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Vie Wedding Packages


Are you preparing for your Big Day?

Then you may be pleased to know that we offer customised Wedding Packages to help you get ready and look your best on those precious photos and films. With our bespoke medical and skin care packages, we promote natural beauty, radiance and eleganceAll our treatments are carried out by GMC registered highly specialised and experienced doctors and experienced therapists in our stylish and elegant clinics.

Whether it is the Bride & Groom treatment, the Mother-of-the-bride rejuvenation, the Beautification Hen party; the all-round VieLift, or the Get-skin-Ready Protocol, we have all the latest cutting edge procedures under one roof and you will be looked after by the whole Vie Aesthetics Team. You can rest assured with thorough consultations and comprehensive follow-ups, that Vie Aesthetics will support you in the lead-up to your special day.

Our team have used their expertise ad experience with clients like you, and we have put together the following Pre-Nup Menu: 

#SweaToxSweat no more on the dance floor!

You can relax and forget about the nuisance of excessive sweating (“Hyperhidrosis”) and focus on the joy of your special day. With Botulinum injections, our specialist doctor will treat the symptoms in one session for armpits, palms, or soles. The results kick within 2-3 weeks and last for 3- 6 months. The treatment costs £495 and includes your medical consultation and your review appointment.


HoneyMoon Hair FREE with Permanent Results!

Forget the fuss of what a razor can bring before the big day and relax forever- Buy the latest in Laser and IPL technology – the Super Hair Removal (SHR) course of 6 for 2 areas and get a free course for the underarms.

VieTox Hen Parties

No more need to re-touch your selfies when you can achieve that fresh, pouty, chiselled selfie look in real life! Have your makeover for Botox-Lips-Cheeks in the company of your bridesmaids and friends, sipping on your refreshments and eating canapés as you have your treatments in a relaxed party atmosphere without cutting any corners with safety, in a professional clinic setting with excellent expertise and after care.

Lips- Lines- Cheeks in One!

A minimum of 5 people are required (including the bride) for the booking and the package includes 2 areas of Botox, 1ml lip filler and cheek augmentation with dermal filler. The price per person is £780 for the package and we throw in a gorgeous goodie bag (worth over £100) that includes the luscious Vie Aesthetics cloth masks and an amazing gift voucher for a RED CARPET FACIAL for everyone. You can add to the goodie bag for your bride or bridesmaids and our team will work with you to make it a very memorable event!!

The Neck Rejuvenation Package

This package is for you if you feel you are after more redefined, elegant lines of the jaw and neck for a fresher, more youthful, tighter, and more contoured appearance. This amazing package consists of 4 steps: a course of 3 tailor-made skin rejuvenation sessions (including Radio-frequency, No-Needle Mesotherapy, Micro-needling and LED Light Therapy) and the very popular “Nephertiti Neck Lift “, one session of Botox for jawline and chin that will lift and tighten the skin on your neck giving it a smooth and relaxed look. The package costs £550 and the Botox results last about 4 months.

The Aisle Awaits Package – Vie Red-Carpet-facials

Get skin-ready with the “Queen of Facials” our 10-step VIE AquaFacial. You can relax and let your skin get the professional care and attention it is longing for. The AquaFacial is is our signature treatment for men and women of all ages. It is the ultimate treatment for detoxing, cleansing exfoliatingbrighteningextractingnourishinghydrating and finally rejuvenating your face and neck, leaving you with a beautiful, radiant glow. The Buy-One-Get-One-Half Price Bride&Groom Package is our gift of radiant healthy skin for you.

Full Hair on the Day

We are pioneers in Stem-Cell micro Hair transplantation. Let us help you address hair thinning and hair loss with the newest autologous solution to re-grow and strengthen your hair. Suitable for women and men, this procedure involves one session with visible results to be expected after 8-12 weeks. The one-off treatment costs £2000.

HoneyMoon HIFU Package

With just 1-2 HIFU treatments we can help melt fat and tighten skin and banish cellulite. With this package you will receive a complementary home care kit including the bestselling medical skin health ZO cellulite cream & body brush. The cost per treatment depends on the area/s treated.

Have the VIElift!

Suitable for both women and men, the VIElift is a bespoke non-surgical combination treatment consisting of five steps to address all the causes for lines and wrinkles, volume loss and loss of laxity in the jawline, neck and mid face. We create your individual treatment plan combining five award-winning cutting edge anti-ageing procedures: a Thread Lift, a Liquid facelift with a collagen-stimulating volumising filler, permanent skin reduction with Plasma Fusion, Neck rejuvenation Botox & high-densityHA filler and Natural Collagen stimulation with super formula drink.

Ideally, treatments should be carried out at least three months before your big event to allow the body’s own collagen stimulation to kick in making you look like a better, more youthful version of yourself.

All five elements of the VIElift are non-surgical and do not require a hospital stay, or the use of a scalpel. There is no cutting, no general anaesthetic and it requires minimal downtime. Each step provides instant results which get even better over time as the body is stimulated to return the face and neck to its natural best.

Terms and Conditions

Customer expectations may exceed results. We only treat ages of 18 and above. We reserve the right to decline providing a treatment to a client at any one stage if it seems medically necessary. Some treatments may be available in one of our clinics only. Results may differ depending on skin type, your individual anatomical structure and your lifestyle.


Father’s Day

“Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a Dad.” – Anne Geddes

With FATHER’S DAY approaching this Sunday 17th June you may be looking for something fitting to treat that special man in your life. We can help you with a gift that can help him look fresher and sharper. At Vie Aesthetics, we offer a full range of treatments and products to help our male clients take care of their skin and to treat the various signs of ageing. We are happy to talk to you and give you ideas and advice; you can get  him also a Vie Aesthetics Gift Voucher at any price you decide.  Our treatments for men are not just for helping them look refreshed but also natural and less stressed, avoiding the unhealthy or worn-out looks. We treat many men at Vie Aesthetics and it makes us happy when they tell us how their treatment has helped increase their confidence and made them not only look, but also feel more relaxed.

Whether with a voucher that he can used towards a treatment for hair, face, or body,  or with a skincare kit, we are happy to help you customise your gift and make this year’s Father’s Day Gift stand out.

Feel free to visit our clinic to view all our tailored, medical and luxury treatments, and pick up your gift vouchers. Alternatively, you can call us on 07899673578 to buy over the phone and we can even post it for you  with your message.  You can download a brochure from this website on the top of this page to get ideas of treatments and procedures.

Wishing you a fantastic day, however you choose to celebrate this Sunday

Vicky Grammatikopoulou


Vie Aesthetics



Now you can take advantage of our complete programme  to give your eyes the bright lifted look you were longing for.

The package includes

  • 2-3 sessions of Blepharoplasty with PlexR  to remove excess skin (permanent results)
  • 1-2 soft surgery (OFF) lipolysis sessions to remove under eye bags (permanent results)
  • tear trough (under eyes) lift with filler or Vibrance Needle Shaping for collagen stimulation
  • Brow lift and crows feet removal (with Botulinum Toxin or Soft Surgery) and to smoothen fine lines around the eyes
  • 2 derma-sonic eye treatment sessions to give your skin around the eyes a radiant lifted look

The complete package costs only £1550 (worth over 2020).

You will have an initial consultation to discuss  your concerns. Our expert doctor will assess the area and advise you with regards to your suitability for the treatment and which option would be best for you. You will agree a personalised tailor-made programme to suit your needs and the sequence and timing of your eye-rejuvenation programme.

Droopy eye lids, dark circles and “hollow” tear troughs are usually a result of the ageing process, but they can also appear in younger people due to genetic predisposition or a variety of lifestyle and environmental factors, such as excessive sun damage.  You may find that their appearance can make the face look tired, sad and older.

Tear trough treatment

The reason that the area under the eyes becomes darker and more hollow is increased collagen loss in the upper part of the cheeks and the upper corners of the face. As these structures lose volume, the area under the eyes (called the tear trough) loses its support and dark circles appear as the blood supply under the skin becomes more visible.
At Vie Aesthetics, we can correct this successfully with Tear Trough Treatment with either injections of Hyaluronic Acid filler or with Vibrance Needle Shaping  to restore the volume and to give the under- eye and the tear trough area a smoother, fuller, fresher and younger appearance.

Filler: In our clinic we use only the higher end, newest generation, and officially approved fillers from reputable companies. The type of filler will be decided during your initial free consultation and after your discussion with our specialist doctor. The filler is pre-mixed with an anaesthetic and the procedure is fairly pain free and the effects last up to 12 months and in many cases even longer.

Vibrance: Needle Shaping with Vibrance® is a ground-breaking treatment that makes it possible to lift the face and parts of the body without surgery or injection of any product. The principle of Needle Shaping is that of an auto-transplantation of tissue produced by our own body. We can use this system to correct lines and wrinkles and to treat areas of volume loss in the face. The procedure is performed by our expert Dr Liakas and involves inserting a tiny acupuncture needle combined with the application of a very low and safe current of minimal electricity. The thermic effect on the tip of the needle triggers the instantaneous production of elastin and collagen fibres. These fibres continue growing and developing over the next 14-28 days absorbing water and plumping up the treated area in the face.

Eye bags- fat deposit under the eyes
In many cases the hollow tear trough appearance is made worse by the additional formation of eye bags, which are caused by protruding normal fatty tissue under the eyes.

The underlying cause for the protruding under eye (fatty tissue) bags is the same as for the tear trough; namely loss of collagen and lack of support by surrounding tissues, which would normally hold the fatty tissue in its place.

In the past the only solutions for this problem was surgical removal of the fat deposit. We are very pleased to offer an excellent non-surgical permanent treatment for eye bags in our clinic with the revolutionary technology of O.F.F to reduce the fatty tissue. O.F.F. is one of the exclusive non-ablative Soft Surgery procedures offered in our clinic using Fusion Plasma technology. Removal of the fat bags with O.F.F. and Tear Trough Correction (as in some instances both treatments may be required) will give your eyes and their surrounding tissues a fresh and youthful appearance.

Hooded and droopy eyelids
For non-surgical blepharoplasty, we use soft surgery with PlexR® and it is performed without cutting, without removing excess skin or fat and without modifying the orbicular muscle of the eyelids. This helps avoid all risks inherent to the traditional surgical intervention.

plexr eyes5PlexR®, is a device that forms plasma to sublimate the excess skin. It delivers its energy only on the superficial skin cells, without affecting deeper tissues, thus enables the perfect plasticity of the eyelid movement immediately after the treatment.

The result is immediate reduction of the excess skin on the upper or lower eyelid, as well as the shrinking of the excess skin in the external region around the eye. The benefits are also the improvement of the expression lines at the corner of the eye and the cheekbone (“crow’s feet”).
plexr JennyThis blepharoplasty technique is defined as “dynamic” as it enables the practitioner to ask clients to open and close their eyes during the treatment. A typical session will last no more than 30 minutes and the tiny point-like crusts will fall off after 3 to 7 days.
Depending on the nature and extend of the excess skin and area treated you may need between 1 and 3 treatments, 4 to 6 weeks apart. Patients may experience some swelling and soreness in the treated area following the treatment. Any residual crusts do disappear within 7 days, but can be covered with liquid foundation. During your free consultation, our doctor will discuss your suitability for the treatment and what you can expect.

Click to watch a short clip with interviews and information about the procedure: