good news: to support you on your journey to clearer healthier skin, we offer 15%off the ZO OFFECTS® SULFUR MASQUE throughout November 2017 if you quote #VA-NOV2 when you purchase. 

With Love, 
Vicky Grammatikopoulou
Director of Vie Aesthetics Ltd

At Last, The Secret To Instant and Permanent Scar Removal Is Revealed

homepage belotero

Do you wish you could get rid of unwanted tattoos, scars or moles instantly and permanently?  

Then I have great News  for you:  You can!

And is it possible without surgery and at an affordable price? YES!

Continue reading “At Last, The Secret To Instant and Permanent Scar Removal Is Revealed”

Offer for October: Eye Lash Growth serum

Do you wish you had longer, thicker eye lashes?

You can now grow and enjoy beautiful long and thick eye lashes and eye brows with Ego Lash Serum!

ego lashes

This serum has taken Germany by storm and we now have it in our clinic. It is an excellent medical product that  that contains EPM, (a biological enzyme of 10 amino-acids), vitamin E, rose and olive oil and has been proven to make eye lashes (and brows) grow thicker and longer in a natural way. 

All you need to do is apply a thin layer of Ego Lash Serum twice a day like an eye liner, preferably in the morning and evening, to the base of your lower and upper lashes. It can also be used to grow and strengthen your eye brows. The results of growth and thickening of your lashes are visible from day 21. After day 40, you only need  one application weekly to maintain the growth.

The serum will last you very long and the normal price is £98. You  can get it at Vie Aesthetics for the introductory price of £58 until end of October!

Radiesse – What to Expect


The ideal way to achieve wrinkle reduction is by replenishing lost volume. Unfortunately, treating individual wrinkles is often not enough to restore a youthful and fresh appearance. In order to counter the effects of gravity and regain a younger shape, the face needs real lifting. With Radiesse®, you welcome back your skin’s natural collagen to smooth out sagging effects. The unique formulation of Radiesse® stimulates the production of new collagen, which results in increased volume that may last a year or more in many patients*. Thanks to this method of wrinkle correction, Radiesse® is more and more becoming the favourite injectable filler of many patients and medical professionals.

* Individual results are dependent on age, skin type, lifestyle, metabolism and, of course, the area treated.