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Celebrity lips?

imagesmegan_fox_big_lipsCelebrity lips? The perfect pout?  

These pictures and especially Kylie Jenner’s lips have sparked lots of discussion about lip augmentation and lip fillers. Many have also been asking questions about the motives behind the decision to go for lip augmentation and most importantly about the right age to have such a cosmetic treatment. I am not going to try and answer these questions here,  as they are quite individual and personal and also a matter of opinion, but wanted to say something about questions you should ask once you have decided to have lip enhancement. Especially at this time of year, when many of you may be planning to enter the Christmas celebrations and indeed the New Year with fuller lips  and the “perfect smile”, it is  important to do your homework and stay safe when it comes to lip augmentation! Some of the questions you should be asking are:

  • Who is injecting?
  • Are they qualified?
  • What products are being used? There is such a range out there and you need to make sure what is being injected.

Another important question is:

  • can I trust that the practitioner knows when to stop and where to inject?
  • what aftercare is there?
  • will I get help if there is a complication?

I personally, have heard so many stories and seen the pictures as well, where a client asks for x amount of filler; in a specific area; to look like x;  and the practitioner just does that. This is such a recipe for a possible disaster.

What you really want is for your practitioner to be qualified and honest enough to tell you what you can and can’t achieve; how much product you really need  or don’t need for your lips to look good; and finally, where you need (if you need it) to have lip filler injected and with which technique.

At Vie Aesthetics, we are very pleased with, and proud of, our care and approach in this matter.

  • We offer free full and comprehensive consultations with our expert team where we advise our clients exactly on those questions above. We always share our motto that “less is more” and that a step-by-step approach is better to make sure you do really end up with  a good result that enhances your lips but looks natural and suits the other features of your face as well. We aim to help you have realistic expectations and to go for a treatment that suits YOU.
  • The treatment is always done by our  very highly qualified doctor who has excellent results and makes sure you are always safe.
  • We use only the best products- award-winning top of the range newer generation filler by reputable companies.
  • We offer aftercare advice and free follow up appointments to ensure you (and we!) are happy with the result.
  • We are always accessible to advise you.
  • We know that our price is insanely low if you consider the top rate product, excellent staff expertise, the time, care and service we offer; in our clinic we have decided to keep the price low and  make the treatment accessible and at the same time to contribute to  in educating especially the younger clients with regards to safety in beauty.

If you want to find out more or book a consultation, call me on 07899673578


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Some of our before-and-after pictures:

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